Ashley and JP Video – ‘Kissing YOU’

This is a shortened (4’15) version of my Black and White kisses video, with new music and some of the quotes from the series.

Music from the AMAZING Des’ree ‘Kissing You’

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4 Responses to Ashley and JP Video – ‘Kissing YOU’

  1. Ana says:

    Wow they share the best kisses, full of passion. I love this couple just as much as Jef and Emily. I wish them all tons of hapIness!

  2. vivian says:

    Keep up the good job Sophie ,you are the best bridge/route to Ashley and JP,by the way are you from France or Quebec ,Canada( just curious) ?

  3. Joann Clements says:

    absolutely loved the video. Ashley and Jp are my favorite couple; best season ever. she is very real and adorable

  4. verna delgado says:

    awesome!!!!!! love love it

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