The Genius Randomness of Elan – 2012

First off, make sure you check out Elan’s blog “All The Hate Mail“, for a regular dose of quirky, random, hilarious and often deep and touching genius! Start with his New Year’s Eve “1 Year” post right here.

So I had not updated this gallery since October… but quite a lot of pics to share with you since then, as a wrap up to this 2012 gallery! Starting with the wonderfully gorgeous and quirky couple that is Elan and Casey!

Elan and Casey:

My favourite 4 pics of these lovebirds:

(At least I think that’s Elan!)

Is that really Casey’s Dad?

Elan and Casey at – Decently Funny #129 – Elan Gale’s Podcast Tales

    Elan Gale produces some of television’s most riveting reality television. The Bachelor, The Bachelorette & Bachelor Pad would be nothing without him, and this week neither would Decently Funny. We open the show with the live tweeting blind date story that made Elan “Twitter famous” with a surprise twist that left everyone in the room speechless! Then, Elan manages to avoid a few probing questions about his current girlfriend and his trio of television series, so we move on. However, Elan doesn’t clam up when discussing his documentary “Looking For Lenny” about the late, great Lenny Bruce. Elan talks about Lenny’s comedy, freedom of speech, how Lenny changed the world & what’s the difference between’s Michael Richards & Lisa Lampanelli’s use of the n-word. Also, Nuzzy talks about his current & past relationships, the boys reveal their worst podcast guests ever, and finally, between Nuzzy, Guy & Gary, who does Elan say would make the best Bachelor?

Elan and Friends

I think this is one of the key moments in Elan’s year, meeting the great John Darnielle (from The Mountain Goats):

With Ames Brown:

With friend Courtney:

With new Bachelor Sean, on set:

Eating with friends:

Just Elan

Meeting the Parents!

October 27th

It’s Elan’s birthday, which means an overdue update with some recent pics highlighting Elan’s awesome weirdness. More importantly, please go read this piece he wrote then donate to his requested charity, Next Door, who works to provide solutions for victims of domestic violence. Remember, every little helps and every smile Elan gives us is worth a little $$$.

And now for some pics:

Elan and Friends

With Ty and Ali

With Cassie

With Ashley S

With Michelle

With JP

With Jessica Bofshever

With Arie

With Chris and Travis

With Emily

With Casey:

With Pete

With gorgeous Courtney (denim on denim on denim...)

With Chris

Elan’s “Deadman” series:

The multiple personalities faces of Elan:

Young Elan

Jan 12th

On special and direct request of Elan himself, and because I fully approve, a little unusual section coming up… (To be honest, my blog has been getting weirder recently, with a gallery for a dog and a video for a rose!). I am dedicating this post/gallery to “the most important band of our time”, aka The Mountain Goats!

First up, especially if you have no idea who I am talking about, here is a video Elan has on his tumblr account, “All The Hate Mail“, and shared on Twitter, and which just made me go “Yuuleheehee”:

The Mountain Goats‘ music has been used in shows such as Weeds. And the band appeared on TV shows such as The Colbert Report, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon or The Late Show with David Letterman. You can check out their Wikipedia page for more details!

To conclude on my homage to Elan’s musical addiction, check out this picture taken by Monsieur Gale in December, of John Darnielle (and a tray of drinks courtesy of Elan!) at the Los Angeles, CA “Troubadour Invisible Children Holiday Benefit show“.

    Back to the Elan Pearls of Wisdom (i.e. his Tweets and Pics!)

Jan 9th

  • “Girl, I am going to hyphenate the hell out of your last name.” (This is my favorite pickup line of all time)
  • Don’t hedge your Bensons.
  • Unfortunately, I have to go off the grid for a while. And by “off the grid,” I mean “To my kitchen.”
  • The Micro Machine guy and Busta Rhymes are the same robot.
  • This metaphor is just like something…

Jan 8th

  • Seriously just found this in my pocket and have absolutely no idea where it came from:
  • The Super Bowl is the Michael Jordon of incongruous sports analogies.
  • When I meet a new person, I like to have them rub my fat belly, just so they can know what they’re getting into.
  • Need to step away from the computer. (I’ve forgotten the difference between thoughts and words and I’ve got a bad case of the horse fingers)
  • “Hey boys. Come over here.” – My milkshake
  • If I was president, the death penalty would be replaced by giving every drunk person in the world your phone number.
  • Dinner with the incomparable Ames Brown:

Jan 7th

  • They can make gouda out of sheep’s milk. Believe in your dreams! Everything is possible!
  • After many years of torment, the birds have devised a way to kill two men at once.
  • Never hold your breath in a tunnel until you die or you will regret it
  • That whole “I’m so hungry I could eat a horse” thing. Yeah. Don’t try that.
  • I was just offered a free estimate on housekeeping services. In other news, I don’t have a house.

Jan 6th

  • Sometimes when I’m sad I Iisten to Blink 182 and I say to myself: “Things could be worse. You could like this music.”
  • I just changed my password from eight little black balls to nine little black balls for extra security.
  • All good things must come to an

Jan 5th

  • An unfortunate autocorrect involving “lipoprotein” and suddenly I am single again.
  • I have one wish: To be able to make all the noises an iPhone makes with my mouth so I can drive people crazy.
  • Somewhere out in the world, there is someone legitimately trying to give away a free iPad, and he is getting really discouraged.
  • When doing impressions of people, always make it slightly cooler than they are so that they think you have a high opinion of them.

Jan 4th

  • 2012: like the new kid at school, at first, everyone was talking about you, but now they can barely find you in their yearbooks.
  • I’m glad I don’t have any bread, meat, or cheese, because I am completely out of sandwich bags.
  • Man, some really depressed guy probably just sat in his garage in his Nissan Leaf for hours before realizing be had failed yet again.
  • “Blessing in Disguise” = I refuse to acknowledge that things can be bad.
  • Look, if you want to be mad at something, be mad at this:

Jan 3rd

  • It’s only January 3rd and I’m still signing all my checks with the blood of the innocent.
  • I couldn’t be better unless anything changed.
  • “I’ll never forget you.” – In the Yearbook of people I forgot.

Jan 2nd

  • Saw a shadow on the floor. Forgot that you cannot trip on a shadow. Tried to avoid the shadow. Tripped on my own feet.
  • “Weekend at Barney’s” – Two dumb idiots drag around a dead bloated dinosaur corpse.
  • “Everything is about to change” – @chrisbharrison to his breakfast on this fateful day, before devouring it and getting right back to work.
  • Hi. Can I make a reservation for 16,000 please? I have a Groupon.
  • For the record, I wanted the tagline for this season to be “Ben: He’s not just picking grapes anymore!” #TheBachelor
  • Just got off the phone with my imaginary therapist. He is concerned.
  • It’s great to work with @chrisbharrison on #TheBachelor – Here he is getting ready for the first night. Sultry!

Jan 1st

  • When I see a sign that says “No U-Turn” what I see is a sign that says “This is an incredibly convenient place to turn around.”
  • I’m giving up my addiction to habits.
  • 2012- more shmaltz, less shmutsch.
  • Elan 2012 – Things can’t get much worse.
  • Elan 2012 – I will run on emotions that other people fear. Also, I will drink a lot of coconut water.
  • Elan 2012 – I will hold you and make you feel appropriately special.
  • This is my running mate. He is very handsome and he believes in all kinds of positive things:

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