The Bachelorette 2014 – Episode 03 Review – On Boyz AND Men


Episode 03 (fist aired June 1st) – My thoughts:

WARNING! As always I try and be respectful of all involved. However, I do have my own feelings on the boys and on Andi, and for once will share some of them below… at length or in a couple of words depending on the guys. I do not expect everyone to agree! Please feel free to comment, other perspectives may allow me to see things differently and I always welcome a good, positive debate. (NO SPOILERS PLEASE!)

I usually give you mostly photos and videos like I do in the previews… this time, I am going back to the name of this blog: Ramblings 🙂

Oh and my keyboard is acting up! I try and pick up the typos, but be gentle with me!

Warning over… Let’s go and I hope you enjoy the little ride into how my brain works while I watch (the 2nd time… I usually turn it off the first time of watching, since that happens at 1 to 3 AM my time and I read the live tweets from Bachelor Nation at the same time!).

The boyz (men?) and Andi:

First on Andi herself. I must admit I liked her a lot on Juan Pa’s season.. until “that” scene. I wasn’t sure how she would fare as the Bachelorette. And I must say I am pleasantly surprised so far. She has an analytic mind of course. Usually that would be a bad thing in a romantic situation, but I think it serves her well in this, more than odd, setting. Will it play tricks on her? Probably. I find she is very good at listening to the guys, and getting to know them. Overall I wish that in the very end, she does let go of the analytics and lets her heart take over. Remember what happened when Jason Mesnick went with his head instead of his guts/heart in the end… yep.

One last thing… the previews for episode 4 have made it clear she looses her cool (pretty spectacularly) at least once. In the spirit of fairness, I urge you to remember before you judge her too harshly that all past leads have said the experience is emotionally and physically exhausting. Plus, I have seen a lot of people criticizing that she is not letting go enough, is a bit controlled… As someone often considered a strong person, I can tell you: when we really let go…. WE REALLY LET GO! As I shared with my friends on the Bachelor/ette Forum, this may be the key to Andi’s final choice. I believe she will need/want/choose someone who she can be more vulnerable with, not strong for (if that makes sense!). Time will tell!

    Nick, aka the first 1 on 1 date of the week:

I am in a conundrum about Nick. I will try to explain…

Overall, I found this date pretty boring to watch, and the amount of chemistry between them at about 6/10. Now, don’t get me wrong: I do not think physical chemistry is the key in a relationship (or Clare and Juan Pa would be together!) but I think it is a necessary component. Is it better to start with the physical and hopefully develop the rest or have a connection with low chemistry hoping time will develop the physical aspects? Probably both and neither. I think no relationship is the same as the next. However, I am not sure YET they have enough of the “rest” for the medium level chemistry to work.

And Nick… when you are wearing 12 layers… give your girl your (terrible but still) jacket!


That said, it went up to a 7 during their moment at the cocktail party towards the end of the episode (which just happened to be at the exact same place where Josh and Andi shared their first kiss the previous week). Could have been an 8/10 with a better placement of hands on Nick’s part!

Talking about the cocktail party, after all these years, I am still amazed how editing can work for or against a lead or a contestant… In the past, we have been “enticed” to dislike a rose-wearer getting extra time at the CP… but Nick interrupting Eric’s time with the flower/letter delivery then getting cuddly time doesn’t seem to bother anyone? It bothered me, and I have the feeling it will have consequences on Eric and how he views Andi going forward. Should she have read the letter in front of him after he told her the flowers weren’t from him? NO. Do we all do stupid things in the heat of the moment? Well, I wont speak for you all, but I sure do!

As to Nick, as I said earlier, I am in a little bit of a conundrum… I find it is quite forceful and against type for the skeptical guy to be doing grand romantic gestures during what is only the 2nd Cocktail party, in a week where he not only has a rose but also got a 1 on 1 date. He is saying all the right things but acting a little out of character, being quite direct when it comes to the kissing for example (well, except when it comes to his hands!).

Am I saying any of it is wrong? No. Not yet. Just that it leaves me with a question mark over Nick and how he actually feels about Andi. However, Andi does feel a connection with him, he makes her feel giddy, amazing and tingly, so I am watching this space carefully.

This is for Millsy


We are still very early on, and yet he is acting very much like we are at final 6… And he is not the only one!

Marcus is another one who is leaving me with an odd feeling. He has been portrayed as quite shy, and hasn’t yet had a 1-1 date. Yet, he is acting very possessive with Andi, confident his relationship with her is stronger than anyone else’s, already admitting to being jealous, and talking about game plan… these are 2 words you should never think even less mention in this program!

I find him a lot more forward, confident and (yes I’ll say it) cocky than I expected. And I fear his 1 on 1 date in Episode 4 will only make his proprietary feelings towards Andi a lot stronger. I hope he can handle that she will still be dating other guys after their 1 on 1 date!

