JordAsh – “The Looks” part 3 – Ep 6&7

I still don’t know if JP and Ash looked at this blog ever, but I am having fun doing it for myself and all the other fans out there. So here we go for another installment, starting with one of the turning-point episode of the series. Yes, you guessed it, Hong-Kong.

*** Episode 06 – Hong-Kong***

It was obvious that this was the moment JP and Ashley fell so in love that there was no turning back. And they have confirmed it since. We also know since the end of the series that we are only seeing tiny bits of the actual date, so we will have to be content with that. But, to start, let’s have a pic sent by Ashley from that day 🙂

Now, let’s take a look through the episode! Of course, we will have to mention B*&$”%, but no pic of his sorry self, PROMISE!

However, we absolutely need a pic of Hong-Kong… actually make that a couple, day and night! What a gorgeous place…

And a celebratory (YES, YES, YES!!! ) of Ashley finally saying F*** You! to B.

OK, looking at the Fashion, I think Ashley in simple pants and white shirt ROCKS! She used a lot of them there, see the little gallery below:

OK, I know that last one was not Ashley wearing a white shirt, but how HOT was she!!!?

On the flip side, I have to ask: AMES What’s with the double shirt? Really?

Onto the now famous one-on-one date… First off, the looks on JP’s face, first when he realised he was the only one not on the group date card, then as he tells us how he wants to just go to sleep and wake up and go on the date, and finally, as the date card actually arrives.

As for the date itself, I will let the screen grabs talk for themselves… these two looked so happy and relaxed together. Enjoy!

OK, little interruption there, to point out the look on JP’s face when asked about the last time he cried. And the look on Ash’s face as she listened without judgement:

Oh, the support one look can give, when Ashley was so scared and telling him about B*&^$:

I think the most telling was that she kept referring to just JP, not the whole group when she was talking about getting closure to move forward, and feeling so strongly for him.

OK, back to the date gallery, sorry for the digressions 🙂

Now you have probably noticed that I don’t like dwelling on the bad, so I will not get into the whole mayhem of the cocktail party, but I was so happy when JP told the guys he knew. It was a bit petty, yes, but after seeing their reactions to her telling them about B, compared to his, they really deserved it!

*** Episode 07 – Taiwan***… aka “Jealous guy!”

Yes, this is the one episode where JP got a little sucked in by the situation, got jealous and just a little desperate. I guess, another in-between episode, after the legend that is now HK and the hometown dates. Here is my little photo summary, with some pit stops of the est and worst looks I can remember!

Ok, here we go, starting with the guys heading off to Taipei/Taiwan. We get a few shot of them in the bus, including this half cutsy half sardonic one from JP:

We also get to see some lovely shots of Taiwan, another place I would love to visit!:

After that, we move straight to JP’s jealousy, first as he explains why he is slowly turning green, and then as we see the process itself as Constantino gets ready… only about to get worse mate! Oh and please stop messing with those GORGEOUS hands!

Not impressed as Ben gets the next 1-on-1…

or when he doesn’t come back until morning… and even worse once he does *grin* If looks could kill, Ben would be more that 6 feet under. I wouldn’t want to be in the same room as JP when he gets that look in his eyes!

OK, onto the group date, I want to first highlight the best fashion of the whole series, ready?

AH! Still laughing! (that one from MTA by the way).

I am guessing Lucas regretted those beers…

And Ames was just ridiculous, as per the looks on JP and Lucas’ faces when he appeared!

Thank God for the Tux… yummmmmmm (and a little smug JP aren’t we?)

As for Ash, she looked so F*ing fabulous, I should hate her… just can’t seem to!

Ok, more seriously, the wedding photos date was just cringy. We saw a green JP, and a (not so nice) rather nasty Ames, who seemed to be relishing in his misery. Seriously Ames, I really like(d) you, but was it really necessary? “I don’t think this is going so well…” with a big happy grin.

Not happy watching…

Just awkward…

Happy it’s over me think!

On to the evening of that fated date, I have to say that I was delighted JP got the rose. Not because of JP in particular (not his best week TBH!), but because the other 2 were so smug at his discomfort! Even Ben said he didn’t think JP was coming home with the rose… Ah!

Here comes the usual gallery, enjoy!

Body language…

Beautiful hands, beautiful face (when not green…)

Trying to explain jealous week while just happy to be with her… was weird to watch actually!

Not so tough…

Love changes everything indeed (and those eyebrows… yummm)

If that’s not love, I don’t know what is…

Oh, the waiting game can be a real killer!

But when she came back, that look of pure joy between them 2 was so nice.

And the kiss to seal the rose just given:

I do not want to start talking about the most boooooring date ever, sorry Ryan, so let’s take a quick look at the week’s fashion instead.
I love Ashley’s shoes at the very start of the episode. Still trying to find anything closely as nice 🙁

I also loved the green dress she wore on the group date (for info, check out our favorite blogger, the Possessionista)

I also love her Rose ceremony dress, especially the back (sadly with my “rack”, backless is NEVER going to happen LOL)

That’s all folks!

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Quick note: I am taking a break on the episodes recap, as I have a little Video project in mind… Keep watching! and remember, as always:


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