The Bachelorette 2012 – Episode 02 Animated Recap

With some delay due to a business trip (yes yes, me business woman!) here is my recap, in a mixed text/animated gifs format (inspired by the talented fans on the Bachelor And Bachelorette Fans Forum)… Tell me what you think! (and thank you for your patience in giving each image time to load)

Overall, I thought it was a good episode, which showed Emily the way she means to go on: tough questions, family first, and anything but boring. I want to pick a few things that got my attention, and to be honest there are so many great recaps out there that will tell you every little thing that happened and all in the right order, I am going a bit random 🙂

I thought the start was very nice, and telling, seeing Emily in her normal environment, as a woman, a friend and a mum. And how cute was little Ricki! I also love that we later on get to see her interact with her Mum:


Anyway, back at the ranch, we finally get some real eye candy, and even though these bodies are missing faces, well… just see for yourself! (I call this one “Dream Poolboys!”)

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(love Jef’s head popping up out of nowhere!)

Alright, let’s move on to the dates, starting with Ryan… I don’t know if you guys have seen Emily on Jimmy Kimmel but Ryan is to me one of the guys she was talking about when Kathy Griffin asks her if she had spotted guys who were there, saying all the right things and making all the right moves, to set themselves up as next Bachelor… Sorry Ryan, I hope I am wrong, and this is all due to editing, but this date, and the “incident” during the cocktail party (more on that later!) struck me as too forced… I do love when Emily tells him they are off to “Chunky Cheese” (sp?):


Now another guy I am currently on the fence about is Arie. Positive point for actually holding her hands when walking with her (HINT HINT JEF!) – if anything else, it makes them look like a couple (and probably freak the other guys a bit!):


The meaty part of the episode was of course the Group date, which included The Muppets, Little Ricki, a great group of guys and all in the name and for the benefit of The Levine Children’s hospital. It delivered some crackers!

Obviously, Charlie’s initial reaction to stand-up was quite touching, and I loved the support he unknowingly gets from the boys who stayed behind at the mansion. Kudos for Charlie finally speaking up in public… but pretty sure what he wanted Emily to feel was not like “a proud mama”. I think this one will go in the NO column, which is a shame as he really seems to be a good guy!
Something else that I had been waiting for and finally started to see… BROMANCE!
Except for the pool-side pecs, one of the best parts of the early episodes in every series. So where did I see it… TWICE?

(Twitter fans, you have I’m sure spotted the handsome fellow sitting behind Chris?)


Another golden moment was Jef’s (first???) proposal – he did it so well don’t you think?


The main events during the evening part of the date were the growing animosity between Kalon and Stevie, which I have a feeling we are going to see a whole lot more of in the next weeks. I didn’t find Chris’s 1-1 to be anything to get too


about 🙂 despite what he thinks. Emily telling him he is good looking lacked substance and depth. Which I am starting to think he may too, given his reaction to Jef getting the Rose (although he looks more and more like a Skinny David Good!).

Ah Jef, what do you think the deal is there? Shy and out of his element plus insecure about whether Emily likes him, or playing hard to get? I think the former, but I am bias as I adore him and PeopleWater! Check out this bit of their 1-1 and how they both seem to light up when they EVENTUALLY make eye contact, and again, Jef’s surprise being given the group rose.



Quick word about Joe and his exit. I was, like Emily, very underwhelmed by him on the date. As one of the more “bubbly” personalities of the fist night, I was expecting more from Joe, but I think he must have tried to reign in the wild side, and went too far. But he left as a gentleman, so kudos!

Now the Cocktail party before the Rose ceremony. I wish I could give you a gif of Jef giving Emily a skateboarding lesson, bu instead I can only give you the link. WATCH IT! “Just you and me and a skateboard” *swoon*
I actually loved the whole 7 page letter from Ryan in front of Tony, as I think it showed Emily some true colors for these guys. Hated Ryan giving it to her AFTER he saw Tony, especially making the point that “Tony has to sit here and listen to you read this…” not cool. But Tony and Emily’s reaction afterwards was pretty good, turning it into a joke and releasing the bad vibes. Good job Tony! Plus I thought his telling of little Taylor was well worded and sensitive without going over the top.

In the end, we said goodbye to Aaron and Kyle… So did you agree with Emily’s decisions in this episode?

To finish, I am going to give you 2 top 3s… but not the ones you think.


* Doug on receiving a rose… “Yeah” and she has to say thank you????!!!!
* Ryan: “Tony has to sit here and listen to you read this…”
* Kalon to Doug: “No matter how bad it was it had to be better than me out here with these guys!”

TOP 3 GUYS WE NEED TO SEE MORE OFF: because they seem like good guys, and definitively easy on the eye

* Alejandro

* Nate

* Sean

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