“Oh Hair No!” – Part 2: Unknowns’ Bad Hair Days!

This series of posts is inspired by The Ellen Degeneres show. Part 1, which shows that Celebs have Bad Hair days too, is here.
UPDATE – Part 3 about kids and animals is also ready right here!

I don’t want you to think that the common man/woman is immune… actually, as much as we’ve proven that money does not buy taste, obviously it does help a bit, as these are way worse (me-thinks!). And for some, I do dread to think of the amount of $ it took for them to actually end-up like that! I just hope these were all meant as jokes… but doubt it!


Next time you feel depressed about the decade we live in… remember this:


I am not sure there is another solution to that one but a (VERY) short bob…


Ah! The Europeans always have such style!


Well, there’s layered… and there’s that:

My long lost brother maybe?

Is it a bird? Is it a boat?

Is that what they call “personal style”?


…. seriously? What can we say?

Yep, pretty well summed up!


Carrying the Christmas spirit tree everywhere she goes!


OK, that one is funny… but remember never to turn your back on any girl you are attracted to!


60’s, 70’s, 80’s, etc… these were the good (very) old days:



Seriously though, where do these people get such wack ideas? They cannot actually think these are cool? Right? Right?




And my personal favourite:

To finish up, here is a pick of my own often terrible mop:

and of Hubby… mid-haircut (although I was tempted to stop there!):

But remember you all: even Ken has bad hair days:


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