The Bachelor 2013 – Episode 5 Preview “Whitefish, Montana”

Airing on Monday 4th of February, it also stands as part 1 of a Bachelor double-header! Episode 6 is airing on Tuesday 5th! (Yes, I am doing a happy dance of sorts on the sofa – and my body is sighing in despair at the thoughts of 2 sleepless nights in a row)… And I will not spoil who gets sent home 🙂

Here is what you can expect to see tonight, starting with the official synopsis:

    Sean takes the 11 remaining bachelorettes to Whitefish, Mont., where eight compete in a relay race and Sean takes one woman on a helicopter ride over Glacier National Park and then to a concert. Also: Drama erupts after the group date; and Sean goes on a two-on-one date involving a horseback ride.

So…. the 2 on 1! Always a fan favourite and this one promises to be particularly exciting! But more on that later.

For the only 1 on 1 date of the episode, Sean takes Lindsay on the helicopter (drink!) ride:

and to the concert… by none other than Country star Sarah Darling, on the streets of downtown Whitefish. The concert was very public, and you can see pics of it on Lindsay’s gallery.

The group date includes Ashlee, Catherine, Daniella, Desiree, Lesley, Robyn, Sarah and Selma. According to the ABC press release:

    The 8 girls discover canoes, hay, a wood chopping station and goats at a local lake – uh-oh! They are once again split into two teams for a Montana relay race. The final part of the challenge will be milking a goat and chugging its milk! The winning team will be rewarded with extra time with Sean that night, while the losing team will head back to the hotel. One team finally squeaks by to win. But Sean makes a surprising decision when it comes to the losing team that is bound to upset the winners. And to make things more interesting, Tierra […] shows up at the after party. Will her secret rendezvous hurt or help her get the rose?

Which team are you rooting for, Blue or Red? I could tell you who wins, but it’s more fun to watch!

And are you eager for more Tierra-ble drama? Actually, make that a double dose of Tierra-drama… as the 2 on 1 date features barely-seen-to-date-but-pretty Jackie, and Tierra herself. Guess she didn’t like being on a 2 on 1 and took a page out of Sean’s book by carving up some one on one time as he did with Emily in Prague last season… Note to Tierra: he didn’t crash anyone’s date!

Jackie and Sean share their first kiss… will it be enough to save her and get Tierra sent home?

Over all, 2 girls are sent home – 1 at the Rose Ceremony and 1 on the 2-1 date. Who do you think gets sent home? And who would YOU want to send home?

    Remember, to download your very own copy of the previous 4 episodes (and help me maintain my blog!) you can click here!

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