Sean (Thomas) Lowe – The Bachelor 2013 (season 17) – pictures and info!

New Gallery for Sean and Catherine together!

New Gallery for Sean and Catherine together!

* March 9th

New Q&A with Sean Lowe in Memphis yesterday, thanks to 100FM:

* March 8th

Throwback to The Bachelor filming:

In the production room during the “Women Tell All” airing (and losing it a bit there at the end…)

Egg whites omelettes.... right!

Latest interviews by Sean in the final week before the LIVE FINALE!

‘Bachelor’ Sean Lowe visits Memphis today! Check or more info here.

Radio interview:

OMG insider

The Hollywood Reporter

With Mario Lopez on Extra
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And always ready to pose for fans:

* February 25th

Throwback 🙂 Cute prom date?

New video interview with Pop Sugar:

Behind the scenes at the WTA:

Thai breakfast!

* February 21st

Happy Throwback Thursday!

with Paige Connell - 7th grade

Hard at work for The Factory Girl:

At Popsugar Studio:

Supporting Team ASAP:

With Cynthia Izaguirre – Daybreak (WFAA News):

Last week, at the Savannah Southern Women’s Show:

And because nothing’s better than seeing Sean on our screen…

Behind the scenes, with sister Shay, plus showing once more how stylish he can be:

* February 11th

Throwback (thanks to Shay as usual):

Sean’s fashion (non)sense:

Sean (plus his family!) at Freed’s Furniture in Plano – video and pics!

Getting crafty for Valentine’s day… Check out the InToucharticle!

* February 7th

You can meet Sean on Saturday 9th of February! (Well, if you live near Plano, TX) that is…

And another video, this time of Sean on OMG Insider, on Tuesday morning:

With Chris and Pete:

Sean on E! News (Tuesday morning, BEFORE the Canada episode):

* February 6th

Public Appearances:

Sean will be making a series of appearances for the Southern Women’s Show Series over the next few months (Q&A, autographs, pictures with guests):

  • Savannah, GA, Savannah Intl. Trade & Convention Center – Friday, Feb. 15 from 1:30
    Memphis, TN, Agricenter – Friday, Mar. 10 from 2:00
    Nashville, TN, Nashville Convention Center – Friday, April 19
    Richmond, VA, Richmond Raceway Complex – Sunday, April 21
    Raleigh, NC, NC State Fairgrounds – Sunday, April 28
    Novi, MI, Suburban Collection Showplace – Friday, May 3
  • * February 5th

    Today on Access Hollywood live:

    Sean in Canada on BT Calgary:

    Messing around in Montana:

    Having some fun behind the scenes:

    Crashing fans’ viewing parties with Chris Harrison:

    Doing the media rounds:

    * February 1st

    Teenage Sean:

    New interview with Ryan Seacrest:

    Part 1-

    Part 2-

    On Good Day LA:

    Behind the scenes, shirtless (of course!):

    Busy promoting the Bachelor and The Factory Girl!

    * January 28th*

    Here are pics of Sean over the last 10 days, starting with a couple of nice throwback pics thanks to his sister Shay:

    A ‘selfie’ for 46NYC:

    Checking out the gossip:

    Chill time:

    Family time with Birthday boy:

    With fans and friends, at work at Factory Girl, in Vegas or doing his great charity work:

    * January 18th*

    A special note from Sean his work at The Factory Girl:

      […] “I’m the president of The Factory Girl. I have two partners, Clay and Jessie. Clay and I have been best friends for several years and Jessie is his sister. We started Factory Girl with one goal in mind- create bold, fresh, unique furniture and bags that reflect our own contemporary style. The Bachelor has allowed me to do a lot of really cool things and has presented me with many opportunities but my heart will always be with The Factory Girl because I’m building something I’m passionate about with two people I love.” […]

    He also added:

      “Insurance is the family business that never agreed with me.”

    Sean and old friend/brother in law Andrew:

    Behind the scenes with Producer Cassie Lambert Scalettar:

    With the original Bachelorette Trista:

    New videos:

    With Wonderwall Editor Stacie Anthony:

    “Misty” shares her feelings on meeting Sean:

    2 behind the scenes pics from Monday’s 2nd episode:

    One for the ladies…

    Before going live on Jimmy Kimmel, meeting Ellen!

    * January 14th*

    Here are 3 recent interviews of Sean:

    Elliot in the Morning (@EITMonline):

    Clevver News Interview: (this one is a lot of fun!)

    The Big J Show – Sean Lowe Interview (radio)

    Pics from the last few days, mostly during a 25th season anniversary at the mansion:

    Busy doing multiple remote interviews:

    * January 11th*

    Sean is a busy bee! Here are some pics and videos from his media round this week.

    Let’s start with a couple of pics from the show’s filming and a few random pics of the week, with friends, fans, journalists and even Jerry Springer:

    With Desiree on a date later in the season

    On a date with Lesley, posing for fans

    With Producer and friend Peter:

    No Comment!

