Sean and Catherine – Pre May 2013 Archive

* April 29th

First, this one is for Gaya:

So another busy couple of days for Sean and Catherine! Rehearsal for DWTS, Sean goin to Raleigh for the Southern Women Show, Catherine’s birthday… here are some videos and pics for you!

Catherine’s birthday dinner last night:

Quick video (blink and you’ll miss it!) of Cat visiting Sean during rehearsal on Friday:

Sean heading down to Raleigh with Peta in tow to avoid losing rehearsal time:

Sean video with “Glitz”:

Random pic with “Best man” Ally:

Catherine joined other stars for charity at the Casino Angeleno–All in for LA! for LA’s premier women’s volunteer organization, the Junior League of Los Angeles:

And a little extra for you, some new pics of Catherine and Leslie at Coachella:

* April 25th

The oddity that is Sean training for the Rumba 🙂

Post DWTS videos (no after-party for our love birds this week!)


Afterbuzz Monday night:


Afterbuzz Tuesday night:

* April 21st

Well these 2 have been busy as always! Before I give you new pics, here is a little sneaky one from Bachelor producer Elan, taken during SeanCat’s date in Canada:

And this really sweet photo shared by Sean of his girls:

So, after recovering from DWTS and its result show…

Sean spent his Thursday at the Southern Women’s Show in Nashville:

Here is a video taken then:

Thankfully, after a long day traveling, both fans and Catherine were delighted to welcome him back to LA:

Catherine wasn’t bored while her fiancé was away, but enjoyed a day of sun with friends in Santa Monica:

Back in LA, it was Dancing training in full force for Sean this week-end:

He will be dancing the Samba with Peta to “I Wish” by Mr. Stevie Wonder:

But Sean had another WSW engagement for today April 21st, this time in Richmond. Training needs stopped him from attending, but I think the ladies of Richmond should have no complaints, as it seems Catherine stepped in with gusto:

She even autographed Sean’s photo in her own special way:

And had fun doing it 🙂

Here are a few pics these lovebirds took with fans around LA throughout the week:

Finally, here is an interview of Catherine’s mum, Cynthia.

* April 16th

With Mario Lopez yesterday:

Boxing with Victor?

After the After-Party:

(Longer version here)

Latest interviews and videos!

DWTS Sean interview, very cute moment about Cat:

video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player

On the red carpet:

Who gets Sean’s rose this week?

Getting to the After party:

* April 15th

A lot to update today! But first, remember to vote every possible way to keep Sea and Peta on DWTS! Check out this great post on the Bach/ette Forum.
Here is Peta’s blog post for the week.

So… You might have read tabloids and online reports of break-ups and troubles for our latest bachelor couples, including Catherine “running away” to San Francisco last week… all lies, based on crappy investigating and lazy reporters! Sean and Catherine have been madly busy, so here is what they have been up to:

This morning with Mario Lopez:

LA on Sunday 14th– Catching a game and Shopping at the Lakers event for charity at Staples center, including some great PDA!

Caught on camera are they are leaving the event:

DWTS Training (and a lot of fun) for Sean:

I see some bromances happening with Andy and Victor…

Coachella – Hard Rock Music Lounge – Catherine got her own fun time (and sismance!) with bachelor pal Lesley. After being caught on camera in Newark airport (mmm…. ), these 2 gorgeous friends had a blast at Coachella:

San Francisco (weekend of the 6th of April): Catherine spent a few days with her sister Monica Teal and her Dad Carey, who was visiting from Taiwan for the first time in years! Despite his busy DWTS rehearsal schedule and previous engagements such as Warrior Dash (see below for pics), Sean took the time to fly to SF to meet Carey. Here are the pics, including some taken from gossip rags who failed to identify Catherine’s dad!

This one was taken by a very proud dad!

* April 11th

Gaya and her beautiful Mum:

With Sean’s cousin Brooke, who calls Catherine her “new cousin”!

Sean rehearsing for next week’s quickstep with Tristan, Chelsie and Peta:

New video interviews of Sean 🙂

* April 9th

Here are the “in hiding” stills that came on screen during Sean’s intro:

Love this video as Sean, Catherine and their families leave the DWTS after-party. Seems Gaya’s mum is having a great time in LA, and everyone is getting along great! I love Sean’s granny and auntie!

