JordAsh – “The Looks” part 2 – Episodes 4 & 5!

Here she goes again 🙂 Yes, I am back for a new installment of my personal trip down memory lane with JP and Ash! So get comfy and read on for my personal best bits on the “looks” of Episodes 4 and 5… Asia, here we come! Some of the hottest kisses, most romantic moments and worst socks of the whole series! Episode 4 is where the level of intimacy and comfort between these 2 started reaching amazing heights, so I might be a bit long-winded, sorry!

As usual, Ashley, JP, if you are reading this, please PLEASE leave me a comment/twit?

*** Episode 4 – Pukhet ***

One of my favorite JordAsh moment is in this episode (rain, beach, umbrella,… remember?), gives me goose pimples every time.

Should I go straight to it? Nope… first, I want to give homage to the work done on the group date and all the charity work done by ABC and the Bachelorette team (PLEASE TAKE A LOOK: Bachelorette Gives back!). It was good to see Ashley and the boys so involved and dedicated at the orphanage:

I also loved to see how affected JP looked about the day:

Before I move on to Ashley and JP’s one on one time on the beach, my usual note on footwear…<<<<>> I am leaving JP alone this time ;), but I must say I was impressed by how good Ashley made Wellies look!

Prior to the date at the orphanage, there was also a sweet moment between JP, Ben F and Blake, where we saw the first signs the our favorite Jordan Paul was a lot further in his feelings than the rest of them… Even though, as he said, it was not a normal state for him! (About 20 minutes into the episode)

Back at the orphanage, I found hilarious JP’s “Flirting later comment”…

and that he did…

Obviously getting jealous, watching the other guys go on 1-on-1 with Ash, I think he looked relieved when Ashley asked him to go for a walk with her.

and given the way he looked at her, I’d say she was probably delighted with her idea 🙂 I must say, the 2 shots below really summarize for me why JP stole the heart of not only our gorgeous Ashley, but of a lot of ladies around the world!

Tender and Attentive:

“I am not going anywhere!”

and that kissing session. Wow! That was romantic and gentle and steamy all at the same time. You really see for the first time the physical reaction and chemistry between them. Here is a little video of it, I just changed the music (gotta love a bit of Jason Mraz!)

I don’t think anybody could ever doubt Ash’s ensuing words “best kisses […] by far!”:

Now, if you are reading this, you are either a sucker for pain or a fan of ‘JordAsh’. Assuming the latter, I hope you will agree that amazing as their “kissing” chemistry was, their pure level of intimacy was really increasing from that point on. The way they looked at each other with laughter, trust and tenderness was just soooo obvious.

as was JP’s ability to not take himself so seriously. Loved that ABC kept the very real shots of him falling while trying to pick her instead of cutting it out to make him look perfectly perfect. We all love our men with adorable imperfections!

Now I could go on for a while about that ‘conversation’ on the beach, but a lot of the party after that group date was actually focused on Ryan… Hated the way he grabbed Ash just as she was about to hand out a rose, Loved that she didn’t give it to him. It was really the first time I could see why the other guys disliked his attitude so much. I must say that it gave us the opportunity to get a look at 3 of the cutest guys together, ROCKING the white shirts!

Back to Ryan, I loved Blake for having the balls to face him and tell hin of the other guys’ feelings, although he looked so hilariously uncomfortable!

I also love JP’s confidence and humour when explaining that Ryan could not be right for Ashley, since he himself was perfect for her 🙂

Finally on that group date, you might remember that Ben F got the rose? Well I remember JP’s reaction… I must say after their time on the beach I was feeling for him, but it had been pretty obvious Ashley had loved her time with Ben throughout the day.

Now, onto the Cocktail party. One of the best looks of the day was Jp’s when the other guys were gushing about Ashley or talking about their relationships… Not impressed!

Before we get onto the Rose ceremony, here come my 2 Fashion highs of the night:

1) Monsieur Harrison: one of his best fashion-wise me think! And I think JP liked it too from his reaction LOL (are you thinking Bromance?)

