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NEW – Video of PeopleWater in Ghana, featuring Cody (Chief Water Giver), Jef (Founder) and Emily is available! So go Watch the video (several times) here or by clicking the image above , order People Water and help Team JEM fund more wells!

* October 17th

COMING SOON, latest updates

Pre-October 2012

Video created by myself for People Water – check it out here!

24th August 2012

Emily in Ghana:

Source: People Water via Pinterest

Go check the latest blog post from Cody on Ghana HERE.

Bronson (aka Brono) learning the moves!

Source: PeopleWater

Source: Amazing photographer Jess Koehler

22nd August 2012


14th August 2012

Jef at Elmina Castle, Ghana:

One of the new wells in action – LIFE CHANGING! Visit the PW blog to read their latest post about our Drop for Drop commitment and what it means to be a sustainable company.

13th August 2012

Posted by Jef:

I'm extremely lucky that I get to work with my best friends and do something that is improving the quality of life for people all over the world. This is Cody Barker @theamerican, here at People Water we call him the Chief Water Giver because he travels all around the world to bring clean water to people who desperately need it. #waterhero It doesn't hurt that he's got looks to die for too.

7th August 2012

6th August 2012

El Camina


4th August 2012

Credit to People Mag

Another inspired post and pic from Cody Barker…

I love Africa more than I ever could've imagined. Being here barely more than a week has given me a small glimpse of what the African people represent! To me they represent a country full of kindness, full of love. Every person I have met is nice. My love for the United States of America is stronger than ever but I cannot say I have the same feelings. We are full of hate and envy. There is little respect form one human to another. "What's mine is yours" is rarely found, it's all about me me me. I've had my mind blown out here as I see the love that each person has. I will say that it is hard in America not to think about ourselves, we all want cool things and to be noticed. I feel like I am preaching or that I'm acting like I know the secret to life.... ? All I want to get across is that I literally don't give a shit what you wear or what car you drive. I will love you for you! (sorry for the language mom) she doesn't like when I sware! I know this post is about people getting clean water but it's all about THE PEOPLE hence the name @peoplewater By the People, for the People, and of the People! Haha!


3rd August 2012

The team is now on their way back (they were in Amsterdam this morning Europe time) so there are less pics but I did find 2, including an Insta post by Cody that is so inspiring:

I had so many experiences today that were life changing but felt that I should tell about my new friend. From the moment I walked into the village we visited today this little girl was in my arms. Time went by so fast that before I knew it I had been holding her for almost 2 hours. It's only been a few months since my nephew Ollie passed away and I still feel a heavy void. She is almost his exact age, and brings back some of the same feelings i had with him. It was hard for me to let her down and say goodbye, not for the fact that i may never see her again but more because i want to take care of her. Life seems so hard to me in Ghana but these great people do it and what blows my mind most is that they are so so Happy. We all have so much crazy shit that we don't need and are not nearly as happy, it's crazy to me! Its 130 am here in Ghana, I can't sleep. Im trying to take this all in. I met a boy who is the age of my little brother @zacalicious he is 13. As I talked with this boy I wanted the same for him as I do for my brother. I wanted to see him become whatever HE want to and do what HE wants to not what he HAS to do. I think too much! Insta has become my journal now which i guess is fine so if you don't like my long essays then unfollow ha. These people now have clean water!

2nd August 2012

These pics thanks to People Water photograph Jess:

Jess Koehler


Latest from Kris:

More pics from Ghana!

1st August 2012

Jedidiah and Cody:

Emily brought dolls and toys for the kids! So thoughtful:

First pic from Emily, with herself and fiance Jef:

"I've had so many life changing experiences here in Ghana. Can't say thank you enough to @jefholm & @PeopleWater #lovehim"

From Cody:

Being in Africa for the first time and having dreamed about it since I was a boy, I never thought it would be like this. I walked with these young men to their previous water source which was dirty, from a river and right next to the road. It was hot, and it was far but I got to know these boys and feel a strong love and concern for them. This photo was taken right after the boy to the left of me asks..... When will I see you again? My heart sank knowing that i may never see him again! As we talked for a moment we all huddled together and he says....... "You are our brother, and we are yours". I will never forget my BROTHERS!

2 AMAZING pics from Brono (@Brono on Instagram):

Went and saw our first clean water project in Africa. I'm so pumped for my best friends @theamerican and @jefholm idea come to life again. I sat down for a minute in the village and was just thinking these 2 people had an idea, shared it with others to make it more real, and then made it happen. I'm extremely blessed to be apart of such a beautiful thing. Also my trip just got 1000000 times better now that I got to hold a little love chug.
Kickin ass and saving babies...

