One Response to The Bachelor 2013 – Meet the contestants

  1. Jane says:

    Nice group of ladies for Sean. I hate to be the “party pooper”. But, Sean is a Baptist, from the Bible Belt state of Texas. Many of these ladies are California girls. California is not a Bible Belt state. Californians tend to be free thinkers and believers/non-believers. Baptists believe that one must ask Jesus to forgive their sins and be their Lord and Master. Otherwise, one is condemned to hell. Baptists “witness” to others about Jesus. Sran and Sean’s Dad are firm believers in Witnessing. Sean’s Dad has written a book on how to Witness. Lindsay Yenter, Lacey Latka, Sarah Herron, Amanda Meyer, Selma Alameri, Leslie Hughes and Daniella McBride all live in California. Hopefully, there are some devout Christians, in this group of Californians.

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