The Bachelorette Episode 04 – Silence is Golden

I am not sure if you’ll agree with me, but this episode felt a bit like a filler, a setup for next week. No intimacy on the 1-1 (with Doug) or 2-1 (can’t remember who with) dates, awkward silences and people talking when they shouldn’t! Here is my quick recap of the best quotes of the night, and the best “moves” – a short recap this week.

Boys arrive in Bermuda on scooters (which I believe Arie of all people managed to crash!), and so does the first date card, inviting Arie… sorry Doug 😉 to explore Bermuda with Emily… Arie having pretended the card was for himself then decides to continue digging into Doug. Not sure how much I like how much he enjoyed getting under Doug’s skin, but I did love his impression of Doug-Hulk:


Not much to say about the date with Doug though… much ado about nothing! But if you want to know more about Doug’s charity, check this out.

On to the Group date, and after the expected competitive trash talk, won by the red team, the yellow team somehow manages to win the boat race. And me happy as my current 2 (Arie and Jef) were on the winning side. Check out the bromance between these guys:


The fact that Ryan and Kalon tagged along was there too seemed annoying at the time, but Kalon said nothing (silence suits him) and the gems Ryan came out with made it worth it in the end….

– To a beautiful trophy possible wife
– God designed you to be a beautiful woman, so be a beautiful woman.
– Being good is not enough.
– I am romantic, I am athletic, I am a really good catch! (Well if you says so yourself – my husband overheard the 2 lines above and said “Who is that misogynistic fart?”!)

On to my boys! Arie (the tongue thing… is a BIG no!) and Jef (it’s the little things I guess, but if you don’t kiss her next week, I am defecting to team Kalon):




A word about the 2 on 1 date… silence.

Moving on swiftly to the cocktail party and rose ceremony, we have to of course mention the Dumb & Dumber discussion on who is more mature between Chris and Doug… “It’s me!” “No it’s me!” etc.
And of course, the ever charming Ryan, finally admitting he was probably one of the guy Emily recently told Jimmy Kimmel was there to be the next Bachelor. Ryan… Ryan Ryan Ryan… Cockiness and arrogance a gentleman do not make…


On the losing side of the episode, we have… men-cry. Sorry Nate, Charlie and Michael, but red eyes do not look as good on you as neon colored headbands on Michael’s hair!


I am obviously very exited to see what happens next week, and remember… Emily is no dumb blonde, this lady is one smart cookie!



To finish, my favourite part of the episode… which was not shown during the episode! Check out Jef and Emily having some quality time during the cocktail party. I loved that he asked about Ricki, that they could joke about his socks… and I cringed at that obvious moment where you can actually see him thinking “Will I kiss her or not?”:

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3 Responses to The Bachelorette Episode 04 – Silence is Golden

  1. Stephanie says:

    Great job Soph! Very funny! My sister is now hooked on your blog too! 🙂

  2. Jackie says:

    Well I certainly hope Jef steps up to the plate, because we can’t have you defecting to team Kalon!

  3. Lynn @fnceyrpool says:

    Right on the money!!

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