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January 2013

It’s not Friday, but here is a flashback!

Thanks Roy!

Speaking of Roy, ….

I usually like to show JP’s face, but in this case it is too good not to show his back:

26th December 2012

11th December 2012

Happy Hanukkah (and Christmas):

JP and Graham:

# UPDATED # November 30th 2012

Thanksgiving fun:

Boo and JP’s Dad:

# UPDATED # November 12th 2012

New Gallery created for all the Ashley and JP’s Wedding related pics and info!

November 9th 2012

So so SO HAPPY! Ashley and JP are getting married! The wedding will air on Sunday, December 16 at 9 ET on ABC! I cannot wait. Most of you know that it is JP and Ashley’s love story that led to the existence of this blog. Their wedding is an event I really look forward to! Here are some details from WetPaint.

And guess who will be officiating…

The link to their registry is on, and it has 5 charities that guests can donate to: SOS: Surgeons OverSeas, Action Against Hunger, Save the Children, Alex’s Lemonade Stand and just added New York Cares.

And here is the happy couple, just after choosing their rings:

Video message about

Cute pic of Ash and Boo:

October 26th 2012

JP got some spanky new, tailor-made clothes… hot!

At 46NYC’s Lemonade Stand:

Ash and Ames
JP and Ams


# UPDATED # August 31st 2012

Uh oh…. has it really been 5 months! So sorry guys 🙂 I still adore JASH, but it’s been a crazy few months! I have been saving a lot of pics of JP and As over the last few months… probably too many, so here is a selection from various events and moments. I am not really grouping them chronologically either, but I still hope you’ll enjoy!!!

Starting with my favourites:

In Canada – August 2012:

Peter and Cassie‘s wedding:

Vacations in Cancun for their 1 year anniversary:

And Cancun with the girls!

At Jef and Emily’s After The Final Rose:

With Jef's sisters


With the fabulous Randi Rahm, King and Queen of the ball:

Taste of Hope for the American Cancer Society:

Bliss-Crunch event:

Various red carpet events:

April 1st (No Joke!) 2012

Ashley, sans JP, at the Svedka’s Second Annual Night of a Billion Reality Stars party:

with Deanna, Courtney and Ali


Ashley at the Apothic Wine evening with sister Christy:

– At the finale of Ben’s season:

With Ames


Ashley and her BooFriend!

The fantasy room’s key?

Young JP:

– With Friends:


Chris Harrison
Jersey Shore's Sammi
Jersey Shore's Sammi
Nick and Ryan
Ashley Spivey


– Video update on their wedding plan:


Ash’s interview with Ryan Seacrest and Ellen K on Ryan’s website.

– Megan Sun:

Las Vegas Bachelor Nation reunion:

Ashley Spivey and Ashley Hebert - Bachelor Reunion Vegas 2012
JP Rosenbaum and Elan Gale - Bachelor Reunion Vegas 2012
JP and Nick Peterson - Bachelor Reunion Vegas 2012
Ali, JP and Ashley - Bachelor Reunion Vegas 2012
Bachelor Reunion Vegas 2012
Airport arrival - Bachelor Reunion Vegas 2012
Craig with Ashley Spivey and Ashley Hebert - Bachelor Reunion Vegas 2012

Back to her natural hair-colour, Ashley looks amazing!

Ashley with the original Bachelorette, Trista:

Watching the Bachelor nasties:

Doctor Hebert!

Well deserved break:

JP at work:

9th Jan 2012
Pictures from Ashley Spivey‘s vewing party of the Bachelor Premiere:

Ashley Spivey, Alli, Jackie Gordon and Ashley Hebert
Ashley Spivey, Alli, Jackie Gordon and Ashley Hebert
Ashley and JP, Ashley S and Scott

Ashley and JP, with special appearance by Scott Wheaton

JP Rosenbaum and Scott Wheaton watching The Bachelor

2nd Jan 2012

Sleepy JP = cute JP

Girls’ PJ party with Ali, Trista and Kathryn:

Getting pampered:

Such a sweet Chris-nukah present from Ash’s niece!

The lovely “Boos”

JP getting his butt kicked at Scrabble 🙂

How cute are they! She already had all the right moves:

With CC

Pictures of Ashley with Friends and Fans:

Can you spot Ashley?
Always willing to pose with fans!
With pals
BachelorNation night out!

JP multi-tasking: 2 events in one night:

Life N Style - JP Rosenbaum


Windsor Custom Launch - JP Rosenbaum

Getting Boo blessed at the ASPCA:

Out with BachelorNation friends:

I think these next 2 pics are the best ever from #JordAsh 🙂

Posted on Twitter by Ashley, so cute!

Thanksgiving at the Rosenbaum’s

Still laughing 🙂

Looking Amazing

Miss Maine pageant – and the gorgeous Ashleys :

Off to Maine for Miss Maine…

Ashley should be Miss Maine 🙂

BachelorNation celebrating Ashley Spivey's birthday

New pics from Ames on November 13:

Ames brown and JP Rosenbaum

Ashley (and her beautiful extensions!) out with Ashley Spivey and Ali F:

Ashley and JP with Rick DiPietro
JP Rosenbaum getting his NY Islanders shirt autographed!
JP and Ashley meet the BIG guys at NY Islanders!

