The Bachelorette 2013 – Episode 5 – Kissing, Hottugging & Armageddon in Germany

Air date: June 24th, 2013


Twitter cracked me up last night, the East coast live tweeting was on fire! So here’s a recap based on Pics, behind the scenes and Tweets, plus a few added captions and comments from yours truly!

We start with the boys arriving by train in Munich. Not sure why they showed us the old train, but makes a change from helicopters! And Munich is really a gorgeous place!

    Robert Mills ‏@Millsy11374 (aka Bachelorette Senior Producer)

    Ich bin ein #Bachelornationer


    SmithWit ‏@SmithWit

    Tonight, lots of sausage and beer. We’re headed to Bachelor Pad. Oh, I mean Germany!


    Dana Weiss ‏@Possessionista

    Munich is steeped in beauty, culture and beers as big as Mikey’s biceps

As for the boys, well…

    Bachelor Nation ‏@Bachelor_Nation

    Tonight’s episode is sponsored by zip-up hoodies


    Chris Harrison ‏@chrisbharrison

    Restraining order RT @htag24: Why does @chrisbharrison have to stand so far away to talk to the guys?


Even Chris Harrison was wearing a hoodie!

At least he didnt #hashtag it

On to Chris’s one on one date! And was he pumped!

I really really like him, although I think a relationship needs complementary people and I am afraid him and Des are maybe too similar. Time will tell!

    Stacey B ‏@OfficeStace

    What’s German for Chris is the adorable guy next door type? Love him!


Pretty sweet!

Loved that he pointed at the camera!


    Robert Mills ‏@Millsy11374

    Good to see Michael Stagliano working


And of course, the Bryden interruption!

    Robert Mills ‏@Millsy11374

    NOW Bryden decides to leave the show when he finally got his hair under control???


    Dana Weiss ‏@Possessionista

    Interrupting a 1-on-1 to tell her you’re leaving is like finding your ex on a date w/ a guy to tell her you never loved her


All in all, it was a cute and sweet date, as cute and sweet as Des and Chris together. And although guys reading poetry on screen makes me cringe, it seems Desiree’s reaction to it was quite different.

On to a fun filled group date! Off to the German and Austrian Alps…

    Dana Weiss ‏@Possessionista

    Des hasn’t seen such chiseled peaks since Sean Lowe took his shirt off.


A pretty cool yodeler!

    Robert Mills ‏@Millsy11374

    That yodeler would have totally have won Mr America


    Ashley Elgin ‏@BachelorExpert

    That is Bryden’s replacement right?


Love seeing them all have fun sliding, snow angel making and snowball fighting (for real, nice to see they really got into the spirit of it, right Brooks?)

Some key moments of the various one on one times to me were Brooks and Des steaming kiss, Zak opening up more and more, and of course the conundrum that is James…

    Dana Weiss ‏@Possessionista

    Zak wanted to be a priest, but he found that there were few jobs for shirtless clergymen.


    Robert Mills ‏@Millsy11374

    The age old dilemma of deciding between becoming a priest or a drilling fluid engineer



    Jenna Burke ‏@TheOverAnalyst

    Taking yourself too seriously is not always attractive


    Dana Weiss ‏@Possessionista

    James says he is falling in love with Desiree. Aside: James calls his left eyebrow Desiree


As we are about to err very swiftly into 2-1 worst ever date zone, let’s breath in and out first, and wash away the dread with a few behind the scenes pics shared by the crew, including “Sno-Fro” producer Elan:

No ambulance, but the rescue dog was on hand, just in case!

OK… so… I have to say this whole thing made me uncomfortable. Put it this way, no amount of money would be worth being Chris in THAT situation:

Or having to stare at the mop on Mike’s head longer than necessary (i.e. 1.2 seconds is my limit!)

My view on the whole thing? Mike followed his nature by “prosecuting” Ben, Ben should have stuffed his foot in his mouth from the get-go (he opened far too many dodgy doors thus giving easy openings to Mike), Des handled it like a champ, and I, along with a lot of people on my twitter feeds, was starting to feel for Ben… until he managed to turn it all around with a few chosen sentences in the limo, my favourite being him asking how soon he would have to wait to be seen out with other girls… nice. Too cringed out for screengrabs, but here is one little gif thanks to ABC:

Here are a few of the tweets I spotted during the date:

    Cocky Chris Harrison ‏@ChrisMFHarrison

    Michael was that kid in class that reminded the teacher that there was a quiz that day.


