My Name Is Sophie And I Am An Insomniac

Dear Sleep,

My name is Sophie and I am an insomniac. I believe the first step is always admitting it. The next steps, at least in my case, are figuring out why, how it impacts my life and in turn why I don’t actually mind most of the time…


Well, I seem to have a very active brain! It simply does not want to shut down when it should. I have a pretty heavy and stressful job, followed by family time at home and TV – Twitter – Computer games as my main relaxation techniques once the kids are in bed.

The problem is: my brain doesn’t think that’s enough. Work, child-talk (even in 2 languages) and a good dose of Reality, Drama or Comedy TV programs is just not enough. So it takes its own initiative (my brain is pretty resourceful I think) and starts going random! Even when my body is screaming for a shut-down.

The thoughts that come to me when I try to sleep, lying in my beautiful kind-size bed, beside my even more beautiful husband (and often either one of our children who obviously take after their mum!) cover a lot:

  1. Work: once I have had time away from work, my mind starts going through a mental to-do list for the next day, rethinking decisions made earlier, worrying about a soon-to-come client e-mail, etc.
  2. Kids: there is ALWAYS something to worry about. Even though my kids are cute, smart and pretty-well raised (pat on back to me and Mark!).
  3. Videos: you might have noticed I have a love for making videos from #BachelorNation series, and probably other programs in future. Whether I am in the middle of one, or in between projects, I am always thinking about it.
  4. The State of The World: see item 2 above…
  5. Money concerns: see item 2 above…
  6. My Weight: come on! With everything going on in my life, and even though I am not a very girly-girl, I am currently working on getting back into a better shape – I did put on 19 kilos / 3 stones since my weeding 9 years ago. I am progressing well, will post about that some day *note to self*.

So how does this affect my life? Do I really mind? Well, I think that will be the subject of my next post. Hopefully you will come back for that.

This is my first post that is not TV or Fashion related… be gentle with me! And remember that English is not my first language 🙂 Please leave me comments, feedback or suggestions! You can also follow me on Twitter. And remember: #BeHappy

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