The Bachelor – Sean and Catherine gallery

Welcome to Sean and Catherine Lowe’s on-going photos and info gallery!


Remember to check out their DEDICATED WEDDING POST for some great memories. And also:

Pre May 2013 Archive
June 2013 to June 12014 Archive

* October 2014

And we’re back for our bi-monthly update!

Let’s start with the big news from Sean – a new book for the new year! You can pre-order “For the Right Reasons” here!


Check out Catherine’s “Lowe Notes” and more on Scarlet & Gold. Nice article here!






Showing us a different way to do the ALS ice-bucket challenge, with help from Elan:




And before the usual photo galleries, why not have a read of Catherine’s faith story

On to galleries, let’s start with just the newlyweds (9 months already!):

With family, friends, fans and overall fun peeps:

Stylish Catherine:

Funky and Handsome Sean:

* August 2014

A bit late on my update due to holidays, I have over 100 pics to share with you… ARGH! Let’s start with throwbacks:





Biggest updates for the couple are the launch of “C. Lowe by Scarlet & Gold” for Catherine and of course their settling into their new house, with redesigned yard thanks to Sears and Ty Pennington.






Cuddle and love… a gallery:


And another gallery… a little more animalistic:


Family and friends:

And everything else!

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12 Responses to The Bachelor – Sean and Catherine gallery

  1. msarj says:

    hi sophie! just new here. i’ve been following this site for a couple of days now. you are indeed very resourceful providing updates of this couple. life in the limelight is derailing, harsh, tempting and full of cynics but if they just take a look back on how their relationship started and progressed in the show will help remind them to keep their relationship alive, grounded and real as well.
    kudos to you! 🙂

  2. NOLA says:

    I have experience this in my 63yrs. of life and my husband too. I have a feeling if this keeps
    up then after the DWTS and there TV wedding we won’t be seeing them on TV. It is a very
    cynical world out there and what comes easy we do not learn from. It’s good that together
    they are experiencing the difficult parts of life, cling to each other, get to the other side and
    they will be a better couple for it. Then they win and not the adversity that strikes them as a
    couple and individuals.

  3. NOLA says:

    They are not children, but mature adults and know a lot about life and relationships.
    I think this is a lot of bull and that is how the trash media and in this respect a lot
    individuals are when thay see something good and solid.

  4. angumero says:

    Wow keep updating… Thank you so much 🙂

  5. temkeic says:

    Sophie, Thanks a bunch for your blog and tweets about the bachelornation. An awesome resource that I saved as the “go to” website for bachelor news. Sweet and simple with great pictures! Thanks again.

    • sophienettejc says:

      Thank you! And to everyone who comes here. This is why I do it… a simple place for people coming to look at their favs. No judgement, just pictures and videos of this little slice of “reality” that is bachelor nation! So thank you again for the love you all give me, and it keeps me going!

  6. sallyisleta says:


    you’re incredible, precise, genius and soooo resourceful….i kept visiting your blogs every 2 hrs, everyday…i’ve already bookmarked your page….have a great day always…..

  7. angumero says:

    Thank you Sophie! Loving it 🙂 Keep on updating with more pictures!

  8. ceebeedeedum says:

    New member here! I LOVE your site! Thank you so much for creating it!

    I discovered it when I was looking for more info about Catherine Giuduci who is from Seattle and is Filipino (well half) just like me. I never watched The Bachelor before and I only did it this time because of her. I got immediately caught up in the fairy tale story of her romance with Sean (albeit with done with manufactured ABC/Disney glossiness) Now that the euphoria over the fairytale proposal is quickly wearing off and since she and Sean have finally gone public, I’m noticing the intense media scrutiny of their relationship. Obviously, the passion the two exhibited during the show has simmered now down to a more sedate and comfortable level between them. And I’m fine with that. But many doubters/detractors have come up among them, the Canada Bachelor couple who see trouble with Sean & Catherine with their llack of PDA & excitement in public.

    Gosh, I truly hope this couple really works out! A lot of forces are working against them. I hope Sean’s current attachment to fame wears off quickly, and he and Catherine would focus on their relationship. Keeping my fingers crossed.

    Meanwhile, keep up the great work!

  9. Gingerzelle says:

    Sophie! I created an account on here just so I can let you know how much I appreciate all these pics/videos/tidbits/everythingseanandcatherineunderthesunbits! You do an awesome job summing it up for all of us! Love your dedication and love these two peeps!!!!

    • sophienettejc says:

      Thank you Gingerzelle! I really appreciate you creating an account to tell me this! This is what matters to me, making other fans smile! THANK YOU!

  10. canvasbylily says:

    thank you so much Sophie for all the videos and photos. I just love this couple, they are the real deal!!!! Hope to see their wedding on TV soon …. Thank you thank you for your postings …. look forward to seeing more and more of them!

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