JP talking about his love of NYC Islanders:

New pics of the NYC Islanders game with JP, Ash and lucky winner @cookieccc! I will have more later today! (saved them on other laptop… DOH!)

JP Rosenbaum and Ashley Hebert - Islanders game November 5

JP and Ash – Pre-NYC Islanders game

Pics from the LA 1/2 Marathon – Check-out the body language 🙂

JP chatting to NY Islanders (check out this link for the interview)

Ashley and JP at the Shape Magazine’s 30th anniversary party:

Ashley Hebert and JP Rosenbaum - Shape Magazine's 30th anniversary party
Ashley and JP with Jane Fonda - Shape Magazine's 30th anniversary party
Ashley Hebert - Shape Magazine's 30th anniversary party
Ashley Hebert - Shape Magazine's 30th anniversary party

And this from Ames, meeting up with #Jash at Alex’s Lemonade stand!

New pic from JP, which he now uses as his Twitter profile, a sunny day in Maine 🙂

Ashley confirmed that Boo is still in Maine “with her grandparents” but shared this photo of Boo and her niece:

Two of my sweet little pumpkins
Two of my sweet little pumpkins - Ashley Hebert

This one is direct from JP! Thanks 🙂

@ashhebert 's first Michigan game!!
@ashhebert 's first Michigan game!!

Out on the town:

Ashley and JP on the town
Ashley and JP on the town - October 2011



New pic (so cute!) of Ashley and JP during Labour day week-end:

The 2 cutest men in BachelorNation – JP and Graham taking shots!

A lovely picture of a fan (@sarieee) with JP and Graham… these 2 are yum!

JP and Graham - Love the fans!
JP Rosenbaum Ashley Hebert and Lynel
Hot date with @ashhebert And Lynel

###NEW### Bachelor Nation @ Alex’s Lemonade stand #46NYC

Ashley, JP, Graham and Michelle
Ashley, JP, Graham and Michelle at Alex's Lemonade stand - NYC September 2011

Please go to 46NYC to get your T-shirt!

BEST EVER PICS FROM BACHELOR NATION, thanks to Lauren (@loclem94 Flicker):

Lauren, Ashley Hebert and JP Rosenbaum - 46NYC
Lauren, Ashley and JP


Lauren, Ashley Hebert and JP Rosenbaum - 46NYC
Lauren and Ashley Hebert 46NYC


Ashley, Michael, Erika, Graham
Ashley, Michael, Erika, Graham at 46NYC stand!
Ashley Hebert at Alex's Lemonade stand
Ashley Hebert at Alex's Lemonade stand 46NYC


Ashley, Michelle, Graham and Ames
Ashley, Michelle, Graham and Ames 46NYC


Ames, Erika, William, Graham, Ashley and Michelle
Ames, Erika, William, Graham, Ashley and Michelle


Ames, Erika, William, Graham, Ashley and Michelle
Ames, Erika, William, Graham, Ashley and Michelle at the Lemonade stand


Ashley Hebert, JP Rosenbaum and William hoffman
Ashley, JP and William for 46NYC

Ashley and JP in Madawaska, Labour day week-end (Thanks Ashley!)

This series comes courtesy of Elan (ABC producer)… “Just squished edamame juice all over @JP_Rosenbaum – he is furious. And wet.” Love it!

Followed by some “Jordelan” a strange game somewhere between Pluck it and Angry Birds LOL

Back at the flat, JP and Ash try to hide,

which was probably a good idea given what ensued, i.e. Elan trying to swallow JP yumminess whole while Ash works on dentures…

And Previously…

JP looking good in that T:

Be jealous ladies 🙂

Loving JP’s new look? Am Ok with anything as long as we have that smile…

Heading to ZioNYC:

MOVING IN! Finally 🙂

The Cuties in NYC!


Thanks Ash! – JP not too sober 🙂 and Kissing Jordan in Hong-Kong

    I don’t know about you, but as much as I loved watching JP and Ash’s relationship develop on my TV screen, the best part is knowing that they are out there, very much happy and in love. So I want to start this post with pics taken after the show (and 3 taken way before 😉 ). Thanks to Ashley in particular for sharing these with the fans!

Little JP – First look at a future heart-throb:

Keeps getting cuter!

But then… he got stuck into the 80’s (Don’t worry JP, I did too!)

Now we’re talking… wish I went to that HS 🙂

If anyone knows where I can find baby/kid pics of Ashley, let me know!!!

    Back to the present… I really want to thank Ashley and JP for sharing the below images with us! THANK YOU! We would not expect you to keep too much in the media/limelight, but we do love getting glimpses of your happiness. Not forgetting Chris (Heller) and Chrystie

    Here is what I have so far:

This one was taken by Ash while they were in hiding in Fiji after their proposal:

This dates from (I believe) the day after ATFR, in the ABC studios. You can see the relief of being in public together!

Lopez is watching!

Big party in NYC – Cupcakes thanks to CakeBossBuddy. One word…. YUM!

And this one is courtesy of the ever talented and handsome Chris Heller!

I love this one, fun-looking double-date!

JP’s driving face as [Ash dances] like a mad woman in the passenger seat:

BEST FOR LAST… Thanks for sharing it with us JP.

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