The Bachelor contestant – Ashley Harper

Ashley Harper – Potential Spoilers ahead!

(Meet the other Contestants here)

Age: 25
Occupation: Fashion Model
Hometown: Englewood/Denver, Colorado
Website: adotharper


Exclusive Fashion interview of some of the Contestants is now available exclusively on InStyle! Here is Ashley’s bit:

    Who are your favorite designers?
    I love beachy looking clothes. I love to shop at Forever 21, Nordstrom, and Saks.

    What do you think will most impress Sean most about your look?
    I guess you could say I’m exotic. I like to wear flowers behind my ear and bright, vibrant colors. I think he’s going to dig my big earrings and all my jewelry. I believe accessories complete an outfit. If you wear them the right way, you come off sophisticated and stylish. I brought at least 50 pairs of earrings!  

    What’s the perfect first date outfit?
    It depends, but for going out to dinner or somewhere elegant, I like to wear a nice cocktail dress with stately earrings, large cocktail rings, and cuffs.”

This gem thanks to The Bachelor Tumblr:

Ashley was Miss Southern Colorado in 2011, with singing as her talent.

Meeting Sean out of the limo:

Still from the “meet & greet” first evening in the Bachelor mansion:

Here is her ABC Q&A:

  • Would you consider yourself adventurous or conservative?

A bit of both; There’s a time for work and a time for play.

  • What was the most romantic present you have ever given? Why?

I love to cook and anytime I do I make the mood beautiful and serve with candles. I’m simple and I believe you don’t have to spend thousands for romance.

  • What are your favorite foods?

Anything prepared with organic products; but I love everything!



Main sources: Wetpaint, Bach/ette Forum, Reality Steve, #TeamJEM, #TwitterFriends and other sleuthers, plus a whole lot of Google searching 🙂

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