Who is Drew Kenney? – The Bachelorette 2013

Drew Kenney

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    Age: 28 (DOB 4-9-1985 or very close)
    Height: 6’2″
    Shoesize: 11.5
    Occupation: Digital Marketing Analyst, Bartender & Ford model
    Education: Università Commerciale Luigi Bocconi (Milan).
    Hometown: Scottsdale Arizona.
    Twitter: @DrewKenney
    Instagram: @drewkenney1985
    Facebook: drew.kenney
    Other sites: His sister’s blog, an old blog he created about his time in Milan.
    Model portfolios: Wilhelmina Models LA, Model Wire, Independent Men, Urban Management (Milan)

    What I know so far:

      – He has 2 sisters, Melissa & Meghan, 1 niece and 1 nephew. His mum is Linda. His dad and his brother are both called Mal (3rd and 4th of the name!).
      – Favorite Flower: A rose, obviously. Haha.
      – Favorite Author: Hemingway. I love his characters and writing style.
      – Favorite Sports: I love to snowboard, surf, and play basketball.



* October 22nd

Here is inside and out gorgeous Drew, with (sometimes Bachelornation) friends, family, famous peeps and fans… or alone, professional or candid snaps. Enjoy!

* July 20th

This first pic was taken just before Drew left for the filming of the Bachelorette:

This one’s obviously post show, with fans and co-stars Zak W and Robert:

Drew and his dad:

* July 15th

Latest pics!

* Pre-July 15th, 2013

Meeting fans (dressed like Waldo?):


Spending time with Bachelorette friend Kasey:

Yum for him…

… Yum for us!

Friends time!

Family time!

Hanging out with friends and family since filming:

At a photoshoot:

Here he is stepping out of the limo to meet Des:

From his Official ABC.com bio:

    What are your 3 worst attributes?
    1) I have a bad sweet tooth
    2) I can become uninterested in boring conversations
    3) I think I just discovered my left leg is longer than my right

    If you were stranded on a desert island, what 3 things would you bring with you and why?
    A sailboat, a radio, a case of Cabernet, and a few books.

    Who is your favorite actor & why?
    I love Tom Hardy and Christian Bale right now. They are how I would cast myself as an actor.

    What is the most romantic present you have ever given? Why?
    I like to be spontaneous with my affection. I like to buy flowers and give sentimental gifts without any special occasion.

    What are your deal-breakers when it comes to relationships?
    There has to be trust, a strong connection… I’m looking to find my best friend and marry her, so she needs to have all the qualities a best friend has.

    Excerpts from his ABC questionnaire (click to enlarge!):

with his paternal Grandfather

On a shoot with makeup artist Corinna Bertram Cooke:

With friends:

Here is an interview Drew gave back in January to AZcentral.com:

    How were you discovered? I was bartending at the W Hotel back in December of 2008 when I was approached by the Ford Robert Black Agency. I hadn’t really ever considered modeling before but when they asked me to come in for an interview, I had to take them seriously. I sat down with Sheree, the owner of the agency, took a few pictures, and signed that day.

    What was your favorite job thus far? Every opportunity I’ve had to work has been an absolute blessing! All of the people I’ve worked with over the years have been so amazing it wouldn’t be fair to single any particular job out as my favorite. The most memorable time I’ve spent modeling though, would have to be the 7 months I spent working in Milan. I cherished every second of my experience there.

    Favorite designer: I’ve always loved the All-American look of Ralph Lauren.

    Most embarrassing model moment: Thankfully, I don’t feel like I’ve had a truly embarrassing moment yet. I did meet Domenico Dolce at a casting during Milano fashion week and had to be told later on who he was, not one of my finer model moments.

    Best beauty secret: The best advice I can offer is to maintain a healthy diet, exercise regularly, and smile often.

    What’s your trademark: I like to bring a positive attitude and joyful disposition to every job. Staying open-minded and flexible has been the best way I know how to get the best out of myself and those I work with.

    Last song you listened to on your iPod: The Rolling Stones – Beast of Burden.

    Style icon: James Dean’s style is timeless.

    What’s your dream modeling job? Landing a Ralph Lauren Polo campaign would be a dream come true.

    What new addition to your wardrobe do you want this season? I can always use a new pair of shoes. I’ve got my eyes on a couple Johnston & Murphy’s that I hope Santa brings me this Christmas.

    How do you stay in shape? Any tricks to the trade? I’ve been exercising 6 days a week since entering my 20’s, but I notice my best result when I’m following a strict clean diet. I try my best to stay away from the sweets, but I’ve been known to give the cookie monster a run for his money.

On the Dodgeball episode 3 Group date (seen here with Brad):

Mark Morgan Photography

Matthew Duttile Photography

His very first modelling headshot?

Mark Morgan Photography

With Dad and Mal:

With his dad while in Milan (even went to San Siro for an AC Milan game, lucky boy!)

Main sources: Bach/ette Forum

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