    Lauryn Hall ‏@lauryn0731

    Des is rethinking the decision to not do the polar bear plunge. #onlywaytoescape


    Andrea Lavinthal ‏@andilavs

    Michael definitely has a vanity license plate that says “#1 PRSCTR”


    Ashley Elgin ‏@BachelorExpert

    Des is going to call for a sidebar.


    Dana Weiss ‏@Possessionista


And here is an interview of Ben today in Texas:

Moving on to the cocktail party, or lack-thereof… Des looked amazing, even in this “awkward pose” behind the scene pic with Chris Harrison:

    John Wolfner ‏@jwolfner

    No cocktail hour? Remember the last time we didn’t have a cocktail hour @chrisjbukowski?! U were sweatin’ & u didn’t even pop a Molly.


    The Bachelor Fansite ‏@BachelrWetpaint

    Des cancels the cocktail party. That’s alcohol abuse.

For insiders’ views, check Chris Harrison’s blog and Desiree’s.

My verdict on the episode: Desiree is having fun, holding her own, loved that Brooks got the group date rose and cannot wait to see more of Drew next week! On that note, see you then, same time same place, for some steamy kisses in dark alleys and (tom)cat-fights! Let’s see what Spain has in store for our Bachelorette!

The eight remaining men are:

    Juan Pablo
    Mike G

Much love, be good and #BeHappy!

Episode PREVIEW:

    Desiree has never traveled to Europe before, and the 11 remaining men hope to make this first leg of the international tour to find love a special one, starting in Munich. Chris gets to explore this culturally rich city with Desiree, but their romantic date comes to a crashing halt when another man interrupts them with shocking news. The Bachelorette takes seven guys to the German Alps, where not only do they enjoy their majestic beauty, but yodel, sled and frolic like kids in the snow. The competition between James and front-runner Brooks turns ugly, while other bachelors make their play for Desiree. The awkward, dreaded two-on-one date has arch-enemies Michael and Ben facing off. Whose strategy works and which man stays? But two men are overheard scheming about what they will do after this journey, and the other guys are anxious to make Desiree see one of them for who he really is.

Here is what we know so far, starting with the preview as seen at the end of the previous episode (Thanks Dreamer!):

And if you can’t get enough of Yodelling… click here. Full preview:

    Desiree and Chris tour the heart of the old city, sightseeing, sampling sausages and beer and even trying on lederhosen. The two swap relationship stories, and Chris ends by reading a romantic poem he penned just for her. Touched by his sincerity, she kisses him. Is this the start of something special? Rock and pop star Matt White serenades the couple with his hit song, “Love and Affection.” Love is in the air, but do both of these people feel the same way?

Bing video preview Datus interruptus?

    The next day, Desiree takes seven men on a group date to the German Alps. They ride in a gondola to the highest peak in all of Germany. They’re taught how to yodel, with the Bachelorette enjoying their antics. The group has a blast as they sled down a black diamond ski slope. What awaits them is a spectacular igloo hotel totally carved out of snow and ice. As Zak and Drew profess their love for Desiree, James and Brooks go all out in a ferocious battle.

Sneak peeks: And not so sneaky kisses:

    A dramatic two-on-one date pits two bitter rivals against each other – Michael and Ben. Can they get past mutual dislike and concentrate on Desiree? One man goes on the attack and attempts to get his adversary to admit to being a fake. The other man decides just to take it on the chin and refrains from using the same kind of verbal shots. As the volatile date progresses, the aggressive bachelor goes in for the kill, and his opponent abruptly storms out, leaving Desiree disappointed with the remaining man. Will his nasty approach pay off with a rose, or will it backfire and send him home? And what about his rival?

People video preview. – Bing video preview.

    Drew and Kasey share a shocking revelation with the group about what they heard two of the bachelors say about the wild time they expect to have after they appear on “The Bachelorette.” But their plans to tell Desiree the ugly truth fall through when she cancels the cocktail party, and now everyone scrambles about what to do next. Will the playboy get a rose – and if he does, when will Desiree discover the truth about him? Either way, only eight men will remain to travel to the magnificent city of Barcelona.

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