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Episode 10 – the Women Tell All


* Chris Harrison Blogs ‘The Bachelor: The Women Tell All’.

Episode 9 – the Overnight Dates


* Ben blogs About ‘I Love You’ Shocker and Painful Goodbye: ‘I Hated Myself for Hurting Her’.

* Chris Harrison Blogs ‘The Bachelor’ Episode 9.

Episode 8 – the Hometown Dates


* Ben blogs ‘I Was Absolutely Sure She Was About to Break Up with Me’.

* Chris Harrison Blogs ‘The Bachelor’ Hometown Dates

Episode 7


* Ben blogs ‘Sometimes Watching This Back I Just Cringe’.

* Chris Harrison’s ‘The Bachelor’ Episode 7

Bonus this week? Chris Harrison answers some burning Bachelor questions:

Episode 6

* Ben blogs ‘Why This Week Made Me Feel Like I Had Ruined Everything’.

* Chris Harrison’s ‘The Bachelor’ Episode 6

Episode 5


* Ben blogs About His Biggest Group Date Regret and What Sent His Mind ‘Reeling’.

* Chris Harrison’s ‘The Bachelor’ Episode 5

Episode 4


* Ben’s thoughts about his ‘Most Difficult Decision’ so far.

* Chris Harrison’s ‘The Bachelor’ Episode 4

* BONUS: Sharleen (from Juan Pablo’s season) on “Here To Make Friends” podcast.

Episode 3


* Ben’s ‘The World Would Be Better If…’

* Chris Harrison’s ‘The Bachelor’ Episode 3

* BONUS: I love this recap by AC Writer, read it here!

Episode 2


* Ben’s “I Know Everyone Will Want to Talk About Lace …”

* Chris Harrison’s ‘The Bachelor’ Episode 2

Episode 1


* Ben’s “I Was Floored Honestly”

* Chris Harrison’s “The Bachelor Season Premiere”

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