Carey Giudici and Tzu Chi, the flip side of Catherine’s dad


December 3rd 2013

Carey has been very busy these past few months! As we are getting closer to his Gaya’s wedding to Sean, here are some highlights about the father of the bride…

… starting with 3 videos of the dancing lessons he is taking in order to make Catherine proud at the wedding:

Second lesson




Carey has been heavily involved with the Tzu Chi relief efforts for the victim of Yolanda. Check out their FB page on this, and the video below of their blanket making facilities:

Carey is as a lot of you already know, a great writer. Here is a post he wrote as a guest on Carol Cassara’s Blog.

After all these links, some photos, starting with a great throwback pic of the whole family:

Participating in the Yolanda relief effort – here with students making sure he has plenty of blankets and more with him when he goes to Manila carrying typhoon relief supplies in a few days:
Yolanda rescue effort -  be carrying typhoon relief supplies to Manila in a couple of weeks

Carey still spends a lot of time at the nursing home,where some of the residents really love his hand massages!
nursing home visit

Hand massages


Following local traditions for the Moon Festival:
Following local traditions for the Moon Festival

And more, including teaching English, interpreting, visiting mines and museums, trying on great costumes (potential wedding outfits?), spending time at the pool, etc:


Remember to befriend him on Facebook for great pics and even greater inspiration!

Latest pics first – scroll down for the info!

SO COOL! Check out Marie-Eve’s latest Spreecast recording, featuring Carey and yours truly (recording available as soon as live finished I think! Carey is on for the first 45 minutes or so)!

Carey helping to plan design, publish and share a user-friendly handbook for Tzu Chi’s volunteer guides.

Seems Carey got a dog! New roommate and therapist Boscoe:

Over 100 volunteers helped 160 generous people register to become donors to Tzu Chi’s bone marrow program–one of the world’s largest.

Early birthday bash 🙂

These volunteer guides from Taoyuan are increasing their knowledge of recycling, and improving their presentation skills:

Tours of Neihu Recycling Education Center:

If we had to generate electricity like this we would use it much more carefully.

There are enough non-degradable plastic bags floating in the Pacific to cover N. America!

” It isn’t really about “saving the world”… which will continue spinning even if we manage to kill ourselves off. It’s about saving ourselves and all other species.”

If you are going to read and believe 1 article about Catherine’s Dad, let it be this one.

If you know anything about me, you know I am a Bachelor fan, and that I try and only focus on the positives. Rewatching the St Croix episode of the latest Bachelor, my heart broke for Catherine, and her family, as she shared stories about her father, Carey Giudici, with Sean.

Video of Carey, filmed by Catherine, at a wedding:

As a Bachelor fan and sleuther, I have already become familiar with an other aspect of the life of Catherine’s father. A much more current one. And one that fits with my love of learning of all the great charities past contestants are involved with.

Remembering Catherine’s own words (in Wetpaint) when asked who or what she admires the most,

“Anyone who can look beyond themselves and unselfishly help others. Giving more than they may have. They are an example for us all.”

I think it is only fitting to create this post.

As mentioned on-screen during the Bachelor, Carey Trip Giudici lives in China. And to be more accurate, he lives in Taipei, Taiwan, where he works as a volunteer for international humanitarian organization Tzu Chi.

Here is a little summary of what the Tzu Chi Foundation is: the largest non-governmental organization (NGO) in the Chinese-speaking world with a special consultative status at the United Nations Economic and Social Council. It was funded by a frail nun in the late 60s, Dharma Master Cheng Yen.

Tzu Chi conducts its mission via an international network of volunteers. They are easily recognized by their blue and white uniforms, and Tzu Chi relief workers have been called “blue angels” for this distinctive appearance.

As a non-profit organization, Tzu Chi has built many hospitals and schools worldwide, including a network of world-class medical facilities in Taiwan and a comprehensive education system spanning from kindergarten through university and medical school. Schools were also rebuilt in the aftermath of earthquakes in Iran, China and Haiti.

Although it is a Buddhism-based foundation, it is much less about any faith or ceremony than about joyfully helping each other, being good to others and doing compassionate things every chance we get. Here is a recent example: individual members donated $10 million in cash cards to people after Hurricane Sandy!

The official US web site is Their Facebook page is not very active, but you should still go follow it! Most of the information an all the pictures below are from Facebook.

Since arriving in Taipei, Carey has dedicated himself to this foundation, becoming one of their very active volunteers. He is involved in:

– teaching Taiwanese school children how to write

– helping adult fellow volunteers learn better English presentation and writing skills

– visiting and entertaining seniors (serenades and massages!)

– helping feed those who need it

– supporting a huge recycling effort led by Mr. Ah, a 76 year old man who has spent the last 20 years loading, tying down, sorting and delivering stuff that some may call garbage. Taiwan’s “garbage” generates enough money to support 3 international TV stations. Sounds like gold to me! The way they look at it is “Celebrating the beauty of the world’s forests and jungles, by recycling the equivalent of tens of thousands of trees every month!”

– at the recycling center, Carey disassembles electronic equipment at this work table, or help carry away stuff being sorted by his friends and co-volunteers in the background:

I hope the above gave you a different insight into Catherine’s father, and the values they share. I want to finish with Carey’s own words, which he shared today on Facebook:

“Waiting at the airport for a day trip to Hong Kong an hour ago, I got an email from Catherine apologizing in advance for some things she says about me on today’s Bachelor. Not sure what she said, but if it prompts anyone to unfriend or judge me I will understand.

After telling her that I surely deserve what she said and more, I reminded her that what makes viewers more supportive of her is fine with me. Now everyone can see just what a strong beautiful soul she really is (of course the same goes for Monica Teal and India). A couple of years ago I told them that I accept full responsibility for what they went through because I wasn’t there when they needed me. […]

Thank you for continuing to support the three of them. Take care and be kind to someone today for me”

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  1. luden says:

    I loved this, thank you so much. I love the way Catherine and her father have embraced their past. I love their honesty. Thank you for shedding more light on her father’s work in Taiwan. Love your blog!!!

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