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Check the Sean & Catherine on-going “Real Life” gallery and their current “Wedding” gallery, as well as a video I created last year… on “One Woman”, the tune they used for their first dance as man & Wife!

Catherine Giudici

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New Gallery for Sean and Catherine together:HERE!


April 6th:

As Gaya enjoys a week-end in San Francisco with her Dad Carey and big sister Monica Teal, no better moment to post some lovely throwback pics, with everything from being a tiny tot to the last couple of years pre-Sean:

with Monica

with India in 2010

Kenya 2007

Short hair beauty

The Letter:

This journey of ours has already been the most memorable experience of my life. Coming into this, I had little expectation. I was skeptical. I knew great things about you, but since the first day you’ve never ceased to surprise me. I knew you were a man of God, that your family is extremely important to you and you were deeply attractive. Meeting you and your family gave me such perspective on the life we could and WILL have.

Your family has shown me so much how OUR family could be: full of happiness, support and unconditional love. I’m so excited to build our own family together. There’ll be hard times, no doubt. I know neither one of us is perfect, but I truly believe we are perfect for each other.

I feel so blessed to have met you Sean. I was always nervous about being A wife, but after knowing you and feeling as strongly as I do, I can’t picture myself as anything but YOUR wife.

All I want to do is move to Dallas and become part of the wonderful family you have.
And to build our own.

I will love you forever, if you’ll let me.

You have my heart, always.



    Age: 26
    Height: 5’3″
    Occupation: Visual designer and professional vegan food blogger.
    Went to Roosevelt High School in Seattle.
    Hometown: Seattle – not for long! In her own words:
    “I’m probably going to look at other creative outlets in L.A. I still love Amazon and support them, but I will not be working for them when I am moving to L.A. or Dallas.”
    She was born in Washington DC though, where she lived with her family for a few years before moving to Seattle.
    Twitter: @clmgiudici
    Instagram: @catherinegiudici
    Favorite Quote: “I love life and I am happy that you can enjoy it with me.”
    Online: Graphic design portfolio and a column on called Meatless Mondays.
    Nickname: Gaya (her full name is Catherine Ligaya Mejia Giudici – “Ligaya” is Tagalog for “Happiness”!)
    Tattoo: one on the back of her neck of the OM, a Hindu symbol , which represents both the unmanifest and manifest aspects of God

Heritage: Filipino from her mum Cynthia, Scottish and Swiss-Italian from her dad Carey. She has 2 sisters, India and Monica (who is a teacher, here is her blog). Mum Cynthia is a special education teacher and a Filipino historian. Dad Carey, aka “Trip”, (award-winning journalist, poet and essayist) currently lives in Taiwan – here is my latest post about him, including a little video filmed by Catherine (nice voice by the way!).


Family throwback! Pre-Finale party in Seattle’s Aston Manor with her best friends: And with Lindzi Cox! Doing “America’s Sweetest Race”, the Hot Chocolate mini-marathon in Seattle (Feb 2013) Supporting “I am Filipino” exhibit at the Seattle Wing Luke Museum: With Best Friend Crista: Bag lady at work (Amazon) Already making time for fans: Watching the Women Tell All with friends: New haircut (just a trim!) during and after:

Bag lady (not the gossip mag version!)

I love that one!

Throwback to Freshman years:
Time for fans:

With her Bachelor friend Lesley at Seattle’s Pike Market:
Geek and Beauty!
At the Bar Method:
The Bachelor’s Fab 4! (with Daniella, Robyn and Lesley)

Booty shot!
With friend Ashley:
Out and about in Seattle:
A couple of cute throwback pics, from school books to ice skating via shorter hairdo!
Catherine with her mum: Goofy Gaya:
I adore this gif made by San of the Bach/ette Forum: Throwback – Catherine (middle child) meets Santa with her mum, dad and sisters:
With her gorgeous mum Cynthia: Fun with the girls: Another new pic from her bubble-wrap photo session with Jean-Marcus Strole Photography: A fun little preview of Catherine in Episode 03 (airing Monday 21st of January): New pic from her photo session with John Keatley: Catherine’s Episode 02 highlight, thanks to the Bachelor Tumblr: Gorgeous pics by the talented Bryce Covey: And Seattle’s own John Keatley: Watching the show with friend Crista and photographer Jean-Marcus Strole: Preview of Catherine in next week’s second episode (she reminds me of Jillian!): Video taken after her recent photo shoot (see pics below): Blast from the past… how cute is she?! Fun, personal style and… fun! Love it. Check out this cool blog by someone who knew Catherine in K-12…. arm wrestling? Not what you would picture when you see her coming out of that limo! 🙂 Looking good with a baby in her arms: Watching the season premiere with friends: Here is Catherine’s deleted Intro, viewable by all thanks to the amazing Love_Me, admin extraordinaire on the Bach & Bachette Fans Forum!

