“Oh Hair No!” – Part 1: The Celebs have Bad Hair Days too!

As I was waiting for the coffee machine in the office’s canteen to be free, I found myself drawn to the TV, where a repeat (originally aired in the US on Monday, January 30, 2012) of The Ellen Degeneres show was playing, on mute. I guess the fact that I could not hear Ellen’s probably hilarious comments added to the impact of the images she was sharing with her public, under the heading “Oh! Hair No!”. In case you missed it, here are some of the gems she found:

For Ellen’s comments, check out the show site here.

But I decided to try and find other gems myself out there. And by out there, I mean all over the world. There are shots from Canada, UK, the US, Ireland and more… They all made me go “WOW!” quickly followed by “How could you let anyone see you with hair like that, especially anyone holding a camera?”
I found so much, I will have to do three (yes 3!) posts.

To get you started, here are some celebrities… And to be honest, knowing that even billionaires and top models have bad hair day (or/and terrible hairdressers!) made me feel slightly better about my “cinnamon-and-salt” mass of fluff! So check them out and I hope they make you smile!

Seriously, I usually love J-Lo‘s style, but with it is somewhat painfully obvious that no amount of dollars can buy good taste…


I am more used to sleek blonde curls from the talented Cybil Shepherd!


A classic!

Tommy Lee is much sexier with his locks unlocked!

From blonde (-ish) to dark to… nothing! Miss Brittney Spears deserves 3 mentions!



Nicolas Cage and Tom Hanks – 2 for the price of one, proving that, like money, talent does not equal taste!

Christina Aguilera on a bad day…


Another 3 for 1, this time courtesy of the unique Donald Trump (Shave it off already… and lay-off the fake tan!)




Ex-UK Prime Minister Tony Blair… the wind is not your friend!

That one took me a few seconds… can you recognize her? Leave me a comment!


YES! Even top models!


Prince Harry…

Tiger Wood (trying to distract us from his sex sport life?)

A young Scarlett Johansson, let’s forgive and forget early mistakes, OK?


Let’s finish with a very scary one of (naturally quite freaky IMHO) Sean Penn:

Note: most of the sites where I found this selection are named under the pictures, check them out for more of the same!

OK, to finish, 1 head of hair I adore, and which, to me, will never qualify as “Oh Hair No!”: Elan Gale’s</a> – simply because:

Elan with Ames "Never-A-Bad-Hair-Day" Brown
    “Oh Hair No!” – Part 2: Unknowns’ Bad Hair Days!

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2 Responses to “Oh Hair No!” – Part 1: The Celebs have Bad Hair Days too!

  1. Jackie says:

    Interesting photos. I think the mystery woman is Jada Pinkett Smith. Can’t wait for the next edition.

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