The Bachelorette 2012 Episode 8 recap – Driving, Dancing and… Cocking?

I haven’t done a proper recap in a while, but this week is a must-do. I also just added a little video gift for Jef and Emily fans, which I hope will give you goose pimples and make you grin…

As my F3 “hunch” was correct, so check out the 2 videos I previously made for Emily, Arie, Jef and Sean:

* The Bachelorette Emily – My Top 3 After Prague – The Love Stories So Far

* The Bachelorette Emily – My Top 3 After London – The Love Stories So Far

This week was full of Ups and Yawns Downs… Emily started her US trip with some quality time with Ricki, who she had not seen since London. The reunion was very cute and the love between mother and daughter very obvious!


So, after locking the camera crew inside her house for the night, and some quality time with Ricki, Emily heads to Chicago to meet up with Chris and his family. Now, don’t get me wrong I did love all the views of Chicago: but I found the entire 1 on 1 section of the date so boring, and Emily did not seem relaxed, carefree or even involved enough to be nervous. Body contact was limited, as was eye contact… Meeting Chris’s family was lovely and they seem to be such genuinely warm people! Overall a ‘nice’ date, but not much to get excited about. The end of the date with the Polish traditional dancing seemed a little too reminiscent of Constantine’s HTD last year, only more contrived! Best quote of the date:

“On a scale of 1 to Polish, we’re Polish” – Chris

Best tweets:

West Lee – “ABC even managed to work a castle into the hometown dates. Because apparently castles are the new helicopter.“ Constantine Tzortzis – “Won’t you take me to, AWKWARD town” John Wolfner – “Chris…the real life bobble head.”


Next, Emily arrives at Holmstead, Jef’s parents’ ranch in St George, Utah. Such an amazingly beautiful place! She seems genuinely surprised at how well hipster Jef fits in this rural setting! He does look comfortable there… and I do love the skinny jeans! Jef was so happy to see her, it made me grin from ear to ear… And she did not look sad to see him either! The two of them together click for me! So they start the date shooting clay pigeons, and I had to laugh at Jef “teaching” Em out to shoot and being so proud of himself for impressing Emily with his skills… and how gob smacked he was (and a few of us as well!) when she shot every one of hers! Good girl Em! From the look of that next pic, I think he had hoped to have to teach her every little move… After a little chat on, you guessed it, a blanket, they are off to meet the family, and I think Em was lucky Jef’s parents and 1 of his 5 siblings were missing, as this crowd alone looked pretty intimidating! Now I do want to put one “editing” thing to rest: there were no issues with Jef touching Emily when in the Ranch and with his family. I guess the promo that said so was just one of the fake teases TPTB like to throw at us! I loved her chat with Steve, where key issues surrounding Brad, faith, what makes a relationship works… were approached head-on but subtly and gently, reassuring all that Emily and Jef had indeed discussed these, while keeping the Holm’s privacy. As for the chat with Julie, Melissa and Jaimie, I have to say they seemed to be opened to Emily and the 4 of them made a pretty nice picture… Kudos to Julie for flat out asking Emily if she was falling in love with Jef and saying that their parents would love her! While the girls have their chat, Jef has a sit down with his big brother Steve… who asks the tough questions, expresses doubts about Jef really wanting to be a family man… But Jef’s answer – “it’s like so clear, it seems like so easy that it’s what we would do” – was so natural, relaxed and happy, I have no doubt that he is totally in love and ready for a life with Emily…

As they leave for the final part of the date, I just laughed at Emily being goofy. A good sign?
Jef takes her to one of the most gorgeous place ever to read her what can only be descried as a beautiful love letter. See below for more on that!

Best quotes of the date? Too many to choose from! Here are a few I liked, and the text from Jef’s letter:

“Who knew Jef and his skinny jeans had such a good shot” – Emily

“Emily looks so hot with a gun. I just want her to hold a gun all day long.” – Jef

“A situation like this can put you in love” – Steve

“Love — it’s not an investment it’s an adventure.” – Steve (if the eCard doesn’t exist yet, it will soon!)

“Jef’s a winner” (Steve) – “I think so too” (Emily)

“It feels perfect inside my heart” – Emily

Jef’s love letter to Emily

Best tweets:

J.P. Rosenbaum – “Damn 1 F Jef. You had me at hello.”

Deelaney ‏– “Julie with one u. There’s a pattern here.”

Robert Mills – “I want to load you so hard and fire the fuck out of you – things Jef says to his gun.”

West Lee – “That, Ryan, is how you write a love letter.”

John “Wolf” Wolfner – “You hear that boys?!? That’s was Jef puttin’ the nail in the coffin.”

Jenna Burke – “Mom, I want a JEF for Christmas. that’s all.”

Colleen Williams – “So with Arie and Sean they need a wall w Emily, but with Jef… All he needs is a blanket!”


Unsuprisingly, Arie’s hometown date stats at the racecourse. I think it’s great for him and Emily to connect through their common love of motor racing, and for Emily to see him doing what he is really passionate about. Plus he looks hot doing it! Emily is not too shaby either in a race driver outfit!

