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The Bachelorette(s) 2015 in the Media


Your page for all things Bachelorette related in the papers, on TV or in online media, plus any upcoming public appearances if I hear of them! Come regularly, I will add to it all season long!

Also check the Guys and all the Galleries, Videos, Promos and Previews!

July 6th:

Here are the latest from Kaitlyn and Chris Harrison:

Chris Harrison in US Magazine

Extra – Chris H with Joe and Shawn, behind the scenes in Ireland:

June 29th:

Here are the latest from Kaitlyn and Chris Harrison on the Dublin (aka “Sex before the fantasy suites”) episode:

Chris Harrison in US Magazine

Latest interviews:

– AOL:

Extra TV (fun and bubbly, one of my favourite interviews this week!)

– GMA:

– ET:

– Appearing on Jimmy Fallon:

– E!

– TV Guide:

– Access Hollywood

– 25 things… US Mag

June 14th:

Here are the latest blogs from Kaitlyn and Chris Harrison on the NYC (aka ‘The return of the Nick’):

Chris Harrison

Here are the best interviews of Kaitlyn over the last couple of weeks:

E! Online part 1

E! Online part 2

May 19th:

Here is the latest interview with Kaitlyn and Britt, with ABC 7:

The blogs are out! Check out what the ladies and their host have to say about the premiere part 1:

Chris Harrison

Pre-premiere appearances & Interviews:

The girls have been doing a lot of media appearances in the week prior to the 2-Nights Premiere event! Here is a picture slideshow for you:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Before I share more pics, links and videos, here are 2 pre-season interviews by Chris Harrison:

People Mag

His “5 Men to Watch”

On to the ladies:

Access Hollywood interview Part 1 & Part 2.

access hollywood live 15 may

– Interview with Nancy O’Dell on ET online.

– On the Grantland Right Reasons show:


At the Billboard Music Awards, where they presented an award:








And tried out the red carpet in less glamourous fashion:



On Air with Ryan Seacrest:

Audio only:

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