The Bachelor 2013 – Episode 9 Preview “Overnight Fantasy Dates”

Airing on Monday 25th of February, the Fantasy Dates episode is usually one of my favourite of the season. No family, no group date, instead, just Sean spending quality 1-1 time with his chosen Final 3 ladies, usually including for each some adventure, some serious chat over dinner, and of course the infamous Fantasy suite… So let’s check out what we can expect this time around, by dissecting the official synopsis thanks to a few preview pics, videos and good old fashion sleuthing. No spoiling who goes home at the end though…
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As we start, just in case you missed a step, the three remaining women are:

    AshLee, 32, personal organizer, Houston, TX
    Catherine, 26, graphic designer, Seattle, WA
    Lindsay, 24, substitute teacher, Fort Leonard Wood, MO

Just found a new teaser… Sean watches the 3 video messages… HERE!

Off to Thailand, and we start in Sikao, in the gorgeous southern region of Trang (for those of you who watched Ashley Hebert’s season, this is close to Phuket, of the “kissing on the beach in the rain” fame) :

First date on the agenda is Lindsay’s:

“Sean’s Southeast Asian adventure begins with his whisking Lindsay away to an authentic Thai market – featuring all kinds of strange food, fish and bugs. The couple even share a meal of crickets, but then head to a romantic beach where they can let their feelings show. That night Thai dancers perform especially for them. But will Lindsay finally proclaim her love for the Bachelor? The fantasy suite would be the perfect opportunity for her to open up to Sean — but will she?”

Here are a few pics, and needless to say from the last one that their physical chemistry is off the charts. Will it be enough to guarantee her a rose?

Little extra for you: HERE is a sneak peek video of their date!

For the second date, it’s AshLee’s turn to let her feelings for Sean show (again!):

“AshLee’s dream date will end on a private beach encircled by a rainforest, but to get there, the couple will need to swim through a pitch-black cave. Sean knows this bachelorette has trouble letting go and waits to see how she will react to this type of adventure. However, when he offers up the fantasy suite card, the situation is even more tense. AshLee draws a moral line in the sand. How will Sean receive her declaration?”

Not sure her refusal to get physical is really an issue for Sean, considering his public announcement to remain “virgin-ish” until his wedding night! Could AshLee be the lucky lady sharing the night with her? (Gosh I sound like one of those silly reporters!) Will overcoming her fears (drink!) during this scary date (I would love to do this BTW!) ensure she is one of the last 2 women standing?

Once again, I found a sneak peek video of their date:

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Last but it seems certainly not least, Catherine’s Overnight date:

“For his final date, Sean surprises Catherine with an afternoon boat ride through the gleaming waters around Thailand. Catherine tries to reassure Sean that she is ready for a commitment, but her family’s doubts make him question her sincerity. Later that night, the couple imagine what a future life together might look like, but will Catherine take the ultimate leap of faith and accept the chance to stay in the fantasy suite with Sean?”

I guess the big question again is Catherine’s reaction to Sean’s invitation to join him in the Fantasy Suite… And aren’t you lucky! Here are 2 sneak peeks videos for you. Newly added is a teaser that Catherine will reject Sean’s invitation…. Also, Catherine’s GMA appearance earlier this week, which gives us a couple scenes from her evening with Sean, and an extended preview of the date… hot stuff!

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Love this tweet I found yesterday:

    Torin Daniels ‏@ApizzaDaniels

After 3 fun-filled hot dates, Sean will need to pick who to introduce to his family…

“The Bachelor decides to discuss the final three women and his upcoming decision with Chris Harrison. He feels he knows what he must do, but Chris implores him to watch the touching video messages each bachelorette has left him. Will that change his mind?
In the most intense rose ceremony yet, Sean sends one woman home in tears, her heart and spirit crushed. She is so upset that she leaves without talking to him. “

By the end of the night, and just ahead of next week’s Women Tell All show, only 2 ladies will remain to meet Sean’s family on our screen on March 11th, and potentially get engaged! Who do you think gets sent home? And who would YOU want to see Sean send home?

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