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NEW VIDEO – Jef talks to ABC4 Utah about The Bachelorette and People Water:



Healthy and fun:

With the winner of the People Water date competition in February:

At the Lakers game:

And more pics with friends and fans:

With Bachelorette pal Michael Nance

New pics of the handsome Utah boy:

At Salon Shag, Diana’s hair salon!

Quiet evening in with friends:

Busy evening running on the San Diego Electric run:

With TR, buying cookies 🙂

New partnership for a new well! Check it out:

Representing People Water at the Annual Blue Jean Ball in North Augusta, SC, Saturday, January 26, and with the best date ever, his mum Lisa:

Shopping around Augusta:

Jef got a fabulous gift from Bachelorette friend Michael! A brand new custom Moniker guitar! Check below for the video.

Double-date with Arie and the winners of the Sub 4 Santa auction:

Spending some time in SLC/Sundance with Arie and Michael (go Team DONT!):

Hanging out in SLC/Sundance with friends and fans!

Celebrating a friend’s birthday (can you spot bachelor contestant Diana?)

Enjoying the Avicii concert in Sundance:

Promo work for People Water in SLC:

* 17th of January 2013 *

Jef will be representing People Water at the Annual Blue Jean Ball in North Augusta, SC, Saturday, January 26, 2013 from 7:00 PM to 11:00 PM (PST) to benefit “Turn Back the Block” and help them revitalize the Harrisburg Community.

Hands-on at PeopleWater last night:

* 16th of January 2013 *

Spending some time with Bachelorette/BachelorPad Chris Bukowski in Dallas:

Going Zen:

Working hard:

Having fun on the slopes:

But always has time for fans:

* 5th of January 2013 *

Ringing in the New Year with Arie:

Today’s tweet –

  • “You can see the sunset real good on the west side. You can see it on the east side too.” (BTW this is a quote from S.E. Hinton, author of The Outsiders)

Yesterday’s tweet –

  • “Time to clear the air. Never met Ashley Tisdale. Not dating anyone. Not looking for a reality show. Focused on People Water & really happy!”

With a fan:

* 30th of December 2012 *

New video from the grand opening of FORM Salon and the Ugly Sweater party at Sammy’s earlier this month:

* 28th of December 2012 *

Charity yields results! Video from the Sub4Santa auction with Arie:

Family time: Joyeux Noel Jef! Merry Christmas from Jef and Cody of People Water! With fans: With Arie and other friends and fans: * 19th of December 2012 * Salt Lake City! Broken phone fixed and time with “ChiefWaterGiver” Cody: * 18th of December 2012 * Here are the pics of the week 🙂 Blast from the past thanks to Insta! Broken phone… ouch! Monday in Charlotte’s South Park Mall (see the JEMKI gallery for more…) Playing Santa: …but still got time to get a bite to eat with a friend: Airport sightings: * 13th of December 2012 * Night out in Charlotte with Emily: Earlier this week in Columbia with Nathan: * 11th of December 2012 * Spending some quality time in Columbia, SC, including golfing at Augusta (!!!!) with Chris Harrison: Jef at Sammy’s after the Sub4Santa auction: * 9th of December 2012 * More pics, thanks to Eric Schwantes Photography: Here are pics of Jef (and Arie – more of Arie alone on his own gallery) at last night’s auction for a date at the Sub4Santa charity event in Provo – over $20,000 total raised for Sub for Santa, including $4,900 by #TeamDont – Arie went for $2300, Jef for $2600!

Before the auction, dinner at Sammy's cafe

* 8th of December 2012 * Yesterday in Rexburg, first at the charity event for “Preserving Heritage” in the Madison High School Auditorium (I did not put everything, just too much!): Next, the grand opening of FORM Salon and the Ugly Sweater party: Jef and Cody at the CIMUN event… doing their bits! Start watching at about 8:15: More from CIMUN: * 7th of December 2012 * Busy Jef was in Chicago yesterday, first at the CIMUN IX event with Cody, a fun photo shoot for the boys, and then out having fun with Chris Bukowski: A few days ago with Arie: * 5th of December 2012 * Another pic from the Jingle Ball: * 4th of December 2012 * Video of the KIIS FM Jingle Ball red carpet – Jef and Arie arrive at 4:44 With Arie and Bachelor host Chris Harrison, last night at the KIIS FM’s Jingle Ball * 3rd of December 2012 * With pal Arie and Bachelor host Chris Harrison, Jef will be presenting an artist at KIIS FM’s Jingle Ball. Having fun in California this weekend with numerous friends, including Arie and TR: * 1st of December 2012 * Celebrating TR’s birthday (early) with Arie and friends: Geeking out! Meeting a fan: * 30th November 2012 * Here is the latest on Jef’s upcoming schedule:

  • In Chicago between on December 6th, the People Water crew, including Cody and Jef, will attend the CIMUN IX event to share their company’s story of global responsibility!

