Episode 5 Recap – Color Blind… or just Blind?


9 of the final 11 girls - Tierra and Des missing

2 episodes in 2 days… twice the drama, twice the romance, half the sleep for me… Here is a quick recap to catch you up on who left and some of my observations, plus a few tweets I like and which I could have written as I agree with them (except I couldn’t have coz I am not half as witty as these Tweeps!). Plus, if you make it to the end, I added a preview of Episode 6 and some pics!

First noticeable event of the episode is the lack of shirtless Sean as an opener… not sure if I am relieved or disappointed! Probably a bit of both if I am being honest.

So the remaining 11 girls leave the Mansion and sunny California to go and meet Sean in (absolutely gorgeous) Montana. Loved Catherine’s reaction… elevating Ryan and Kacie B’s heart-hands to a whole new level:

Lindsay gets the only 1 on 1 date of the episode, and if I thought Sarah’s reaction on getting the very first date was emotional, I was way off… this is what emotional looks like:

    Dana Weiss @Possessionista
    The date card reads: “Let love sore.” Lindsay gets her one-on-one, and a case of herpes. #Bachelor

Now let me digress for a minute… considering the HUGE (trust me on that) number of hours spent in the editing room putting together each episode, how did this get past?

Lindsay and Sean's "ride"
Helicopter we see the girls wave at...

Is someone color (and shape… and size…) blind? Then again, Lindsay was acting a bit blind when she saw the helicopter:

    Dana Weiss ‏@Possessionista
    Lindsay asks, “Is that a helicopter?” America asks, “DO YOU EVEN KNOW WHAT THIS SHOW IS ABOUT?” #Bachelor

Now I like Lindsay, and would have nothing bad to say about her, but this date was squashed and to be honest I felt she was more into Sean than him into her. Loved Sarah Darling though. I also liked that we got to see a little more of Lindsay’s depth through her childhood as an army brat.

The group date was fun and competitive but not in an insane way (unlike the Roller Derby, or the next group date!). The girls really seemed to get into it. Best quote comes from Lesley after her “chat” with Billy the goat: “He said he’d make it chocolate.”

    J.P. Rosenbaum ‏@JP_Rosenbaum
    Fyi, The goats ate a lot of pineapple before filming that scene. #Bachelor

As the winning team and Sean enjoy the evening part of the date, Chris lets the losing team (Catherine, Daniella, Ashlee and Lesley) know that Sean invited them to join him for the evening… Ensues the best reactions:

As well as the worst ones, from the other team obviously…

I have to say as much as I liked seeing Sean having time with more of the girls, I kinda understand how they must have felt… especially Desiree after drinking warm goat milk.

    Robert Mills ‏@Millsy11374
    When Selma gets angry, Selma refers to Selma in the third person #Bachelor

Meanwhile… guess who decides to take matter into her own hands? (You only get 1 guess!)

Ashley Elgin ‏@BachelorExpert
She wants Sean to follow his heart, he just wants her to follow the Xanax. #Bachelor

OK, about the whole Tierra thing… we all love to hate her (I know I do). Do I judge the person she actually is based solely on the show? No. Do I judge the person on the show as I see her? HELL YEAH! And although I have to say that at least she is being honest when she says she is only there for Sean. The other girls are there for the entire experience. Which I think most of the show’s alumni would tell you is the best way to go. We see glimpse of “sismances” growing between the other girls (Cat and Lesley, Selma and Ashlee, etc…) but I think Tierra just lost the plot somewhere on what the Bachelor is really about. It is an adventure. With a very tiny chance at love in the process. And being a bitch to everyone around you that isn’t the “prize” (her words) is not the way help yourself get with the guy or the memories.

As for Sean being blinded by her, well he only gets to see one side of her. Yes I know that the other women are warning him, but realistically, they are all competing… and having put a target on her back from the moment she stepped out of the limo, he probably thought there was a chance the other girls were trying to get rid of strong competition.

Do I think he should have got rid of her by now? Yes. Do I think she is a front runner? Not as high as the girls getting 1 on 1 date this week, either in this or the next episode (remember, tonight Tuesday 5th of February!). Do I think one of the reasons he kept her so long is also what we like to call “The Power That Be”? Well… Moving on!

I loved that Sean finally called Catherine “Gaya” on camera, and it seems so did she! (the story on this nickname is explained in her gallery).

Their 1 on 1 time was really nice, and although we did not hear every word, we could see some serious moments in their conversation. The ease they seem to show together is lovely to see, and her sitting in his lap reminded me of a very special couple at the exact same point in their season…

With regards to Daniella, I really like her, but I feel we are missing so much of her discussions with Sean so far! All the group date roses this season have been “sympathy”, reassurance or even some would say pity roses. This one sadly was just another one of the same.

    Dana Weiss ‏@Possessionista
    Wait…Daniella’s not just here to narrate? #Bachelor

On to the 2 on 1 date… Jackie was true to herself… nice, pretty and gentle. But like Sean, I am not really seeing any spunk from her. Add in the spreading of Tierra related gossip, and she made life very easy for “Master T”.

Final Rose ‏@TheFinalRose
Poor poor two on one. Stuck in Tierra’s clutches #cuehystericalcackle #Bachelor

Tierra pretty much guaranteed herself the rose anyway by bringing up Casey (see info on her gallery) – do I think she did it on purpose to get Sean’s sympathy? I’ll take the 5th. I refuse to believe anyone could be so callous about a dearly departed.

I think I may loose the will to live (and stay up until 4 AM!) if I recap the cocktail party drama and rose ceremony (actually I will recap it: TIERRABLE). Here are a few tweets to sum it up:

    J.P. Rosenbaum ‏@JP_Rosenbaum
    I’m trying I’m trying, just can’t think of anything witty cause Tierra is annoying the F*CK outta me! #Bachelor

    Dana Weiss ‏@Possessionista
    Tierra can get engaged tomorrow. She knows a website and everything. #Bachelor

    Ashley Elgin ‏@BachelorExpert
    The girls think it would be rough to be in Sean’s shoes, I think it would be rough to be Tierra’s therapist. #Bachelor

I will however say that I really liked Robyn on the show and adore her off the show so I was sorry to see her b sent home. Check out her gallery to follow her on Insta, and I will let you know as soon as she is on Twitter!

As we get ready for Episode 06 (in Lake Louise/Banff, Canada), here are the 9 girls left:

  1. Ashlee
  2. Catherine
  3. Daniella
  4. Desiree
  5. Lesley
  6. Lindsey
  7. Sarah
  8. Selma
  9. Tierra

Synopsis of Episode 06:

    Sean and the nine remaining bachelorettes head to the Canadian Rockies, where seven of the ladies take an ice-cold dip in Lake Louise. Elsewhere, adventurous one-on-one encounters unfold, including a monster-snow-truck ride on a glacier and a date that involves rappelling down a cliff. Three women are sent home after the rose ceremony.

Translation: Catherine gets the first 1 on 1 (about time too!) which is the monster-snow-truck/ice castle date. Desiree gets to climb mountains (and trees!) with Sean on her second private date and the group date leads to yet another medical emergency!

Here is an extended preview to whet your appetite:

And in the words of Bachelor Producer extraordinaire Monsieur Bob: “a shocking and emotionally brutal elimination happens BEFORE the rose ceremony” so you better watch! 🙂

Feel free to leave me your comments, or find me on Twitter. And remember… Be happy and Be Good to others (do I start to sound like Jerry?)! As someone reminded me recently: Karma’s a Bitch!

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