The Bachelor 17 ~ Catherine’s Interview by f100002339585307

This gem is thanks to the new Bachelor Tumblr: Cool photo shoot by Jean-Marcus Strole! Exclusive Fashion interview of some of the Contestants is now available exclusively on InStyle! Here is Catherine’s bit:

    How many suitcases did you bring? I took two large check-in bags, a garment bag and a large carry-on. I think it’s more than what people expected, but I have a lot of shoes. I’ve only worn [these spiked Jeffrey Campbell shoes] once, and that was to a drag show. What outfit are you most excited to wear this season? There is this gray, lacy mesh mini dress I really like. It’s a little bit funky, but it’s totally me. It’s short and playful. I like to show off my legs. It gets across a lot of the things that I am—fun and young. Who are your favorite designers? I like BCBG a lot. They have unique ways of putting patterns together. I usually go to thrift stores to find funky jewelry. Most of the stuff that I brought is H&M or stuff I had from Nordstrom.”

Running with her friend Crista in the Resolution Run/Polar Bear Dive on January 1st, including a video… can you spot her? New Year Eve fun: With best friend Crista: Christmas fun: Meeting Sean out of the limo, and later on during the “Meet & Greet”: Catherine on The Bachelor: Making Sean laugh: In Thailand:

* 11th of December 2012

Catherine is back and posting on Seattlelite for her Meatless Mondays! Here is her latest post! Sunday night in Seattle:

* 7th of December 2012

Based on her expression there, we’re in for a shocking season on The Bachelor: More pics from last week-end’s half-marathon, thanks to

* 4th of December 2012

Here are some pics from various events Catherine took part in as part of the “Street Team” for the Seattle Weekly: Source: Bachelor 17 Fans & Sleuthing Forum

* 28th of November 2012

Earlier this year: Old 2009 pics, thanks to the Bach/ette Spoiler and Sleuthers Forum:

Kiss Kiss!
What a smile!

Pulling off Jef's trademark peace move?
Trying on engagement rings?... now that's a big one 🙂
Short hair, long hair, ... anything seems to suit that pretty face!

* 26th of November 2012

Catherine ran Seattle’s half-marathon with best friend Crista yesterday: Source: Facebook

* 23rd of November 2012

Here are some recent pics posted by a friend since filming ended: With her sisters and her dad: Source: Facebook

* 6th of November 2012

As indicated above, she is both a Visual/Graphic designer and a Food Blogger. Here is her Graphic design portfolio, with a cute pic: Source: Bachelor 17 Sleuthing Forum

* 31st October 2012

More from Catherine on her Home-town date with Sean: These 2 bridesmaids pics by Jean-Marcus Strole Photography: Source: Bachelor 17 Sleuthing Forum

* 29th October 2012

Are you sure you want to know? Well here goes… Catherine on her Home-town date with Sean today in Seattle:

* 27th September 2012

Here is her ABC Q&A:

  • Who do you admire most in the world and why?


Anyone who can look beyond themselves and unselfishly help others. Giving more than they may have. They are an example for us all.


  • Do you consider yourself a romantic and why?


Absolutely. Love is the best and expressing it to someone is so special.


  • What are the top 3 things on your bucket list, and why?


To eat traditional pasta in Italy, to go skiing in the Alps, and to ride an elephant in Thailand.

* 26th September 2012


“A proud Coug, she graduated from WSU with a B.A. in Advertising going on to the likes of Wexley School for Girls, Seattle Weekly and Taco Del Mar “Corporate”. After eating copious amounts of exotic—and not so exotic—meat on a trip to Kenya, Catherine returned to the States craving anything and everything without a face. The vegan affair began and after four years, she’s a self-proclaimed “opportunistic vegan”, cheating on her lover for very special occasions. Catherine reps 206 on the daily and has been for 20 years. Like a true Seattleite, she owns Birkenstocks, rides the Metro and loves the smell of rain.”

Source: CHECK OUT ALL THE GIRLS THAT HAVE BEEN IDENTIFIED FOR THE BACHELOR 2013 RIGHT HERE! Main sources: ABC, Wetpaint, Bach/ette Forum, Reality Steve, #TeamJEM, #TwitterFriends and other sleuthers, plus a whole lot of Google searching 🙂

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