From Kris:

Heading to the water well dedication for the Akuno village in #Ghana. The well is still a good 500 meter walk, but many people either walk miles and miles each day or pull from unclean water supplies. I was shocked when villagers took us to where they previously got their water. Everyone deserves access to clean water!

31st JULY 2012

The team (peeps from both Generosity Water and People Water) has sent quite a few photos of the wells, Ghana, and themselves! Amazing job they are doing and it shows on the faces of the people they are helping save.

First People Water well in Ghana:

We made it! We drove 3hrs north of Accra to get to this well. Never in our lives have we seen such love. We were greeted by a tiny band of children, singing and playing drums. The elders of the village showed us so much respect and love, nothing can describe the feelings we felt as they showed us the water source they use to drink! Dirty, muddy, and full of bugs! They now are able to drink from the well in this photo. Clean, pure, fresh water! We need more help!!! Please continue to support peeps!! This problem is REAL. Truly an amazing day!

From Kris Wolfe:

Today we dedicated 3 water wells. This picture is at a school in Suhun, Ghana. We were greeted with dance, drums, and music. Everyone was so grateful. By building the well at the school, it usually doubles school enrollment within a year. Here, water availability begets education.


Elmina Castle, Ghana

30th JULY 2012

New pic shared by Jef of Emily in Elmina Castle, Ghana – check out the latest PeopleWater blog post about their trip HERE.

(BTW – Emily is wearing Alexander High-Top sneakers by Sam Edelman)

And here is a great pic and comment from the People Water team in Ghana – read the caption, and go order your bottles an T-shirts on!

We are not able to visit the wells until Tuesday so we were able to learn a little history about Ghana! This photo was taken at a place called "EL MINA" castle. Never have we been to a place that is so humbling. It was built in the 1400's and was a holding place for trading slaves! For years local Africans were sold and traded as well as executed within these walls. Real history that helps us better understand the people here and their struggle. We are proud to be here! Get ready for some amazing photos and stories!

JULY 2012

Here is the latest pic from Ghana, this one of the unmistakable Brono:

First pic from Em, Jef, Cody and Brono in Ghana! (Read below for more info):

"Finally made it to Ghana! Excited to see our projects. Have already met so many wonderful people. We can legitimately say after only 24 hrs here that Ghana is full of love. The people here are so happy. Glad to be working with @generositywater."

Jef and Emily on their way to/just arriving in Africa, with Cody and Brono from People Water. Here is a cool Wetpaint interview with Cody about the trip, just click on the pic!

Here is the team (and newly engaged JEM) on their way to Ghana…

Waiting for connection in Amsterdam (can you spot Emily?):

And always ready to please their fans, even on a long trans-continental flight!

Some more info about People Water, how they work and what they do:

1. You Can Purchase People Water at a Store Near You
People water is sold at Whole Foods, Albertsons, and Marriot Hotels. The bottles come in three sizes, and you can also snag t-shirts and accessories online! Come one, come all, and buy these bad boys up!

2. People Water Is Purified in Nature!
People Water isn’t purified in a lab like some plebeian waters. Instead, it’s 100-percent naturally spring-fed, BPA free, Fluoride free, and pH balanced 7.2 or higher. Basically, it’s liquid gold.

3. A Bottle For a Bottle
For every bottle of People Water that your purchase, the company will give an equal amount of clean water to a person in need! Think Toms shoes, but instead of ugly flats you get a delicious drink. People Water’s mission statement says, “True success isn’t only about making money. It’s also about giving back. Helping others. And hopefully, when all is said and done, leaving the world a better place than we found it.” Amen to that!

4. Your Bottle Of Water Helps a Specific Group Of People
The water that gets donated when you purchase People Water doesn’t just sit in Jef Holm’s hair coif. It goes to a specific project! If you want to know what your bottle is up to, just scan the QR code and it will take you to the project that your purchase is making possible.

5. People Water Is a Utah-Based Company
In case you need a reminder, People Water is based out of the great state of Utah, where Jef lives with his family. Utah for the win!

6. People Water Promotes Clean Water Projects
Your purchases make it possible for the folks at People Water to travel the world building wells, rain catchments, and pumps — they always have various sustainable water projects going on. “When a well is put into a community it changes everything,” People Water says. “No more drinking dirty water, no more long exhausting walks for women and children, and most importantly, the people of the village can be healthier. “

7. They Give to Charity
People Water provides us Jef Fans with H2O, but they also work with charities. “Nowadays, it seems to be a successful charity, you have to be good at marketing,” People Water says. “Marketing raises awareness but most importantly marketing raises money. A charity will not survive without $. We want to help with this.”

(thanks to WetPaint)

To help?… drink it (here is a map of some of the location where you can find it, or order on their website), buy the T-shirts and cool accessories online or go to their partner charity Generosity Water.

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