Ames Brown – Romantic Hero gallery

I  often feel we do not make enough time for the real nice guys, and Ames brown is one of them. So this is a post dedicated to Ames – any pics and news I can gather will be put there! Come back regularly!

You can download Bachelor Pad 2 right here!

This is the first gallery… getting so big, part 2 is now available for you here.

* Updated 27 Feb 2012

How gorgeous is this guy, seriously?

Finally we have pics of Ames with “Ben’s” ladies, especially Emily…

Ames Brown and Emily O'Brien

Ames Bown, Emily O'Brien and Rachel Truehart - Bachelor 2012

Ames Brown and Ben's Ladies - The Bachelor 2012

Ames Brown and Blakeley - The Bachelor 2012

Ames Brown and Jamie Otis - The Bachelor 2012

Ames Brown and Jamie Otis - The Bachelor 2012

Ames Brown and Jenna Burke "The Over Analyst" - The Bachelor 2012

Ames Brown and Ryan - The Bachelorette 2011

Ames Brown with Elan Gale, Casey S and Jaclyn - The Bachelor 2012

Ames Brown and Elan Gale - The Bachelor 2012

Ames Brown with Elan and Bennett - The Bachelor 2012

Ames Brown and Kenny Fuchs

Check Ames’ video blog on The Bachelor website! Let’s just say, I am looking forward to getting a pic of Ames and Emily 🙂

Meeting with Tom Ford, lucky man!

High school prom picture, very cute:

Family picture, can you spot Ames?

With his newly married and beautiful cousin:

More pictures from last fall, week-end with Blake and Holly:

With Elan Gale:

HOT on new year’s eve:

With Nick:

New Twitter icon:

Time with BachelorNation friends and more!

Anonymous gift from a Fan!

Ames Brown, JP Rosenbaum, Ashley Hebert, Ashley Spivey, Ali, Nathalie

Ames Brown, JP Rosenbaum, Ashley Hebert, Ashley Spivey, Ali, Nathalie

With Constantine

With Constantine

With Nick Peterson

With Nick Peterson (aka Superman!)

With Constantine and friends!

Ames Brown and Nick

Love a guy who loves Sesame Street!
Handsome men!


Thanksgiving Week-end! At home and with family:

Thanksgiving with family

With his nieces

With Mum

Spending time with Friends:




Baby pic! So cute!

Spending time with Elan, Natalie, Emily, Michelle and more from BachelorNation… more pics added!

Ames and William


With Elan and Emily


November 17th with college roommate Gabe

Visiting the American Cancer Societys Hope Lodge

With Ashley Spivey and Scott Wheaton, at the Step Up Women’s Network evening:

New pics added on the 16th:

BachelorNation celebrating Ashley Spivey's birthday

New pics from Ames on November 13:

Ames brown and JP Rosenbaum

With Natalie Getz:

Grooving with Natalie Getz

With Friends:

New pics shared by Ames, as well as a whole series with Blake and Holly from the November 5/6 week-end!

These boys look so hot!

These next 4 are the 3 crazy kids dancing music-less in the street:

Back to something a bit calmer 🙂

With Jane from W magazine
New pic from Alex's lemonade stand in NYC, with Michelle Money and Graham Bunn!
Shared October 30
Bright Ideas with Elan - great minds...

* HALLOWEEN 2011 *

Ames - The Mask - Halloween 2011
Ames Brown unmasked - Halloween 2011

* OCTOBER 2011 *

Here are some pics Ames shared with us on Twitter, with fans, at a friend’s wedding, with Elan, etc…

Ames Brown - with Fans October 2011
Ames trying to teach Elan the piano?

At a friend;s wedding:

Ames and the Groom


* SEPTEMBER 2011 *

This month we had pics from Alex’s Lemonade 46NYC event in New York, plus a few bonus shots with other Bachelor nation favourites 🙂 And of course, shots from the BachelorPad Finale!

Ames and Stephen
Ames and William Hoffman
Ames would make a great Dad!
Blake Julian and Ames Brown
Ames Brown and Ryan Park
Ames, JP and Ashley - 46NYC
Ames and Erika - 46NYC

BachelorPad finale:

Ames and Bennett - Bachelor Pad 2 Finale
Ames and Elan - Bachelor Pad 2 Finale
Ames, Jake and Kasey - Bachelor Pad 2 Finale
Ames and Rated R Justin - Bachelor Pad 2 Finale
Ames and Melissa - Bachelor Pad 2 Finale
Ames and Peter Scalettar - Bachelor Pad 2 Finale

* AUGUST 2011 *

Ames Brown and the cast of Bachelor Pad 2
Ames, Erika and Nathalie
Ames Brown and Chris Harrison
Love is a Marathon - Ames brown
With niece Lily in Oakland, CA
Ames in the Philippines - August 2011 - Dragonfruit


Ames Brown younger - 2002
Ames Brown - Official Bachelorette pic
Ames Brown - Bachelor Pad 2 - Eye Candy
Harvard - Ames Brown

In case you missed it, here is the “Holding Out for a Hero” Video I made for Ames. When Ames watched this, he sent me this WONDERFUL direct message on Twitter:

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  1. Catherine says:

    Sophienette, thank you for dedicating your time to publicly represent Ames with the care & respect that he deserves and for sharing your artistic gifts with the rest of us…

    aka: _lovetovolley_ on twitter! 🙂

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