Cats, Dogs and other Turtles – Cute or Funny?

You might already know my family owns a Herman Tortoise and a Dwarf Dutch Rabbit… no cats or dogs, but that shouldn’t stop us loving them, or indeed laughing at them! So here are my favourite pictures and sites, with the cutest and the silliest!

Cute Kittens:

Cute Puppies:

Cute anything!

Let’s move on to Hilarious, all with existing or my own captions!

Funny Cats and Dogs

Watching the US Presidential's Primaries...

Stick them up!

Funny Animals

Who turned off the light?

Monkeying around is thirsty work!

Merry Christmas to me!

The Lecherous Orang-Utan

"So Doctor, is it serious?"

errr Peppa?

More of these come from:

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One Response to Cats, Dogs and other Turtles – Cute or Funny?

  1. anish says:

    dog’s and cat’s diary was the best one..! awesome man..!

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