The Bachelor 2013 – Episode 4 Preview

Monday 28th of January… Also known as a new Bachelor Monday! A new episode awaits, so here is what you can expect to see tonight, starting with the official synopsis:

“Sean plays roller derby with eight of the 13 remaining contenders, but one woman takes a spill and ends up in the hospital with a swollen jaw. Elsewhere, Sean’s private dates include a rock-climbing adventure at the Joshua Tree National Park, a dinner at a trailer park and a shopping spree on Rodeo Drive. Eleven women remain after the rose ceremony.”

So the 8 girls at the Roller Derby group date are (in alphabetical order): Amanda, Ashlee, Catherine, Jackie, Lindsay, Robyn, Sarah and Tierra. here are some pics to whet your appetite:

Behind the scene interview of Sean, Tierra and Catherine at the Roller Derby (no drama right…):

Expect some Tierra drama during the evening part of the date….

2 girls get a 1 on 1 date with Sean.
Selma gets the Joshua Tree/Trailer park date. Not any trailer park though, we are talking luxury at the Hicksville Trailer Palace – here are some pics of the date and the park:

Leslie H gets the other 1-1, and is looking amazing:

I can tell you the cocktail party promises to have hotness and bitchiness… do not turn off before the end!

To finish this littpe warm-up, check out Chris Harrison teasing about a “combustible situation”:

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