Ashley and JP – ‘Hazy’ by Rosi Golan feat. W Fitzsimmons

Ashley and JP – “Hazy” by Rosi Golan

This is such a beautiful song… Thank you to Ashley for introducing us to it, I hope you enjoy. I just downloaded Rosi’s beautiful albums “The Drifter and The Gipsy” (where you will find Hazy) which you can get instantaneously right there:

Download Ashley’s season of the Bachelorette:

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2 Responses to Ashley and JP – ‘Hazy’ by Rosi Golan feat. W Fitzsimmons

  1. Vivian says:

    To Sophie and her family,a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy,Healthy and prosperous New Year.Thank you for everything you’ve done to keep us updated with the Bachelor and the Bachelorette,specially with Ashley and JP.

  2. jodi deiser says:

    Always look forward to your videos. They are all awesome! Think this one might be my favorite one for yet!!! Thanks so much for sharing your talents w/the rest of us.

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