On the plus side, he is being opened, although it seems more with us/the camera than with Andi. Then again, we do not know what he wrote to her in that note he gave her during their “dark corner” moment at the cocktail party!

Chemistry level of their first kiss during the post group date evening? 8.5/10. (aka good but didn’t give me goosies).

Ah Josh… so far the only guy with a 10/10 and heading quickly off chart on the chemistry meter with Andi (serious goosies for me, amazing body language from Andi).

But also, like Marcus, one that I think may be in too deep too fast (again, remember he has not had a 1-1 date). And, like Nick, who seems to have 2 sides to his personality.

On one side, we see the stuttering, blushing guy who has a very obvious crush on Andi. As this behavior has so far taken place during post group date evenings or cocktail parties in very early episodes, I do not mind it. I find it kind of cute.

But it cannot last! As I said early on in this post, I feel Andi needs a guy she can let go with, not have to be the strong one in the relationship all the time. So I hope that if her relationship with Josh continues in upcoming episodes, we see him becoming more confident and articulate in her presence. We did see a glimpse of that in Episode 2, when he called her out on stereotyping him as a Jock.

In this episode… well Alpha-male Josh came out, after being pulled into the “Andrew” drama by JJ. More on that later, but I know there are disagreements about Josh’s handling of that situation: to my mind, he gave Andrew a chance of explaining himself and did not go to Andi, plus he supported JJ who was asking for his help. And it might show that Josh isn’t just a blushing boyfriend wannabe, but potentially a strong man for Andi to rely on. Pluses.

Minuses… rule number something of the Bachelor Mansion: do not get involved in other people’s drama! Plus, it is a little early to be acting all white-knightish… And it rarely looks good to say “I’m a grown ass man”… bad memories there! (And I am not even going near his “I like you a LOT” during their kissing session!)

So JJ… drama stirrer of the cocktail party, and the 2nd of this episodes 1 on 1 dates.

I guess as silly dates go, he was the best person for it. But I just couldn’t muster an interest for him and Andi as a couple. And I have a feeling Andi can’t either. But she did have a fun time with him, and he opened up… which at this stage in the season is good enough for a rose (there are many guys left most of us have no clue why they are still around!)

I like JJ. I don’t mind JJ wanting to call out Andrew. I do however mind him getting another guy who was not there involved.

As for Andrew…

Used to like him. Don’t any more. Not even because of the phone number accident (although…) but his attitude to being asked about it. And the being delusional about being seen as a threat. And the smirking.


Enough said.

    “No date this week” Chris:

… or how we can get to know someone better, and like them more, even when they have little to no screen time, and none at all with the lead! I loved Chris’ reaction to Dylan‘s story. This was just a short moment, but I think a key one for how we perceive both these men. I cannot wait to see how Dylan manages to share his story with Andi, and how she handles it.

    Bad feeling of the week Eric:

Getting the first 1 on 1 date is notoriously a bad omen, and it seems poor Eric is not immune. It is very often hard for the first 1-1 recipient to realize that the lead HAS to show interest for all the guys, and that with so many men present, she can only give each a finite amount of time. I think Eric was trying to get reassurances from Andi that their date was as meaningful to her as it was to him, but I am not sure it actually was. And any mending of their connection that could have happened during their alone time was cut short with the flower delivery and Andi’s mistake in reading Nick’s card in front of Eric.

If the previews are anything to go by, I have a feeling this is only the beginning of the end for the Andi/Eric story!

On the plus side… Eric gets Quote of the week: “I’m pretty sure I touched my first butt to “I’ll make love to you” in 7th grade”.

As past Opera singing contestant Sharleen has said in her blog (which I recommend a good dose of every week!), once he leaves the show, we will not know anything about him except what we knew night 1… Opera Singer.

    “Gone too fast” Ron:

I have no info on what exactly happened back home to make Ron leave, all I can say is I really liked the guy and wish we had had more time to get to know him better!

OK, so Cody is physically not my type. At all. And I m guessing probably not Andi’s… BUT, he is growing on me. I find him refreshing, happy and he makes me smile. I liked this little moment with Andi:


And how well he took her “girlfriend” joke.

Little things I noticed – Considering I have now passed the 2000 words, I will keep it to 3:

Opening at the mansion and Chris Harrison’s arrival to tell the bachelors about the week ahead. 2 things made me smile: Marquel really has a thing for socks…and can you tell who really just wants to get back to lunging by the pool while the others are smiling and clapping? Oh Cody!


I cannot help but look at Patrick and think… CLARK KENT! You’re with me?


Best part of the entire group date for me? With a very short lead over Josh’s impression of Bradley, it’s got to be Boyz II Men’s reactions during the bachelors’ “performance”!


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