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22nd of October 2013

Over 7 months… Life’s taken over and the updates just had to wait! To make up for it, here are loads of pics for you, more or less random! Enjoy all the little galleries I put together for you!

Goofy, romantic, hot, funny, sexy… Just love:

Bachelornation crew:





Brad’s showtime!

Gorgeous Bianka:

Throwbacks and Random:

8th of March 2013

Wedding date is set!!!! Woo-hoo! According to this interview in the Calgary Herald, “[they] are officially setting [their] intention to do it in June of next year.”

New video of Brad at the Eligible Magzine iPad Launch Party (Thompson Hotel in Toronto, Canada)

Gorgeous couple at the Canadian Screen Awards:

Just kidding…

Dedicated to “Operation Smile“:

23rd of February 2013

Party time and photobombing!

This makes me dream of what will come…

10th of February 2013

Big love and huge hearts! Working for Luke’s Legacy, getting auctionned on BT Toronto, below with the lovely Dina Pugliese. Check out how you can help too the Sick Kids Foundation at

Holiday time in Barbados, plus some family love!

5th of January 2013

They rarely make then as cute as these 2!

I want one of those!!!!

Out and about over the last week:

26th of December 2012

Merry Christmas from the Smith's household!

Sharing the page with Brad Pitt, not bad!

18th of December 2012

Last week in pictures!

Half-time hosting with Gangnam’s PSY and Dina Pugliese at the Bills/Seahawks game:

11th of December 2012

Brad found someone with a deeper V than his!

Bianka with Mr and Mrs Smith 🙂

Food fest!

Engaged on Engaged on Engaged…

9th of December 2012

Engagement party:

Behind the scenes during the Bachelor:

Other pics I found this last week:

5th of December 2012

Gorgeous Bianka:

Anthony at FiHair

Sean Kelly

Brad and Bianka shared this great video of him coming into her home the night of the FRC! Watch it:

Engagement Party, this Saturday at Muzik!

1st of December 2012

30th of November 2012

Pics by (and with) Anthony James:


Brad meets the fans (alone)!

Bianka is doing Movember?

Supporting the Toronto Argos:

More pics of the cuties, together, with friends/fans/family or separately:

23rd of November 2012

More from yesterday’s media round!

On BT Winnipeg:

If you are in Canada (I cannot see it!) here is the Video of B&B on NT Toronto.

22nd of November 2012

Brad’s blog is now up with his thoughts on the Final Rose…

– Live TV interview for Brad and Bianka on BT Toronto on CityTV (just click the pic!):

– BT Vancouver’s Riaz chats with Bianka and Brad (just click the pic!):

– Bachelor Canada’s host Tyler stopped by BT Calgary! Watch it here.

The ring:

More pics from @HelloCanada:

Early morning Interview for Brad and Bianka on KiSS 92.5 ‏Toronto – Listen to it right here!

So last night, we finally got to see Brad’s journey coming to an end (on TV) and starting in real life! Congratulations to Bianka and Brad – wishing them both the best on the road ahead. Here are their fist “engaged couple” pics:

Here is an interview that took place just after the show ended.

Their first cover and magazine interview:

Thanks to @HelloCanada

And some of the key pics of the night:

Just before the finale, waiting to go public:

3rd October 2012

Finally, Canada has its own Bachelor. Meet 28-year-old CFL wide receiver Brad Smith!

“Smith, who grew up in small-town Hudson, QC, graduated from Queen’s University in Kingston, ON, and went on to enjoy a successful career as a wide receiver with the Montreal Alouettes (2007), Toronto Argonauts (2007-2009), and Edmonton Eskimos (2010-2011). Currently a free agent, Smith is taking time off from sports to find true love. After living out his childhood dream on the football field, the charismatic bachelor is ready to settle down and find his soulmate, taking Canada along on his romantic journey.”

For more on Brad, including a nice little Q&A, check out CityTV.

New pics and some cool articles and videos below:

with Mike Chalut - Proud FM

Video on SportsNet.

Check out Sharp’s Bachelor Bro-down.

On 98.1 CHFI

Nice interview with iVillage Canada.

with Dina Pugliese

And find Brad on Facebook!

with Mike Bullard

26th September 2012

Showing his fun side!

24th September 2012

Some official and media pics to start:

Hello Magazine (photos by C. Cronenberg):

CFL time!

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