Ames Brown – Romantic Hero gallery #2

This is part 2 of the (extensive) gallery I created for the lovely and amazing gentleman from NYC, Mr. Ames Brown. (The original part 1 gallery is available here!)

* Updated 25 March 2012

Partying with Bachelorettes:

Jenna and Eliza Orlins

Ashley S, Jamie, Jaclyn, Eliza

Rachel and Jaclyn

With Rachel Truhart

with friend Katie

friends Spencer and Katie

Lunch with sculptor Carol Hepper

Celebrating St Patrick’s day with friends:

Young Ames – Running all around the world!

With BachelorNation (new and old) friends:

With Casey S

With Emily πŸ™‚

With Jamie Otis

Grabbing lunch with Jenna

With Jenna

With Jenna and Jaclyn

With Jenna, Jaclyn and Rachel

With friends, family and colleagues:

Best friend Kristine

With Katie Fisher

Niece Lily

Sculptor Carol Hepper

With Isaiah

With Isaiah

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