Pembertons – One of a kind shoes for everyone

Look at what I just got in the post… how perfect!

These are Pembertons! They were hand-crafted by Haley, a young lady with a lot of talent and imagination. I became friends, through this blog, with her mother Jodi, and discovered these little gems. I decided to ask Haley to do some for my children, and only had to give them a few tips (dinosaurs, Disney’s Cars, Superheroes… for Tristan for example) and presto these beauties you see above were on my delighted children’s feet. The attention to detail is amazing, with little discoveries every time, such as secret messages inside Alice’s shoes (“Love”, “Dance”, “Follow you heart”…) and the kids love them.

I have my own pair coming soon! And I cannot wait. But enough about me! Here is what Haley has to say for herself:

I am a 22 year old from Ft. Wayne, Indiana, USA. and will be a senior at Butler University in Indianapolis, Indiana, this fall, studying Public Relations and Advertising minoring in Art looking to pursue a job in the shoe design industry.

I have been designing shoes since May of 2008, but did not start Pembertons Shoes until my freshman year of college. My creativity and inspiration come from the most unlikely of places. I am constantly generating ideas. It is in my being, it is who I am.

My high school friends inspired my 1st pair of Pembertons, before I left for college at Butler University. I was nervous about going to college and wanted to take my friends with me, so I had them sign their names on a pair of white canvas shoes. Later that night, I doodled around their signatures and designed my first pair of Pembertons. I wore that pair of shoes around campus my freshman year of college. That one pair of shoes gave me the confidence to be myself. I made shoes for my friends at other college campuses and eventually turned my hobby into a business. My designs can be seen on indie pop-rock sensation Walk the Moon and just recently I designed shoes for a wedding reception. Each shoe is hand crafted to tell your story. Every person has a story and every story deserves to be told.

Defy odds,

Haley Deiser

And how much for these beauties? Only $45.00 + shipping and handling! Really what are you waiting for? Get to her Facebook page: Pembertons Shoes, reach her on Twitter or send her an e-mail at Tell her Soph sent you and make sure you send me your comments and pictures when you get yours!

Pembertons Shoes is a custom shoe design business created by Haley Deiser. Deiser is currently working on a website. All designs are copyrighted. Feel free to contact her for more info.

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3 Responses to Pembertons – One of a kind shoes for everyone

  1. @pinkgh72 says:

    I absolutely love my shoes! I just ordered another pair for Mikhaila.

  2. Lynn @fnceyrpool says:

    AWESOME!!! love it!!

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