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    Birthday: 30 December 1980
    Hometown: Santa Barbara, CA, currently lives in Austin, Texas.
    Twitter: @PWTs_Tim
    Instagram: @tombropez
    Other sites: Facebook & PWT

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      Plain White T’s band member Tim Lopez admits to being a hopeless romantic his entire life. It is what drives his creativity and makes him so good at what he does. Growing up in Santa Barbara, California, he was blessed with amazing parents and an older brother and younger sister. After an 11-year romance – three of which were spent married – Lopez and his first love called it quits. The distance while on tour took a heavy toll on his relationship, and the couple slowly grew apart. Despite the difficulties, Lopez loved being married and believes he is finally in a great place to be in a healthy relationship where marriage and kids will play the lead role.

      However, the success of his band has presented its own challenges. As a single, attractive man in a well-known band, Lopez is unsure about women he meets while working on the road. With the recent Grammy Award-nominated success of the Plain White T’s, he feels he has a large part of his life under control and believes that a television show could provide the perfect environment for finding his true love.

      With a strong sense of loyalty that has helped keep his band together through the last 10 years, Lopez feels equipped with the tools for a long-term relationship and marriage. A true romantic at heart he said, “I wrote a song that sold 1.3 million copies, when all I really wanted was to impress the one girl I let go.”

      Not only does he embody the perfect blend of James Dean and Marlon Brando, Lopez is a huge fan of writing poetry and believes his softer side will help steer his heart in the right direction.



Here are a couple of videos to get to know Tim a little better, and why he went on his “Ready For Love” journey (drink!):

Intro vid:

Huff Post interview (3 parts):

The Hollywood reporter:

Some random pics I liked:

With the PWTs, including some way-back-when pics!

Hats & Hair memories…



With ex-wife Whitney:

Mum and Sister:

With big bro and lil’ sis:

Main sources:, Bach/ette Forum, other sleuthers, plus a whole lot of Google searching 🙂

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