  • 3 events in Jef in Rexburg, Idaho: first, a charity event for “Preserving Heritage” from 5:00pm to 7:00pm in the Madison High School Auditorium. Next, the grand opening of FORM Salon, to promote People Water, from 7 to 9pm, followed by an Ugly Sweater Party from around 9pm to 1am, at the OLD Jr. High – by Taco Bell on Main St.

  • Jef will be auctioned for a date at the Sub4Santa charity event in Provo on Dec. 8 (Arie will also be auctioned!)

* 29th November 2012 * Trampolining in LA! * 28th November 2012 * Christmas is officially on!

San Diego

Jef is in San Diego, but heading to LA today. VERY busy schedule ahead…:

  • In Chicago on December 7, the People Water crew, including Cody and Jef, will attend the CIMUN IX event to share their company’s story of global responsibility
  • .

  • Jef will be auctioned for a date at the Sub4Santa charity event in Provo on Dec. 8 (Arie will also be auctioned!)

  • Jef will be in Rexburg, Idaho, at an event and meeting fans on Dec. 10

* 27th November 2012 * Arriving in California with TR today: * 26th November 2012 * Jef will be auctioned for a date at the Sub4Santa charity event in Provo on Dec. 8 Jef will be in Rexburg, Idaho, at an event and meeting fans on Dec. 10 * 25th November 2012 * Last week in Utah, hiking/running with TR: Meeting fans around town: * 22nd November 2012 * Yesterday in Utah:

Getting a haircut
with his PW friends (best book-ends ever!)
...and the now expected fan pic! :)

* 20th November 2012 * Always so nice with fans! New pic with Arie: What can I say… *sigh*

Thanks Brono! (via Wetpaint)

Hanging out with Jer: Don’t drink and drive… most of the time! * 19th November 2012 * More from last week-end in Arizona, first with Arie, then with family: * 18th November 2012 * Next PW event with a potential Jef meet! More pics from the past few days with Arie: Happy birthday to Jef’s nephew Drake:

... and hugs to cutie June

Missing the cats… and a hand? Got to put that one big! * 16th November 2012 * Meeting up with Arie on Friday night in Scottsdale: Busy week for our Jeffrey, who is moving from Charlotte and has been travelling to Arizona via Texas with good friend TR: With old pal Ralph J Diaz in Dallas: * 12th November 2012 *

Bieber copying Jef?

* 11th November 2012 *

With Katianna, photo courtesy of TR

Looking sharp at the Saints’ game!

* 9th November 2012 *

New article and VIDEO!

* 8th November 2012 *

NEW ARTICLE! Go #TeamJEM! Congrat Gina and Kimmy: Charlotte Observer

Jef is in Charlotte this week to promote People Water…

With friend TR


His latest interview is here.

And previously:

At Utah Jazz
At Noodles and Co.
At Noodles and Co.


And a new Halloween pic (coz you’re special):

* November 1st

Happy Halloween!
Chillin' at Sammy's in Utah
Supporting Chris B on his Anti-Bullying campaign!

* October 29th

Looking for Santa?

* October 28th

Off to a Pirate’s themed Halloween party sponsored by People Water:

Jef and TR
Wrong Pirates TR!
With Jason and Seth
Cameron as Jef

* October 26th

PW crew’s fun night out (and Jef seems to be the designated driver!):

More from PW headquarters, including skyping with fans and a bit of fun 🙂

* October 25th

Back in PW headquarters with Seth and Cody:

Back in Utah and visiting the University:

* October 24th

On his way to Utah (I believe):

* October 23rd

Yum yum yumminess…. thank you Ilta Sanomat! (I am married, but am allowed to look right?)

* October 21st

Golfing yesterday:

Jef travelling in Charlotte a few days ago:

* October 18th

Just back from a long trip, here are a few recent pics of Jef, in California and of course in Arizona meeting his newborn niece Nora:

Meeting baby Nora with Mum Lisa watching :)
Nora with big sister June!

Chilling with Arie!


* August 20th

Having fun with fans on a SC beach:

Some older pics:

* August 18th

Some cool pics of Jef before “The Hair” plus more of Jef being good to the fans!

Heading t the beach in SC!


* August 16th

Here are some older gems I came across:

with big brother Steve
Backstage at ATFR


And as always, ready to pose with fans:

* August 13th

Is there any sport he can’t do?

