The Bachelor contestant – Selma Alameri

Selma Alameri

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Age: 29
Occupation: Owner and CEO of Brio Ventures LLC (Real Estate)
Hometown: San Diego, CA
Heritage: Iraqi and Lebanese
Online: Twitter @SelmaAlameri, Instagram: @selmaalameri

Throwback pic (great improvement on the hair):

New pics pics:

Here is a throwback pic of Selma on holiday a few years ago:

Selma shares great pics of herself and her family on Instagram (see above to follow her!) – I “mashed up” some of them to remove children’s faces:

With her gorgeous little sister Faya:

Her harlequin cover with Sean in Episode 02’s group date:

Exclusive Fashion interview of some of the Contestants is now available exclusively on InStyle! Here is Selma’s bit:

    What outfit are you most excited to wear this season?
    This black and white tie dyed dress I bought recently. It was comfortable and trendy, yet classic and elegant. It has little slits, so it’s sexy, but it’s still a bit conservative.  
    How do you like a guy to dress?
    I like a man to have a sense of fashion, but I don’t care for a man to wear scarves or accessories. I just want him to keep it simple—a T-shirt and jeans. Let me shine. Just open the door for me, and let me be the one who walks in in the outfit. 
    What do you think will most impress him about your look?
    I can do anything in heels… that’s what’s going to impress him. He’s going to be impressed when we go on a hike, and I’m wearing six inch heels! No, I won’t really, but I do wear heels everywhere since I’m so short!”

Selma on the first night (“Meet & Greet”) on the Bachelor:

Seriously, how gorgeous is this girl!?

Ringing the Holidays and New Year in style:

Some light reading?

Maui time!

Family time:

Always pretty time 🙂

Selma on The Bachelor (from the latest extended preview):

with Kristy

with Lindsay

with Sean

In the mansion

* 7th December 2012 *

Auntie time:

* 29th November 2012 *

With family and friends:

Source: Instagram (@selmaalameri)

* 28th November 2012 *

Still from the first night (“Meet & Greet”) at the Bachelor mansion:

* 20th November 2012 *

With her baby sister (gorgeous genes in the Alameri family!):


* 8th November 2012 *

* 29th October 2012

New pic for you of the lovely Selma, back from filming:

* 23rd October 2012

It seems Selma is a sporty girl, but she may have entered the Bachelor Mansion on crutches:

Her twitter history shows she was a fan of Sean after Emily’s season:

It seems Selma at one point dated Mike Napoli of the Texas Rangers. here is a video:

New pics:

* 1st October 2012

Here is her ABC Q&A:

  • If you could have lunch with one person, who would it be and why?

Oprah, just because who wouldn’t want to have lunch with Oprah and pick her brain for an hour.

  • Who are your top 3 favorite group/artists & why?

Jamey Johnson, because he’s an incredible song writer. Miranda Lambert because her music and voice is incredible and Rihanna because she gets me pumped.

  • Do you consider yourself a romantic and why?

I am a sentimental person, but wouldn’t consider myself romantic.


Main sources: ABC, Wetpaint, Bach/ette Forum, Reality Steve, #TeamJEM, #TwitterFriends and other sleuthers, plus a whole lot of Google searching 🙂

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