The Bachelorette(s) 2015 – Season Premiere Preview


Episode 01 – airing May 18th (9-11 p.m. ET) & 19th (8-9 p.m. ET):

    America fell in love with two very different but dynamic Bachelorettes last season – Britt Nilsson and Kaitlyn Bristowe. It was hard to choose between the beautiful, charming Britt and the gorgeous, fun-loving, wise cracking Kaitlyn. So now, 25 eligible bachelors will choose between these two amazing women. For the first time in franchise history there will be two Bachelorettes…

Here are Kaitlyn and Britt on the night of their reveal, at Chris Soules “After the Final Rose” show:



Chatting to Jimmy Kimmel before a quick wardrobe change to appear on his show:


On JK:



Alright… let’s get ready for the Premiere per se! Chris Harrison is busy getting the driveway in perfect condition of wetness, so let’s get going:


Don’t forget to get familiar with the guys thanks to their galleries.


Here is your official ABC release on this Premiere episode, aka “the Meet & greet”, including some of my favourite promo videos!

    “Chris Harrison greets the two stunning Bachelorettes to the mansion, and Britt and Kaitlyn stand side by side as the limos start to arrive.

    Britt, beaming in a strapless flowing white gown, is the tower of confidence. Kaitlyn, exquisite in a glittering navy gown, is trying her best to hide her nerves. The men are striving to make a lasting first impression. Some suitors give both women equal attention, while others make it no secret who they want to be the Bachelorette. One man makes an immediate connection with Britt, another reveals his secret identity — opening his shirt to show his “Love Man” status. A fitness trainer, arriving with a bunch of helium-filled balloons, proceeds to give a high-pitched compliment to both ladies.

    Kaitlyn watches her counterpart handle the unique situation with grace and ease, while she is a bit unnerved, but that is only until one cool, self-assured man whispers he is there just for her. Her new found confidence empowers her to take charge of her situation. The men stop at nothing to get noticed: a cupcake car, a hot tub car, lap dances for both Bachelorettes. But the women are told that the 25 men will be picking just one of them to continue the journey. After Britt and Kaitlyn enter the party, it is obvious Kaitlyn is using her sense of humor to break the ice, while Britt is displaying heartfelt sincerity to score points with the men. Every man is excited to get to know both women, anxious to get alone time with each Bachelorette. Britt and Kaitlyn scramble to win over as many men as they can.

    Chris Harrison finally steps in and tells the men that each of them has one vote for the woman they want to continue on as the Bachelorette. Once the votes are counted, one of the lovely ladies will be going home. And to add to the tension, one bachelor causes chaos on his own having had a few too many. He pulls such a disrespectful move that the other bachelors take him on, and Chris needs to intervene for the first shocker of the season.

    Once Chris returns to the men and announces all the votes are in, the mood gets very serious. One woman will leave — the other will start on her journey to find love. So who will it be? Britt or Kaitlyn?”

Here are some sneak peeks of night 1 (more on the guys’ pages!):

Waiting for the guys with Chris Harrison:





Not sure I recommend beach-volley in these dresses & heels on wet driveway…

First cocktail party, first speeches:


Finally, just to let you know… whatever happens during this 2-nights Premiere, all seems well between Kaitlyn and Britt:




Fun times with show producers Peter and Elan:




Check out your new Media page for more pics of these 2 beauties together!

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