“Oh Hair No!” – Part 3: Pets and Kids Bad Hair Days… Adults’ fault?

This series of posts is inspired by The Ellen Degeneres show. Part 1, which shows that Celebs have Bad Hair days too, is here. Part 2 stars unknowns, and is there!

Now, onto the littlest ones, namely kids and pets. Some of the pics below made me wonder if these were DIY jobs! Either way, I think adults all around the world should hung their heads in shame. Or just laugh histerically! Enjoy 🙂

Pretty in pink? I’ll let you judge!

It’s kind of annoying that even with the weirdest haircuts babies manage to stay cute…

Seriously man, perms are so 80’s!

Someone gets little Ava some pins, please


Bath time… cats hate it, I love it!


What are you looking at?


Kind of like me in the morning I am sad to say!

Oh baby, I feel your pain!

Yeah… like making that face is going to get the attention off that hair!

Poor little thing… thankfully this photo is not recent, but I do hope she moved on!


I would too!

No comments…


This kid is a STAR (Literally)

Please someone tell me it’s a wig!


Is it a bird? nope… but I am sure somebody thinks of it as art. I think of it as some sort of animal cruelty!


Let’s finish with 2 that DO NOT fit in the bad hair category, I hope you’ll agree (especially this next one, which is a home cute by me on my boy!):

And this one for my favourite Jack Russell, aka Scotch, Ben Flajnik’s best pal:

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