Behind the scenes interview with E Online:

Behind the scenes, vests central!

* April 7th

* April 6th

While his beautiful fiancee spends some quality time in San Francisco with dad Carey and big sister Monica, taking in the Exploratorium with her 6 Graders (I am hoping for more photos soon!):

Sean is having some charity dirty fun at the Warrior Dash for St Jude’s hospital:

But keeps training with Peta:

Making an appearance at the Star Magazine’s “Hollywood Rocks” Party:

Interview with Womens

* April 3rd

Sean and Gaya in Star mag:

New articles for you!

Peta in In Touch during cha-cha training.

Sean in OK on doing more Reality TV after DWTS.

Sean and Andy:

* April 2nd

Shopping in Fashion Island on Friday:

Picture above thanks to E Online.

Leaving the after-party (around 17’00):

Sean, Catherine and their friends Mark and Crista arriving to the DWTS After-Party (around 2’19):

Catherine meeting lovely Sarah during the evening:

Sean and his “Village Peoples”:

Catherine on set:

Dinner with friends a few days ago (Crista, Peta and her mum, The Voice’s Josiah Hawley, etc.):

Out and about:

* April 1st

Pre-show videos:

First, a little DWTS support! 2 links for you:

1) HOW TO VOTE (multiple times and from outside the US!)
2) How did Sean and Peta rank these last 2 weeks? Check it out here

As this week is all about Prom night, here is Sean heading to his with the lovely Taylor Cole:

Now for some pics! I am guessing the Sean was hard at work this week-end, but he did make time to be with Catherine and her Best Friend Crista. The 2 ladies then went on to spend a day in Disneyland:

Some new random Fan pics for you:

* March 28th

Peta and Sean work hard on their Prom night’s cha-cha…

While Catherine has some fun quality time with BFF Crista!

Some throwback pics, shared by Monica Teal on her instagram:

* March 28th

Catch Sean tomorrow on Ohio’s 95.9 KISS on Dave and Jimmy’s show!

Earlier today:

* March 27th

Post-show, posing with Catherine’s sister Monica Teal then out for dinner and making time for fans:

New video: Sean and Peta on his “Diva” status

Catherine having a business and fun lunch with Pandora Vanderpump & BHL Magazine Mark:

* March 26th

Check out Catherine’s dance moves 🙂 New video from their appearance in Knoxville’s Tavern last weekend:

Extra TV interview after Sean and Peta’s DWTS performance:
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FYI – Sean and Catherine went to the DWTS after-party with Sean’s parents, friend Mark Kurian (of Beverly Hills Lifestyle Magazine) and Catherine’s sister Monica Teal.

New radio interview of Catherine on the Roz & Mocha show on KISS 92.5FM this morning.

Sean and Kensington:

Here is a round-up of pre/during/post- DWTS pics!

Catherine and Peta:

Post-dancing interview:

Catherine went for dinner with Sean’s parents then on to the after-party:

Pap video of Sean and Catherine leaving DWTS after-party, starting around the 20′ mark – very funny!

* March 25th

DWTS day! Seems Catherine has been practicing the Murgalo… on Rodeo Drive!

Meanwhile, we got this great “Sleeping Sean” pic thanks to Elan:

* March 24th

What a great day to finish the week… Kensie, Smith, Sean… and 2 lovely ladies all in 1 pic:

Catherine doing the Murgalo, nice booty!

A ‘few more’ pics from last night in Knoxville’s Tavern (and a LOT more on their Facebook page!)

With Sean’s agent Matt:

Catherine on the Bull in Knoxville’s tavern:

Well it seems Sean and Gaya had a great time in Canada (yet again!) Here are some of the pics from the event at Knoxville’s Tavern last night. They are not all good quality, but I think they all give a nice idea of the atmosphere and how our lovely couple went – thank you to everyone who was there and shared pis on Twitter and Instagram!

Starting with the best Insta of the night!

Crowd waiting

Sean on stage

Sean and Catherine moments:

The ring:

Posing with fans:

* March 23rd

Where can you catch the lovebirds tomorrow? Well, I’m guessing Sean will be busy DWTSing, but Catherine is rumoured to be joining Chris Harrison and other Bachelor alumni at the LA Fest!

