The Bachelorette 2013 – Episode 7 – Welcome to Madeira Boys (& Girls!)

Air date: July 8th, 2013


    Episode Synopsis: The five remaining bachelors sail to Madeira Island, Portugal, with Desiree, who enjoys one-on-one dates that include a picnic, dinner on a deserted island and a toboggan ride. Also: A two-on-one date involves go-kart racing. The Final Four contenders are revealed after the rose ceremony.

The remaining 5 boys, and a producer, are from left to right, Drew, Mike, Brooks, Zak and Chris:

Episode PREVIEW:

First off, big news! Catherine, Lesley and Jackie from Sean’s season visit Desiree to offer their advice… 🙂


    Brooks gets his second individual date with Desiree and they drive to the top of a mountain, passing through the clouds. The couple share a romantic picnic and, later that night, in an attempt to figure out where their relationship stands, they play a game of metaphors to describe their feelings. What does Desiree learn from this revealing word play?

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E! Online sneak peek video.

    It’s off to a deserted island for Chris and Desiree, leaving the other four men green with envy. Once they arrive, Chris suggests a very romantic gesture: the two of them will write a poem, put it in a bottle and send it off into the ocean. An extremely nervous Chris decides that he needs to tell Desiree how he feels about her that night, but how did she respond to his overtures?




    Michael is finally going to get his opportunity to spend the day alone with Desiree. The excited bachelor and the object of his affection explore the streets of Funchal, the island’s main city. He opens up that evening at dinner, sharing a deeply personal story about how his father left his family when he was very young, and another about a very gut-wrenching break-up he had with his last girlfriend. How has his personal history affected his relationship with Desiree? A traditional Fado singer caps off the day serenading the couple.


    Finally Zak and Drew go on a very different two-on-one date, spending the day at a Go Kart track. One man will get a rose and be assured of a hometown date; the other will need to wait to learn his fate at the rose ceremony. The men compete to see which of them gets to spend time alone with Desiree first. They both put their best foot forward in ways that touch her and move her to reward one of them with a rose.


    Before the rose ceremony, Desiree is filled with emotion. What she reveals to Chris Harrison about her feelings for two men makes her believe she is on the right track to find love. She makes a very difficult decision to send one bachelor home, who declared that he was ready to commit to her forever. The four very happy remaining men will return to the States and introduce Desiree to their families.

Here is your extended Grapevine Episode preview.

Screencaps above thanks to my friends and great sleuthers on the Bachelor & Bachette Fans Forum!

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