Who is Zak Waddell? – The Bachelorette 2013 (season 9) pictures and info!

Zak Waddell

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    Full name: Zachary Charles
    Age: 31
    Height: 6’0″
    Shoesize: 11.5
    Tattoo: None
    Occupation: Drilling engineer and consultant for AIP Inc. And before that: VP of Business Development (MD Sass Investor Services), Financial Consultant, Congressional Liaison at the US Senate (!!!) and Porfessors Liaison at Harvard Business School.
    Education: B.A. from Texas A&M, Masters from Univ. of Dallas.
    Hometown: Dallas, TX. Lives in Mico, Tx.
    Twitter: @RealZakWaddell
    Instagram: @realzakwaddell
    Facebook: Zak.Waddell
    Videos: Telly.com

    What I know so far:

      – Mum is Maryann, Dad is Jeff. He has a sister called Carly and a brother called Denton.
      – Favorite All-Time Book: Candide; Bartleby, the Scrivener; Atlas Shrugged
      – Favorite Artist: Modigliani
      – Ultimate Date: Anything that leaves room for creativity



October 25th:

August 1st:

Random gallery with Fans, Kona ice time, family and friends, and Bachelorette friends Juan Pablo and Dan!

Throwback with his grandad, who passed away last week:

Then and Now:

I always thought he had an elf-like quality to him:

With his brother and sister:

Goofing around while shopping:

Zak has shared a lot of fun and quirky pics! Here are my favorites, but follow him on Facebook for more.

With his brother Denton:

Here is the video of Zak meeting Des out of the limo:

From his Official ABC.com bio:

    What do you hope to get out of participating in this television show?
    To pursue, wholeheartedly, someone amazing. I intend on showing that person the passion/excitement I have for life/love and hope she shares in that passion.

    What is the most romantic present you have ever given? Why?
    It definitely wasn’t that robot vacuum. Messed up on that one.

    What does being married mean to you?
    Two individuals coming together out of mutual fascination for each other, and supporting each other’s freedom toward personal happiness as one.

    What is your favorite thing to do with your mom?
    Travel to small towns and go antique shopping for odd things. I got a wooden flying pig last month in Gruene, Texas.

    If you could have one superpower, what would it be and why? How would you use it?
    I would be able to open pistachios telepathically… especially the tough ones that just don’t want to pry open.

    Excerpts from his ABC questionnaire (click to enlarge!):

Meeting Des:

With his mum:

Love this fun video, he makes me smile (well I am a sucker for grown men behaving like 5 year olds and not taking themselves too seriously!)

At an ugly jumper contest:

Main sources: ABC.com, Wetpaint, Bach/ette Forum, RS, and other sleuthers, plus a whole lot of Google searching 🙂

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