After a few laps, Arie takes Emily to a beautiful park for a picnic. The chemistry between them is so great, even the landscape reacts…

I did find the conversation a bit stilted and slightly less comfortable than usual between them – Is Arie’s mum a dragon or something? He did look very concerned… But the way he lights up when talking about his passion for racing, and the bound between him and his dad, was really cute!

Fast forward to their arrival at his parents’ house to see what all the stress was about. I found his mother lovely (and his father is so handsome!) but I found the fact that they even uttered 1 single word in Dutch in front of her very very rude.
I am 1/2 of a bilingual couple and it would NEVER occur to any of my family members or friends to speak in French in front of my husband. Especially on the first meeting. Every mum in every HTD wants to ask those questions to her son. And every mum in every HTD takes her son aside to do so! The fact that it took a few exchanges before Arie intervened, and after he himself answered in Dutch, was shocking to me. I still love Arie, and I did find his family adorable, but this is one big slip-up in my book. I don’t think Emily liked it much either…

I wish we heard a little more from the “mini-Arie-meet-Jutin Bieber” twins – heartbreakers in the making!

Arie’s mum impressed me by being so direct with Emily and asking her about what happened with Brad. As for Arie (not Jr.), I just have a huge crush! Handsome, well spoken, funny… Damn, the DNA in that family + Emily’s would make cute babies.

As Arie and Emily “say” goodbye, I ponder if Arie did not take some steps back this week. Maybe it is just because this date happened, for us viewers, about 10 minutes after one of the most romantic moments in Bachelorette history? Or is there something awry… bah who cares for now, let’s just enjoy the Master kisser that is Arie, before we move onto to Sean’s hit-and-misses!

I am looking forward to seeing those two on their fantasy dates next week… remind me to turn up the Air Conditioning, it’s going to be hot!

Best quotes of the date:

“Arie definitivel looks stupid hot!” – Emily

“Just be yourself. I love you, so they’re gonna love you” – Arie

“Not a very sexy honeymoon, it was a couple of races!” – Arie’s dad Arie

Best tweets:

Dana “Possessionista” Weiss – “Arie drives like he kisses. Up against the wall.”

Lynn A. – “Are they drinking Envolve wine?? it should be the official wine of #bachelorette”

Constantine Tzortzis – “Wow, coming from a family that can speak Greek I’ve got to say I find it completely rude to speak it in front of others who don’t speak Greek. “


Sean is like the greek-god version of my husband! Borderline ginger, and perfect in every way (hi honey!) – and although I have said before and will say again that I do not think him and Emily are the perfect fit for each other, I will always have a soft spot for Sean. What’s not to like!? Even his dogs (and his calves!) are perfect:

It was very cute to hear Emily call him “Honey” – again proving there is a lot of substance left on the editing floor! And I love how he went straight for a kiss before even saying hi!

Picking wild flowers was certainly an original idea… and probably a nice break for Emily after all the racing, shooting and Polish dancing! Although Sean does not look as excited as Arie’s fountain was…

His family was probably the most “normal” of the 4, and, well, perfect. I liked that he played tricks on her, but it only showed even more that there really is nothing imperfect about him. I was kind of wishing for the skeleton in the closet mentioned by Emily – and I have a suspicion Emily did too. The difficulties she overcame with Arie, and the contradictions in Jef are part of her attraction to them, and I have the feeling she was hoping to find something to overcome in her relationship with Sean to strengthen it.

Ok enough serious talk! Best bit about the “I live with my parents and my room is a dumpster” joke? We get to catch a glimpse of this little gem:

After most handsome dad ever (Arie!), we get the cutest one with Jay:

One comment I did make on Twitter during the show is that Sean’s kiss in the field at the start of the date was terrible! Little pecks followed by his tongue out of nowhere??? NO! (Give Arie a call for some lessons!). Which is weird when we remember (and how could we forget) “that” wall kiss.

Was the last kiss better? I guess only Emily and Sean know for sure…

Best quote of the date:

“If he chooses her, and she chooses him, I don’t know if my heart can take it all” – Sean’s Dad

(Love him!)

Best tweets:

John Wolfner – “Sean Lowe, you look dreamy in that V. Call me, maybe?” (gotta love the Bromances this show always gives us!)

The Roachlerette – “This is when we learn that Sean has a collection of civil-war era porcelain dolls”


Despite Emily’s emotion, which showed more about Emily’s big heart than any big love feelings for Chris, the outcome was very obvious. And how handsome are the last 3 men:

As for Chris, I never warmed to him so I will not be a hypocrite, but I do feel sorry for him and the fact that his confidence was so high (thinking Emily was in love with him, after his father’s misunderstanding of Emily) and he fell so fast and unexpectedly (even though he was the only one not expecting it!). But given the fact that he is on Bachelor Pad, me thinks he recovered!
Do I think he is 10 times the Man that all those F*ing dudes are… take a guess! And this was not a good look…

TO FINISH All I can say is that I am enjoying the ride! And for more (and funnier) feedback on this episode, check out Ashley Spivey’s hilarious blog (she puts captions on the pics!)

To next week (I hope!)

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