Tracy Darakis – Bachelor 2015 contestant

Tracy Darakis

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    Full name: Tracy Lynn Darakis
    Age: 29
    Height: 5’4″
    Tattoos: 1
    Hometown: Wellington, FL.
    Occupation: Fourth Grade Teacher at Royal Palm Beach Elementary School.
    Education: Graduated University of North Florida in 2007. She hold the Elementary Education, (grades K – 6) Certification.
    Twitter: n/a
    Instagram: tracyd85 (Private)
    Facebook: Tracy Darakis (Private)
    Pinterest: Tracy Darakis

    What I know so far:

      – She has identical twin brothers, Brian and Craig. Craig is engaged to Tiffany and they have a lovely little Ella.
      From her ABC bio:


        Can’t live without: Chocolate, mascara, face wash, gum, phone
        Biggest date fear: Having food in my teeth!
        I love it when my date makes eye contact, asks questions, adds to conversation and makes me laugh.
        I hate it when my date talks about himself the whole time or just asks questions like an interview and gives nothing back.
        What is your ideal mate’s personality like? Funny, confident, smart, motivated, thoughtful and caring.
        Do you consider yourself a romantic? If so why, or why not? I’d like to be a romantic but I haven’t found a guy who’d be into that! I think I am one at heart though.
        What’s your worst date memory? At lunch I just threw my hair up real quick because it was hot or something and he said “keep your hair down.” It was weird.
        What does being married mean to you? Having a sidekick and a teammate. Someone who’s there for you and loves you no matter what.




Night 1 previews- Meeting Chris and the cocktail party:





Family time:

Random gallery:

Main sources: The fab crew on the Bach/ette Forum, Reality Steve and a whole lot of Google searching and social media sleuthing! 🙂

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