Ashley Iaconetti – Bachelor 2015 contestant

Ashley Iaconetti

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    Age: 26
    Height: 5’6″
    Tattoos: None
    Occupation: Nanny (also describes herself as Wedding Videographer, Freelance Journalist, Beauty Junkie & Blogger)
    Hometown: Great Falls, Virginia. Currently lives in Wayne, NJ.
    Education: James Madison University and Syracuse
    Twitter: @ashleyiaco
    Facebook: ashley.iaconetti
    Instagram: ashley_iaconetti
    YouTube: ashley_iaconetti
    Blog: Duchess Kimberly
    YT Channel: Ashley Iaconetti

What I know so far:

    – She has a 2013 Jets insider blog.
    – She has 1 sister.
    – Her dog is called Lucy.
    – ABC bio at the bottm of this post






Check her out discussing the enigma that is Kelsey with pal Kaitlyn in a deleted scene from the February 2nd episode:

See, she can be a princess:


Not very virginal, but gorgeous:


Birthday celebration & viewing party:


Ash I




Night 1 previews- meeting Chris and during the cocktail party:





From her ABC bio:

    Can’t live without: Sister and parents, best friend, foundation and mascara
    Biggest date fear: Awkward silence, which is different from silence
    If I never had to wake up before 10am, I would be very happy.
    If I never got to cook/eat, I would be very sad.
    If you won the lottery, what would you do with your winnings? Buy a room on a cruise ship that I could use any time. A place in Southern California on the beach, a penthouse in New York. Buy Sephora’s inventory. Most of all, give a TON to my parents for payback.
    If you really wanted to impress a man, what would you do? Make him amazing cheeseburgers and watch football with him because that would be fun for me and him. Plus, my football knowledge is impressive.
    Describe the worst first date you’ve ever been on. I decided to try out being a cougar, but he was sooo immature and had me pay for everything. He was too intimidated to hold a conversation.
    What does being married mean to you? Having a best friend to do everything with for life. A constant support and source of comfort, happiness and love.

According to Chris H:

She’s a good Italian girl from Jersey. She’s drop-dead gorgeous but is also a very beautiful girl on the inside. She’s a self-proclaimed virgin with a healthy libido. She got out of the limo, in a dress her grandmother bought, and Chris said under his breath, ‘Are you kidding me?’ She blew him away, but then she came out and told him that she’s a virgin. It wasn’t necessarily for religious reasons so much as she hasn’t found the right guy. We’ll have to see if that is weird for him.”

Main sources: The fab crew on the Bach/ette Forum, Reality Steve and a whole lot of Google searching and social media sleuthing! 🙂

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