2) Ashley’s dress was so perfect, simple and gorgeous. Seemed the guys liked the look of it 🙂

Ok, I have already spent far too long on this episode, so to finish, just a one look at (again) JP and Ash’s growing intimacy, when she offered him a Rose:

And to finish on a sad note (sorry!), I hated seeing West sent home!

I am pretty sure the reasons were unfair and I still feel he did not get a good shot. But yes, I do agree JP was the one for her anyway. Would have liked to see West a bit longer, that’s all!
West, if you read this, much love and #BeHappy!

*** Episode 5 – Chang Mai***

That episode did nothing for me, even the one-on-one between JP and Ash… even after rewatching, it really felt like a transition episode, before the explosion of HK with B$%*”(‘s return and that fabulous date with JP. Even the whole boxing episode was just OK (hope Ames does not have any lasting damage though!).
So I think this specific look-back is going to be (thankfully) shorter. I want to focus on the Fashion (yes, including footwear – and Boxing-wear!) and a couple of the best “this relationship is progressing very nicely” looks from our 2 cupcakes.

Ok, first of on JP’s footwear, I have to say the arrival in Chang Mai showed his best effort. Loved the shoes and the overall look (tanned, handsome and white shirt…)!

As we go through the episode, we do not get to see a lot of JP. As stated earlier, I am not going to include anything on the one-on-one and 2-on-1 dates, so let’s have a quick trip down memory lane on the group date – Thai boxing… some hot shots right there!

First off, how fit is Ash! I am jealous 🙂

Best line of the whole episode comes courtesy of Blake: “Spandex was invented for people like her. It’s a good look!” You bet!

Quick shot of Ashley checking out JP’s biceps! He didn’t seem to mind…

Now to the boxing gear, I must admit the guys looked hot… I think Ames is the only one who could have pulled through with the Barbie pink 🙂

JP vs. Mickey… I swear I almost turned the TV off when I saw the pounding Mickey was giving our champ. And Ashley looked close to crying… But JP brought it home! And Ashley’s face changed real fast!

Onto the evening part of the date, I just want to mention quickly that I really did not like JP’s brown sandals… My hubby’s toes are a disaster anyway, so that turned me off sandals for ever!

Moving swiftly over the Ben C & Will double data drama. It only added to Ash’s insecurities and fears, and made the whole following CP uncomfortable for her, as she tried to figure out who to trust. As I said at the start of this episode’s recap, I felt this episode was almost a filler before HK. And I must say that JP’s 1-on-1 time with Ashley reflected that, with him saying all the right things and giving her all the signs, and her holding back.

However, even with her insecurities showing, the level of intimacy between them still looked far and beyond the one she may have had with any other guys. They naturally sat with her legs between his… No need to be a body-language expert me think!

A quick aside on the Socks-Shoes situation! We have a repeat of the Black pants-Grey socks (at least not white!)-Brown shoes… NOOOOOOOO!

Back to the 1-on-1 time, the only highlight was Ash’s face when JP mentionned he was starting to get jealous… I think the ending was pretty clear from then on!

During that cocktail party, it was obvious to all the guys including JP how worried Ashely was that night. We all saw how much he tried to reassure her, but I think Ashley just needed that whole day to just be over and done with.

Moving on to the chat between Ashley and Chris, I think there was a lot of us feeling exactly like Chris looked when she mentionned B*&%£$. If eyes could talk…

OK, to finish on this frustrating episode, quick look at Ashley giving JP his rose. He was as happy to hear his name as she was to say it!

OK my dears, I am off for now. Hope you enjoy! Please twitt me if you did (@sophienette) or leave a comment!

Thanks for reading, #BeHappy!

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  1. Jackie says:

    I am loving the pictures, videos and your comments. Not to mention reliving Ashley and JP’s love story. I think I may have been a little obsessed with the show this season. And it has not diminished. Not sure what that means. Really pulling for them.

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