The Bachelor contestant – Ashlee Nicole Frazier

Ashlee N Frazier

(Meet the other Contestants here)

Age: 32
Occupation: Fashionista and Organizer! See her site: Love it! Organized
Hometown: Beverly Hills, CA according to Pinterest, Texas according to her Site/Blog…
Trivia 1: Her dad Bruce Frazier, is a pastor. (and a good one! Check him out if you are so inclined on Twitter: @brucefrazier1)
Trivia 2: Ashlee married Andrew Barbarow in November 1997 in Texas. They were divorced in August 1999.
Twitter account: @ashleefrazier

Ashlee’s first post-filming interview for GMA!

With her gorgeous sister:

Here is a deleted scene from Episode 02, view-able by all, thanks to Love_Me from the Bach/ette Forum… Happy belated Birthday AshLee!

The Bachelor ~ AshLee & Sean Birthday Celebration by f100002339585307

Exclusive Fashion interview of some of the Contestants is now available exclusively on InStyle! Here is Ashlee’s bit:

    How did you get into organization as a business?
    Ever since I was young, I’ve loved to organize. I would take things out of my drawers at home and rearrange them. Since I’ve been here, I’ve taken my stuff out of my suitcase twice and put it back in thinking this is how I’m going to live, so I have to be organized. I was doing it for friends, but I wasn’t getting paid for it, so I decided to open my own company. I’ve packed several people for long trips, so it gave me a structure [for this experience]. 

    Any packing tricks you can share?
    If you’re traveling with sequins, wrap it up in tissue paper so it doesn’t get caught. Any hooks? Hook them so they don’t catch on something else. I put all my shoes in bags, so the bottoms don’t touch the clothes.

Ashlee checking out Elaine Turner bags!

Meeting Sean outside the limo:

Ashlee in Paris, thanks to the Suburban Diary:

Ashlee on the show:

This lady’s got style!

Tears from Ashlee during The Bachelor (as seen in the promo!)

You can now follow Ashlee on Twitter: @ashleefrazier. Here are some recently found candids:

Stills from the 1st preview of the new Bachelor season:

* 25th October 2012

Finally identified! Thanks San, you’re a star! Here are some pics for you (much better than her ABC official one!)

* 27th September 2012

Here is her ABC Q&A:

  • If you could have lunch with one person, who would it be and why?

Adele, I want to hear her story behind her music. Then I’d have her sing to me the rest of lunch.

  • What is your most embarrassing moment?

Back in the Britney Spears low jeans day…I was dancing & my pants ripped along the butt, middle butt seam. I had to stand against the wall until a friend gave me his shirt to cover my butt!

  • How long does it take you to get ready to go out for a big night on the town?

As long as I’m allowed. I could easily take 3 hours.



Main sources: Wetpaint, Bach/ette Forum, Reality Steve, #TeamJEM, #TwitterFriends and other sleuthers, plus a whole lot of Google searching 🙂

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