The Genius Randomness of Elan – 2013 (#TeamElan)

If you scroll down you will find a selection of Elan pics from the past few months, but first, to read Elan in all his vengeful and hilarious twitter glory, click here or on the pic below!


And for anyone who missed the conclusion to the tale, here is Diane’s picture:

And if you love Elan’s spirit and humour, check out his Tumblr, where he also explains the real reasons behind his actions during that now world-famous flight.

Follow him on Twitter and Instagram.

Now for some galleries:
Elan and friends (can you spot some BachelorNation favourites? Ashley’s JP, Drew, Lindsay Yenter, producer Pete, Chris Harrison, Sean’s sister Shay and brother in law Andrew, Brooks, etc.)

A couple of throwback pics, plus one with his dad:

5f5742f0a47e11e2a7d422000a9e0846_7 42308c08a49d11e29a0922000a1f8c1a_7 with Dad And just Elan!

23rd of February 2013

With lovely girlfriend Casey: With Sean’s sister, Shay: With host extraordinaire Chris Harrison: Elan’s mum: * 10th of February – New year, New gallery yet again! I never bore of Elan. If you have no idea why, then check out and follow Elan’s Twitter and more importantly his blog: “All The Hate Mail“, it is highly recommended by me, for your soul, heart and brain! Just Elan Trying to have a word with Tierra? I have a personal preference for his “Death” series… now with the extra dimension of people standing over him (right Chris Harrison?) He’s even got girlfriend Casey into it? Elan and Casey: Still going strong, I love these 2 together, their differences make them so great. Check out these 2 having serious, tender, fun or insane time together, and with friends like Courtney. Elan, his mum and his friends (and Peter) Elan’s mum sending some love to our Bachelor: and having fun with Casey: With fellow Bachelor producer Peter, trying to light a BBQ… With Rob Delaney: With Isaac:

Check out the previous galleries:

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