The Bachelor contestant – Diana Weeks Willardson

Diana Weeks Willardson

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Age: 31
Occupation: Stylist and Owner of Salon Shag in Sandy, Utah.
Hometown: SLC, Utah.
Twitter account: @DianaWillardson
Instagram: @diwill
Trivia titbit: she is a friend of Jef (and his hairdresser) as well as the lovely Michelle Money. Bachelor Nation is a tiny (and friendly) world! Here is what Michelle has to say on Diana:

“Okay friends! It’s the final countdown! Next Monday is the beginning of Sean Lowe’s season of The Bachelor! I want to introduce you to a contestant who is a friend of mine! Her name is Dianna Willardson! She owns the salon I worked at before I left to film my season of The Bachelor. It’s called Salon Shag. And, she is Jef Holm’s hair stylist! She is one of my dear friends and is such a beauty! She is an amazing woman and has two darling little girls who are friends of Brielle’s! Before they edit her to be anything other than the amazing woman she really is….(hopefully that won’t happen.) I am going on the record and telling you that she is magnificent! Keep your eye out for her! She is a knock out too”

Beautiful pic!

Hard at work:

Does everyone in Utah look this good (insert memory of Jef’s HTD here) when holding a gun?

Meeting Sean out of the limo, then later during the “Meet & Greet”:

Time for family and friend:

With Mum and Sister
With her Nephew


New video about Diana:

More pics of the lovely mum and stylist:

Still from the first night at the Bachelor mansion (“Meet & Greet”):

Here is her ABC Q&A:

  • If you could be someone else for just one day, who would it be and why?

Taylor Swift, because I can’t sing and I would love to know what it feels like to be extremely talented.

  • Do you prefer team sports or solo sports, and why?

Solo sports – I never played on team sports. Skiing and golfing are the two I enjoy.

  • Do you consider yourself a romantic and why?

In a lot of ways yes, but sometimes if it’s too corny it makes me uncomfortable. But I love to be treated like a lady.

* 25th September 2012 *

Diana is a divorced, mother of two (6 and 4), who also happens to be Jef Holm’s friend (and hairdresser in Utah)! She has 4 sisters.

In the first picture below, she is sitting beside Jef, during his “going away to film The Bachelorette” dinner party!


Main sources: Wetpaint, Bach/ette Forum, Reality Steve, #TeamJEM, #TwitterFriends and other sleuthers, plus a whole lot of Google searching 🙂

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