Jef playing golf
Service was good :)

* Some nice and funky solo shots

* With Friends and (a whole lot of) Fans

Thanks to Robin, Diann, and all the amazing sleuthers on The Bachelor/ette Forum and JokersUpdate Forum.

With @nrimando - Real Salt Lake goalie

With People Water's Cody Barker
Suits on Suits with Bronson
Playing croquet with Brono and Weslie
Chris Heninger ‏

Jessica Eraso at Qualtrics
People Water meeting with Qualtrics
Shakes on shakes on shakes


* Behind the scenes on The Bachelorette

With Arie


* Just Jef

* With Family, plus the Holm clan in LA!

With JP and Ashley


Now a lot of people have asked what Steijum (his tattoo) stands for. Here is what I believe, thanks to my friends on the Bach&Bachette Fans and Sleuthers forum: Steijum is a word created by Monte Holm, Jef’s dad, and used as the name for one of his publishing companies. It is made to unite/merge the names of his six children, namely Steve, Stephanie, Jef, Julie, Mike and Melissa.

Original Gallery when Jef was “just” one of the 25 men competing for Emily Maynards heart:

Jef Holm – Potential Spoilers ahead!

Full name: Jeffrey Carl Holm
Age: Almost 28! (DOB 7/23/84)
Occupation: Charity owner (CEO at People Water since 2010)
Hometown: Salt Lake City, Utah. (not for long!!!)

Jef is the guy arriving on a skateboard on the first night! And it seems not everyone out there likes his haircut, but check out the pics and info below before judging him too quickly!

* July 1st 2012 *

Before I give you new (and old!) photos, here is the latest video for People Water

New photos from after the Bachelorette taping:

With his beautiful Mum

Waiting for a plane to....
With Brono

With Ralph Diaz
With fan/blogger Candace (
With Steve Berra


Now here is a treat… pics of Jef modelling back in 2008, with friend Kamra, in his parents “back-garden” in St George – pics were taken by Matt Clayton and published in The Square magazine (

* June 1st 2012 *

Here is a childhood pic of Jef, followed by more recent pictures of Jef, some taken after filming was completed on The Bachelorette:

Back to work:

* May 14th 2012 *



* May 6th 2012 *

First meeting and chat on the first night

* May 4th 2012 *

Check out the new Facebook page created by Jef’s sister! Show them support here!

A fab uncle!

* May 1st 2012 *

Here is his ABC interview:

What are your 3 worst attributes?
Impatient, Perfectionist, Fun Loving

Do you prefer “hot spot” type clubs or low-key bars and why?
Low key I like to talk

Do you consider yourself romantic and why?
Absolutely. I always have been more than anyone I know.

What is your greatest regret?
Not playing soccer for any of the teams that recruited me after high school because I “thought” I was in love.

Tattoo Count:
1 (Arm/wrist)

* April 30th 2012 *

This time, new pics thanks to the fab sleuthers on the Bachelor And Bachelorette Fans Forum:


With Cody Barker (right) and Bronson Christensen (left)
With co-founder Bronson Christensen

Jef himself:

Likes kids…

… America…

… and dogs!

Family pics: Cutie alert!

New pictures of Jef and the guys from PeopleWater! Thank you Weslie Christensen!

Here is a great People Water video:

* April 5th 2012 *

Not a lot of information available, and even less pictures! So come back for more, here is what I got:

  • Graduated from Utah Valley University
  • CEO (and possibly but I will have to confirm, co-founder) of PeopleWater (which seems like a great charity, check them out!)
  • On a group date:


    Thank you as always to the AWESOME Bachelor And Bachelorette Fans Forum and of course Reality Steve!

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    4 Responses to Jef Holm – Gallery

    1. Me says:

      I like his nose better before he got the nose job. I thought something was weird about his nose, and now I see its not natural. Something is totally weird about him too. I thought Arie had a more relaxed and genuine meetnig with Emily’s parents. Jeff has everything scripted. I dont trust him.

      • sophienettejc says:

        BTW, no nose job! The nose is the last part of a face to form, sometimes up until the mid-twenties. If you saw me at 16 and 26, you would wonder why I got a nose job to get a worse nose!
        I disagree with you on Jef, although I love Arie 🙂 Different opinions make the world more interesting!

    2. mariane says:

      I am proud of Jef. He would be an awesome brother and friend for Emily but it seems to me like she already picked a husband out of the group and she was just going through the samantics of the contract she signed with ABC. I would really be shocked if she gave up on Arie. He is perfect for her as a husband and you can see it all over her face every time she is near him.

      • mariane says:

        I don’t think it is possible for Emily to send Arie home. I think she is really in love with him. I hope that Jef will remain her friend always and not cut her out of his life. He seems like a great person and would be a great blessing to continue to talk to and help in his endevors.