The Bachelor 2013 – Episode 02 “The Art of Romance… and Sismance?”

As fun as the Meet & Great in the first episode is, I was happy we were finally getting into the thick of it… namely dates, catfights, and a bachelor who has no clue what’s going on (yet!). Since I am very late doing this recap, it will be less of a recap, and more of a mix bag of, well, stuff (screencaps, best quotes of the episode, random notes I took while watching, etc.) I will list my favorite bloggers of the week at the bottom of this post.

So, after a slow start consisting of a recap of who Sean is, a summary of the first episode’s first roseS mayhem, a peak at the episode ahead and the now expected shots of a barely dressed Sean (still “yum”, but moving towards “yawn” – although that shower scene was HAWT!), we finally get started… 2 minutes and 38s that could maybe have been used to let us know the girls, or their relationships with Sean, better?

However, we are rewarded for our patience… enter casual Chris Harrison, and I gotta say this guy doesn’t age! And there is something almost reassuring, comforting, in being able to guess the content of his little speech with 99% accuracy:

Sarah gets the first date of the season, and I think she was pretty happy about it:

As Sean arrives to pick her up, all I can think is that this season is now officially started… we have our first helicopter (and this one looks good… take note Kalon!)

And as the helicopter lifts off, we get our first gem of the night, this sweet quote from Sarah:

      “My ability to love someone is not affected by how many hands I have.”

I will pass on the date itself, except to make 2 points:
1. I would sooo love to jump off a building on a first date! (I can say that since my doc would never let me!)
2. As much as I find Sarah beautiful and interesting, I did not get the feeling that her and Sean were really going anywhere, romantically speaking… Yes they did kiss, but in the words of one legendary Ashley Spivey… no tongue!

On to the group date, where Sean has to somehow survive a steamy photo-shoot with 13 gorgeous women (life’s tough buddy, hang in there). The whole shoot was pretty much a sure win for professional model Kristy. Here is her winning cover (check her gallery for pics from the actual Harlequin covers she won!)

But we also got to see Sean getting alternatively steamy and romantic with some girls, or attacked by others…




We got a little hint that maybe Sean was not totally oblivious to Tierra’s evil way (“You may have a dark side”)… but nope, he was. Seriously, I know we all love to hate the villain, but this girl makes it a bit easy… it is a pet peeve of mine when people talk about themselves in the 3rd person: “What Tierra wants…”.

Onto the shoot itself, and the girls’ (aka Catherine’s!) excited requests that Sean take of his shirt had me giggling. At least we know these girls like our Sean’s abs! Overall though, I liked the chemistry we got to see between Lesley and Sean. Keeping an eye on those 2 going forward.

However, during the evening part of the date, they seems awkward with each other and just “off”. Kudos to Lindsey for taking the first step by going for a second private time to get a kiss. Not a kiss to write home about, but a kiss nonetheless!

We also got to see (albeit really quickly!) Sean interract with Kristy the sexy siren (or rather her leg!):

With Catherine (who got the most genuine laugh out of Sean with her now classic “I’m vegan but I love the beef” – referring to him being a beefcake) – check his hand on her back:

With my girl crush Selma:

And with “gorgeous-whenshesmiles-sheshouldstopbeingapain” Tierra:

Kacie got the Group Date Rose… and given the total lack of romantic vibe between these 2, I have no real clue why… I am not digging their body language:

Kacie then proceeded to help convince Katie to leave… bad move on her part, she now officially has the worst hair in the house!

Final date of the episode goes to Desiree… which leaves 4 girls without a date: Ashlee, Lindsay, Jackie and Leslie H.

Onto Desiree’s date, and not much to say about the prank except that I found it very ironic that Sean took Desiree to an art gallery (even a fake one) given that she herself is an accomplished artist (check her gallery for some samples!). Sean takes her back to “his place” (which will always remind me of Ashley & JP’s first date). A lot of pretty standard first date chit-chat (with Sean wearing Waldo shorts…) followed by a not so steamy hot-tub session. Or so I thought. HOWEVER, according to Desiree herself… “He was feeling me, I was feeling him” (no comment).

Onto the cocktail party, and nothing major to report except for Amanda’s split personalities, and what seems to be a budding “Sismance” (hey! if Jef, Arie and Michael can have a bromance, why not the girls?) between Lesley M and Catherine! Check this out:

And even during the earlier group date:

And if like me you loved Robyn and Sean’s convo about his racial preferences, or lack thereof, you can rewatch it on EW.

By the end of the episode, we say goodbye to single-mum Diana (don’t worry fans, I will keep her gallery updated!) & stylish Brooke (damn girl, you look good with your hair straight!).

Here are my top blogs of the week:

    Knox McCoy (with Arie)

    Ben’s season’s Jaclyn

    Emma Gray

    Last year’s “villain”, the lovely Courtney

    and a new one for me: I hate green beans

To round-up, check out the best live tweets, thanks to The Bachelor Burn Book.

Catch you next week! Feel free to leave me your comments, or find me on Twitter.
And remember… Be happy, and Be Good to others! As someone reminded me recently:

Karma’s a Bitch!

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