Graham Bunn – 2012 Picture gallery

Graham is doing fabulous work with 46NYC – Please remember to go buy their great fashion on which works with (more than 6!) charities -including recent work with Wine to Water in Cambodia, and some great 2013 plans for Haiti!

My fav from 2012? “Care About Carolina“!
I am finishing this 2012 gallery, and will be creating a 2013 one shortly! The later part of 2012 has allowed us get to know Graham’s new love, the gorgeous (from what I gather inside and out!) Jessica Roberts. So the top section will be dedicated to G&J 🙂
The rest is pretty much anything I liked since April (yes, it has been 8 months since I updated the gallery, sorry!)

* Graham and Jessica*

September in NYC would not be the same without Alex’s Lemonade Stand!

With Michelle, Roberto and Chris at JP & Ashley’s wedding!

Christmas time is giving time (with Samaritan’s Purse)!

With Bob Guiney:

With Kimi:

* Just Graham *

* Family and Friends *

Ma and Grandma!

Jay Williams:

Continuing with Hal Kivette (already in above pic):

BachelorNation supports 46NYC!

Ames Brown

Ames and Jenna


And my favourite 2 guys together, JP & Graham:

With Dave Good and our new Bachelor Sean Lowe:

This guys knows a LOT of people 🙂 Here are a few I really liked:

Ashley Spivey

Mike Eller

Benny Morales


Bob Guinley

DeAnna Stagliano


* April 2012 *

Concert For Ryan – 6th of April:
“… acoustic benefit concert featuring THE CAB, with all proceeds going to the Faulkner Family to bring home their son Ryan. Ryan, who lives in Eastern Europe, has Noonan’s Syndrome, a congenital heart defect, and significant psychological and motor developmental delays. Chris and Julie Faulkner are adopting Ryan and bringing him back home into their wonderful family.” See more on this from Jen’s Reality.

with Alex De Leon and Alex Marshall

With Jenna Burke, the Overanalyst:

* Older 2012 photos *

March 2012 – Charming fans:

January 2012 – Sunday work

You can get the BachelorPad season where we last saw him, with the lovely Michelle Money, right here:

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