Off to Canada today, in Knoxville’s Tavern tonight!

Catherine hanging out with pal Daniella from the Bachelor:

There’s only 1 apron!!! Gaya cooking for Sean 🙂

Sean about bullying:

Throwback to the Harlequin photo shoot:

* March 22nd

Out and about in Hollywood:

Sean on “Elliott In The Morning”:

Check out Sean on Jimmy Kimmel last night (Catherine in the audience also featured!)

Video of Sean, Catherine and Chris Harrison! Now viewable by all 🙂

The Bachelor's Sean Lowe And Catherine Giudici… by bachspoilerfans

Throwback pic of Catherine:

* March 21st

Sean and Peta getting some lunch and hanging out with Michael Yo… do they actually do any dancing? 😉

* March 20th

While Sean is busy learning to dance, his girls are enjoying Runyon Canyon:

Sean’s interview after his DWTS dance, about his biggest fan 🙂

Walking through the Grove this morning for an appearance on “Extra” in Los Angeles:

Sean and Peta… practicing?

* March 19th

Couple of videos to start:

Pre-show video with friends.

– Sean and Catherine leaving the after party with friends (go to 9:38):

Alright her are some photos taken throughout the day and evening…Getting ready, dancing and afters… enjoy!

Catherine leaving salon with a fab pony tail!

Before the show:

In the “Dance hall” with friends:

Catherine sitting beside Sean’s parents and supporting him during the show:

Red carpet at the after-party:

* March 18th

YAY! DWTS Premieres tonight, and we get to watch Uncle Seanie do the Foxtrot with Peta! I can’t wait 🙂 Here he is getting to rehearsals:

Knocking out Victor Ortiz

Peta and Sean... not a winning look!

Check out Sean and Peta’s new Access Hollywood interview:

I love these pics from yesterday… true glimpse of Cat and Sean’s interactions away from the cameras (as far as they knew!):

Spending time with Sean’s other girls…

On liquids only 🙁

* March 17th

So, what has the latest and cutest Bachelor couple been up to this week? 3 acronyms to sum it up for you… LA, DWTS and OMG!

So while Sean is working hard with Peta, rehearsing for tomorrow’s Dancing With The Stars premiere…

Catherine has been seen out and about in LA, geeking with friends, posing with fans and hanging out with…. Sean’s Mum! (Yeah, hence the OMG!):

Geeking out with Mark Kurian (who also knows Sean and is a friend of Peta!)

But Sean and Catherine do manage to make time to be together, either for a quiet dinner out, a lunch with friends from Dallas or shopping around LA:

With Sean’s friends, and Catherine seems to fit right in!

Making time for fans:

Shopping at Japan LA:

People magazine… I wont post the terrible cover, but here are some pics for you… pick up a copy for more!

First 24 hours in public:

The live After the Final Rose made Catherine feel hot!

And finally for today, some behind the scenes pics from The Filming of The Bachelor:

– Sean with Arie:

– In St Croix:

– More fun in the Canadian snow:

* March 14th

Video Sneak Peek of Sean and Peta practicing for DWTS.

* March 13th

Sean and Catherine on Ryan Seacrest:

* March 12th – The day after!

Love this one 🙂 Access Hollywood:

Live with Kelly and Michael – will post better quality as soon as possible!


On Extra TV:

video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player

New behind the scene pic from their engagement:

New, matching, Twitter headers (designed by Catherine!):

The ring 🙂

Sean’s finale blog is right here!

Media round time of course… guess too many phone interviews can drive anyone a little “loolah” as my girl likes to say:

Nice interview with Zap2It, about their TV Wedding and the guest list…

First interview on Live TV… on GMA:

E News: (hoping for a video soon as well)

HuffPost Live:

So, Sean will be on Dancing with the Stars, paired with the gorgeous Peta! And with the best cheerleader EVER, his fiancée of course!

Behind the scene photos from their engagement day:

Great one from their elephant ride:

And Catherine making new friends before meeting Sean’s parents!

My favourite screengrabs from their engagement:

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