The Bachelor 2015 – Episode 2 Preview


Episode 02 – airing January 12th (8:00–10:00 p.m., ET):


Video preview:


    The drama begins immediately, as the 22 remaining bachelorettes are shocked when Kimberly, who had been eliminated, suddenly returns to steal the Bachelor away and makes an emotional plea to give her a second chance, but will he?

    This episode starts… with a rose ceremony! Yes, remember last week’s Premiere ended with Kimberly coming back in after missing out on one of the 22 roses handed out by Chris, asking to talk to him? Well talk to him she did:

    Chris-Soules-Kimberly-The- Bachelor-467

Here is the rest of the official ABC release on this 2nd episode, with my own comments and added sneak peeks!

    Now, just living down the road from the mansion, Chris starts the fun with six gorgeous women stripping down to sexy swimsuits for a rooftop pool party… Chris and his group of six beautiful women are getting to know one another up-close-and-personal at their rooftop pool party, but how will the bachelorettes react to a tractor race in bikinis? After a slow start, there is a one lucky winner, but Chris does a 180 turn and decides to spend time with another woman, who is not the winner, sending home five disappointed ladies. The young woman shares a secret with the Bachelor she hopes won’t ruin her chances as they spend the night at a honky tonk bar. Although Chris is touched by her story, will it convince him that they have potential?

    Seems ABC wasnt so eager on keeping us hanging about Kimberly, since she appears on the promo pics for that first group date! Also on the date are Mackenzie, Jade, Tara (who hopefully doesn’t drink and drive), Ashley I and Tandra.




    Megan and Chris joyously share a wonderful helicopter ride high over the Grand Canyon and then, during a picnic lunch the conversation turns serious. The young beauty opens up about the story of her father’s tragic passing, but will their romantic kisses lead to enough chemistry for Megan to get a rose?

    Eleven unsuspecting ladies have a real surprise in store when their limo rolls up to an abandoned lot. The terrified women are “attacked” by a horde of zombies with only paint ball guns to survive their night with the walking dead until their heroic Bachelor rescues them. However, after surviving the attack one fun-loving, trigger-happy bachelorette exhibits some bizarre antics and jaw-dropping declarations. On the romantic side, things between Chris and his first impression rose recipient Britt are burning up with red hot kisses, but will this chemistry lead him to give her the date rose?

    The pressure is undeniable at the cocktail party…

    Drunk girl alert, this time from Jordan:



    … as the women fight for Chris’ attention before the rose ceremony. A very sexy lady reveals a secret to the women…

    Could it be Virgin Ashley? Brace yourself before watching the sneak peek below. Mackenzie has some very clear opinions…

    … and then proceeds to make sure that her alone time with Chris is hot and heavy, leading to one of the steamiest make out sessions in Bachelor history.

OKAAAAYYYY……. I will leave you with 3 little gems…

1) Chris Soules gives two reasons why you’ll want to watch:

2) Crazy Ashley is back:



3) Watch out for some comic relief during tonight’s rose ceremony thanks to Jillian:

And remember, all the ladies bios, galleries and social media info are here!


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