Who is Alejandro Velez – The Bachelorette 2012 (season 8) – pictures and info!

Alejandro Velez

Info from ABC official bio:

Age: 25
Occupation: Mushroom Farmer – Co-owner of Back to the Roots
Hometown: Medellin, Colombia

* May 1st 2012 *

A post, from UC Berkeley, reveals that Alejandro is a proud Hodgkin’s Lymphoma cancer survivor, as well as a recipient of awards such as the Mather Good Citizen Award at the Chancellor’s Public Service Awards!

Here is an article about Back to the Roots, Alejandro’s company which he co-founded with pal Nikhil Arora:


Alejandro on video! Nice guy:

Here is his ABC interview:
If you were stranded on a desert island, what 3 things would you bring with you and why?
A picture of my mom so I can keep fighting, a knife, and duct tape (that stuff always comes in handy!).

Do you prefer “hot spot” type clubs or low-key bars and why?
Depends on the night – if I’m celebrating I like to go big, but otherwise low key nights are a blast.

Do you consider yourself a romantic and why?
Yeah – my mom always says that a good man provides for his family, but a better man makes his girl fall in love with him every single day.

What super power would you choose to have? Why?
See the future so I can change it!

Tattoo Count:

A picture of Alejandro during a group date on Emily’s season:

Other articles about Back to the Roots:

Back to the Root’s Alejandro Velez on Turning Coffee Waste into Gourmet Mushrooms
Environmental Interviews with Founders: Alejandro Velez & Nikhil Arora of BTTR Ventures


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Other sources: ABC

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