    Kevin O'Leary

    "Who Say's" Samantha Harris

    TVGuide interview

    Jerry Springer

    Pics and Videos from his appearance on Access Hollywood Live:


    On E News:

    Extra TV – pics and (yum yum) video!

    video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player

    On OMG InsiderVideo link

    Today on The Chew:

    The 2 videos below are US only, I will update once I get my hands on International upload!

    With the ladies from ClevverTV:

    Life and Style has a nice interview and Exclusive pic:

    * January 7th*

    Pic from an interview for TV Guide (Interview will be up tomorrow on

    Blast from the past!

    Tonight is the Night!!! Here are the latest pics of Sean out and about, and from this morning’s appearance on GMA and “Kelly and Michael”:

    On his way to GMA:

    On GMA:

    Meeting Betty White backstage!

    With Andrea Lavinthal for People Mag:

    Hanging out with his old roomie:

    With some “old” friends:

    * January 5th*

    Check out the Sleuthing gallery for dates of Sean interviews!

    Sean with his sister Shay:

    With producer Cassie:

    Working and meeting fans clients at The Factory Girl:

    * December 28th*

    With his favourite girl:

    With fans:

    * December 13th*

    So what does the (hopefully no more) Bachelor do when he is not working?

    Meeting fans…

    …Giving interviews to Chris Harrison during JP and Ashley’s wedding: VIDEO


    …and chilling!

    * December 8th*

    Last night’s food run at The Factory Girl:

    * December 7th*

    If you are in Texas, here is your chance: Sean will be at The Factory Girl (204 E Hwy 80 Forney, TX). And with his big heart, he is also offering you a chance to do good, while getting some goods: if you bring a toy or canned good, you get 10% off your purchase!

    Here is a pic of Sean (and Emily!) at JP & Ash’s wedding:

    * December 5th*

    Loving Shay’s (Sean’s sister) latest Q & A! Check it out on her fab blog, “Mix and Match Family“.

    More pictures from last week-end in Vegas:

    * December 4th*

    Here is a pic of Sean in Vegas this week-end, courtesy of Celebzter:

    * December 3rd *

    After a very quick detour by Ashley and JP’s wedding, Sean went to Vegas to take part in the Rock N Roll half Marathon, for “Team Challenge” (of the Crohn’s n Colitis Foundation), and give prizes (i.e ROSES!) to the Team Challenge top 10 fundraisers.

    With his mum:

    * November 29th 2012 *

    Check out The Factory Girl website, of which San recently became a business partner! He works with them and his own “Sean Lowe and Friends organization” for charity and recently helped raise money for the fight against cancer.

    With friend and trainer Sagi Kalev:

    * November 28th 2012 *

    Nice pad!

    * November 26th 2012 *

    Pictures of Sean Thomas (thanks Twitter for that little bit of trivia!) at Thanksgiving. Source is his sister Shay’s awesome blog, Mix and Match Mama:

    * November 25th 2012 *

    With his dad:

    Spotted out and about since returning from filming:

    Back from filming, with his niece:

    Old pic with his brother in law Andrew:

    * November 21st 2012 *

    Sean celebrating his birthday on set in Thailand… hope his F1 is there out of frame 🙂

    Sean screencaps from the first promo:

    * November 11th 2012 *

    Check out Sean’s sister Shay’s blog:

    Another couple of throwback pics…

    How I hope this was a prank...
    With his niece and ex-girlfriend

    * October 31st 2012 *

    Throwback Wednesday! Sean as linebacker at Lamar High School in Arlington:

    Source: DallasNews

    * October 28th 2012 *

    Making eyes with Arie!

    * October 4th 2012 *

    Here are a couple of pics of Sean during October 3rd’s Rose Ceremony, thanks to TPTBs Mike Fleiss and Bob Mills:

    * October 2nd 2012 *

    Hot Hot Hot

    * September 16th 2012 *

    With his mum:

    With Peter:

    With the Bachelor Nation boys:

    He’s pretty good with little people:

    All the pictures below where found during the filming of Emily’s season of The Bachelorette, which completed May 11th.

    * May 6th 2012 *

    Here is Emily and Sean meeting for the first time:

    Source: Bachelor And Bachelorette Fans Forum

    * May 4th 2012 *

    Here is a site about Sean’s sister Shay and her then fiance Andrew on how they met… through Sean!

    Here are Sean and (now brother-in-law) Andrew at a wedding:

    * May 1st 2012 *

    Here is Sean during a group date on Emily’s season:

    I can tell you that he was an Inside linebacker in High School (Arlington, Texas) and that is what he looked like then:

    But I do have some more “grown-up” pictures:

    My Videos:


    Season recaps

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    1. Southernbiscuit says:

      Team Sean !!!
      After personally witnessing Sean and Emily’s affections toward one another during the filming of Sean’s family visit, there is obviously a big spark between the two !!

      • jay says:

        Hey SouthernBiscuit – I am on Team Sean too. Did you really see them affectionate towards each other ? We are so hoping to see this but so far the show has shown us nothing !